The Getaway House


PHOTO PROMPT © The Reclining Gentleman

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Chapter 6

Brogan, I knew, was traumatized. What 3 year old wouldn’t have been. A father who didn’t want to be. Didn’t know how to be. Was never going to be. When I finally made it back from Denver, I found Brogan locked in his room. Turns out he was locked in there for the three days I was gone. The dry oatmeal bowls and empty sippy cups weren’t the only signs of waste in his room.

So we fled. Upon arriving at our getaway house in Nova Scotia, the daffodils and tulips told me this was going to be our fresh start.

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This is a continuation of an experiment. Each week there is a 100 word short story photo prompt challenge posed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My challenge to myself is to connect these photos into one seamless story. Click the blue frog to read other stories inspired by this photo.

7 thoughts on “The Getaway House

    • That is excellent question. He seems to be a devious bastard. But I haven’t exactly figured out the details yet. I’m still trying to figure out how getting married and having a son would have helped in his business even though he didn’t want the latter. So perhaps a bit of both. Loved the mother hated the son, perhaps? I’m only making it up as I go along 🙂


      • Or could there be other issues at work…mental illness, addiction, is he having an affair? etc. Maybe when he first got married he thought it’d be great, but his expectations and what life is really like didn’t add up…and he’s not well-balanced/mature/sympathetic enough to adjust accordingly. This is what happens when you take a writer and have her consider majoring in psychology. 🙂


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