Sunday Share: Week 49

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Can you believe we’re just two weeks away from Christmas Eve? We’re nowhere near done our shopping. Are you? Every year I say I’m going to get it done early. Only once did it happen and that was 3 years ago. I work best under pressure. There’s no pressure like the pressure of the last minute. Or even the last 30 seconds. I’m just enjoying the season. The gifts will be bought in good time. While I enjoy all the gift giving as much as the next 6 (or 10) year old, we all know that’s not what Christmas is all about.

It’s all about the music!
My favorite Christmas song – When My Heart Finds Christmas by Harry Connick Jr.
DW’s new favorite – Hope Was Born This Night by The Sidewalk Prophets
DW’s  old favorite – When A Child Is Born by Boney M
DW’s classic favorite – O Holy Night
Crash’s – Let it Go by Pentatonix
Bang’s – Carol of the Bells by Pentatonix

What’s your favorite Christmas song?

While you’re listening, pick a few good reads from below…

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When a gag gift is not just a gag gift…

The Salty Mamas
When your kid “gets” Christmas…

A Momma’s View
Remember when we could pick them up?

Second Wind Leisure
Not just a photo challenge, but a few “cheeky” moments…

Just because you fail doesn’t make you a failure. You will always question if you are doing the right things or doing enough….


Sing loud, sing proud even if you can’t carry a tune with two hands and bucket.


Sunday Share: Week 47

Can you believe we’re just 3 weeks from Christmas Eve? It seems like just last week were were escorting a skeleton and an alien on a trick-or-treat excursion. Now here we are approaching Christmas. Our house is all decked out. The tree is up and lit. The caroling scene is shining. The Polar Express is chugging along. Check out the Instagram to see picture of it all. Also, the elves are back and The Daily Elf along with them. This is our 6th year with them. We’ve had Woody as long as we’ve had Bang!

I’ll leave my usual links for your reading enjoyment while I go see what they’re going to get into tomorrow…

Lucky Otters Haven
What kind of blogger are you? I think I can myself into several categories…

Return of the Modern Philosopher
Santa Satan and a plan for carolers…

When the Kids Go To Bed
Historical fiction series – I Survived… you get more than just the facts!

Maybe I’ll Shower Today
Parents of kids with allergies tell us parents of kids without allergies what they would like us to know…

We love to watch our kids sleep so peacefully. Sometimes our kids enjoy watching us sleep. Then they name you a champion…

Lastly, in case you missed it, my favorite post that I wrote this week was titled How To Tell If You’re A Parent. There are so many ways. Feel free to comment there how you know you are a parent.


Sunday Share: Week 47

We’re down to just 29 sleeps. Exactly 4 weeks from today will be Christmas Eve. The weather here is balmy (literally) 12 degrees Celsius (53F). It was like that yesterday, too. We spent yesterday day hanging Christmas lights and decorating outside. For me, it was an excellent excuse to hang out on the roof (see my Instagram for that photo op). While you’re there you might as well follow me because our Elves will be returning on Friday and you’re not going to want to miss the shenanigans they get into. I will be posting their daily antics in what I call “The Daily Elf”.

Now if you’ll excuse me, Bang is pretending to be Joseph and he needs a wise man.

His Girl Friday
On letting kids be kids this Christmas…

Mom Maintenance
On starting the blogging journey…

Ipuna Black
No matter which walk of life you are from, walk with kindness…

Where Are Your Pants
The dilemma over cell phones, bras, and boys can teach us as much about parenting as it does our kids about life…

Ah Dad
What do you do when the birds set off your house alarm? Make birdpie…

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Sunday Share: Week 45

Can you believe there are only 6 more weeks until Christmas morning? If you follow me via the Insta you’ll already know we’re down to 43 sleeps.
51 until next Halloween. We’ve got loads of time on that one, my friends.

Dream Big, Dream Often
The best five tips ever in the history of the world of blogging…

The Dad
Cutting the cables on your doodads… love or hate?

