Sunday Share: Y2W15

I skipped The Share last Sunday in lieu of the A-Z Challenge. Sorry ’bout that. I had a successful week to start the challenge, though. I didn’t miss a single letter. I didn’t use a wrong letter, either. In light of a successful week of challenging, I thought I’d share some posts I read during the challenge that I think you should read, too.

I’ve got nothing else to do, anyway. It’s snowing and it’s going to snow for 8 inches. Snow day predictor says there’s a 99% chance school will be cancelled tomorrow. If it is, I’ll go for a run at 6 am instead of packing lunches.

Stop laughing, DW. I’m serious. Mostly.

The Consulting Writer
A is for age being an asset…

Coach Daddy
B is boys without jobs…

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It
C is for confessions caused by children…

Dorky Mom Doodles
D is for playing Doctor with a toddler

A Mommma’s View
E is for Eploring through your kids’ eyes…



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