My Upward Spiral
Being reminded of what perfect really means

Dorky Mom Doodles
We all forget sometimes… Some of us forget more often than others. Thank you Tooth Fairy.

Coach Daddy
Just a dad answering his kids questions as truthfully and honestly as possible…

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Sunday Share: Week 44

We just fell back an hour on this side of the equator. It’ll be dark by 5:30 this evening. Blah. At least at 6:30 yogurt time (the cue to start getting ready for bed) I won’t have to hear, “BUT IT’S STILL LIGHT OUT!” Maybe I’ll try the it’s-dark-out-time-to-get-ready-for-bed trick at 5:30. I can’t complain too much though. They did sleep until 7am (would have been 8 am yesterday). So you either have an extra hour to read this week’s picks or you have extra daylight to read this week’s picks.

Either way, happy reading!

Bearded Fury
1 year 9 month and 12 day old takes her parents on tour of a castle and someone gets a red hot poker up their posterior.

Twin Daddy (found through Victo Delore)
Looking in the mirror and not seeing you, but you’re there… And a beautiful piece on depression…

Adulting might be difficult, but at least we have swearing. Jessica tells of a few other things she’s teaching her kids about, too…

Man vs Mommy
When bad behavior is wrongly translated to bad children, we must defend them…

Ballsed Up Parenting
On gender stereotyping children…

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Sunday Share: Week 43

2017-10-29 17.58.22

Day 4 of 7 days. 7 Black and White Photos of your life. No people or explanation.
Thanks A Momma’s View for nominating me for this challenge!

The whales are back – two humpbacks. The eagles number in the several dozens. As do the Atlantic White Sided Dolphins (not the Miami kind). The seals are always here. The Atlantic Saury (aka billfish or skipjack) are in by hundreds of thousands and that’s what all the rest of higher food chain creatures are after. They are so amazing to watch. If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year you will remember my adventures with them from last year. One of these years they will accept me as one of their own. If you’re looking for some incredible photos of all this, check out the amature photographer’s FB page! You’ll be amazed!

One Good Dad
A vacation trip, 1355 steps, and one good lesson…

A Momma’s View
The guilt trip of parenthood ain’t no vacation…

It’s Good to be Crazy Sometimes
Do we really need a new norm? The old norm was bad enough…

The food in Hungary looks amazing! So glad she doesn’t have my picky eaters…

Trying to Be A Superwoman
Questioning whether or not you’re ready for number 2 when you’re still not sure you’re ready for number 1, yet and he’s 3, is a question all parents have asked themselves…


p.s. Just 7 weeks and a day until Christmas!


Sunday Share: Week 41


A little hike today. This was before the red hatter jumped in the water…

16 days until Halloween. We’ll have a skeleton and an alien knocking on doors. The skeleton’s Halloweens are limited. He’s 10 now. He might have 2 more. However, there is no clear cut off age for trick-or-treaters.

11 weeks left of this year.
10 weeks until Christmas. 10 Sundays left.
15 days into October and we have yet to turn the heat on. We’re doing well. I have a hunch it won’t be long until we start hearing those little clicks of warmth coming from those baseboard heaters. The mornings have been 5 degrees (41) and while the days have been nice, we’re no longer reaching 20 (70). Like the Starks always say, “Winter is coming”. Well, duh. We’re in the North.

This Girl’s Dad
We parents have it tough. Kids can have it tougher, especially when there are consequences. This Girl’s Dad carefully weighs the “punishments” his daughter will face in school and then handles like a caring father would…

Jess is the mom of four and this poignant post she eloquently discusses “kid shaming”.  Having kids is a decision, your decision. Not your neighbors. Not that crotchety old lady behind you in the checkout line. Not that couple next to you at the restaurant. Don’t apologize. These kids are the future…

Skinny and Single
This isn’t a post about a stupid, ugly kid. Okay, yes it. But, it’s also about how to raise them so they don’t get beat up. How to raise them into perfect 10s.

The Return of the Modern Philosopher
Ever wanted to have some deep thoughts with Satan? Austin did. Or at least he tried. He tried to put Hell’s Warden out of a job. Then the Prince of Darkness delivered…

Ah Dad
Dubai is long way away from South Africa. It’s also more humid. Especially since South Africa is moving from winter to spring while Dubai is moving from Summer to fall. I’m pretty sure one air conditioner just saved his life…

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Sunday Share: Week 39

30 days to Halloween! What are you going to be this year?
85 days to Christmas! 60 days until we put up the Christmas tree, signaling Woody and Elfis to return from the North Pole.

I’ve been going through my list of blogs I subscribe to. I’m finding many that haven’t posts for 6 months or more. I know blogging isn’t something everyone keeps doing. People fall off the blogging bandwagon all the time. Perhaps they didn’t like writing after all. Perhaps it was because they didn’t go “viral”. Perhaps they were abducted by aliens. How long do you allow someone to not blog before you kick them off your subscriber list because you figure they’re done or alien abducted? I’d like to clean up my list by removing those who are done. Do you do that? It sure would make looking for great posts to share much easier.

The Salty Mamas
A stress free, picture perfect picture day for your kids… Or not…

Snoozing on the Sofa
Saving the family from invasion…

Motherhood Made Me Do It
Small talk or get naked? Both?

Lisa Pomerantzster
Solving the world’s problems around the supper table…

Riddle from the Middle
The next Driver’s Ed course…

All In A Dad’s Work
4 question my kids asked me…

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Sunday Share: Week 38

Exactly 3 months from today, 91 days. 12 weeks.

Canadian Thanksgiving is a few weeks away. Then Halloween. Then American Thanksgiving.

Yes. We celebrate both. More turkey for us.

But as I sit here writing today’s Sunday Share, I can’t help but think about life. We’re watching (aka catching up) on the AGT finales. We’re watching their final performaces and just saw Evie Claire. We’re floored that her dad passed the week of the finale from colon cancer, yet, here was this 13 year old girl pouring her heart into What A Wonderful World on the world’s stage. Even if she doesn’t win, she is the toughest young lady.

On a side note, I love that none of the judges on American’s Got Talent are American. There’s two Britains, A German, and a Canadian.

Dorky Mom Doodles
Healthy food, a vagina, and an excuse not to eat…

Tracey Tobin
An awesome book for a dollar. I know it’s awesome because I read it. So did DW.

A Momma’s View
Knowing the fight that others are fighting and the strength of a smile…

The Return of the Modern Philosopher
A visit from the Prince of Darkness to discuss some REM lyrics…

Modern Mommy Madness
On flaws, self praise and a hole in the couch that means love…

All In A Dad’s Work
My new look…

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Sunday Share: Week 36

monkey back

They’re so much cuter when they get along…

There are 365 days in a year.

52 weeks.

We’re on number 36. That leaves 16 weeks until the end of 2017.

15 until Christmas morning. I feel torn posting how many day until Christmas like I usually do. The way Harvey, Irma, and now possibly Jose wreck havoc. There are wildfire burning. There’s flooding around the world. People aren’t looking to Christmas. They’re looking to tomorrow. Recovering what remains. Trying to save what’s most important. Waiting for the storm to arrive, waiting for the storm to blow through, waiting to pick up the pieces.

Yet, I still see news anchors arguing with scientists by asking, “Do you have definitive proof that climate change is the cause of all this?” Nah, three consecutive record strength hurricanes is just coincidence. That’s a rant for a whole post of it’s own…

Stay safe Florida and Caribbean!
The rest of us can do some reading.

Accidental Hipster Mum
Shh… Be quiet and listen to everything 

Europe 2 Australia
Whether there’s a lot to say or nothing at all, together time is the best time…

Dream Big, Dream Often
Have a laugh with some Friday Funnies on a Sunday…

Hopeless Mom Antics
On fear, dragonflies, and running faster…

Fatty McCupcakes
When your asshole jeans tell you the brutal truth…

All In A Dad’s Work
Never know what the kids will say when you ask them a few questions…

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