Sunday Share 14

If you live in Maritime Canadaland, I hope you’ve recovered from that storm. It left over 53,000 without power. Some of whom still haven’t gotten it back yet. It was a very heavy snow. “Heart attack snow” DW calls it. It was so wet and heavy to shovel. It took DW an hour to shovel the two porches, sidewalk and clear off the truck. It took another hour for the two of us to shovel the driveway.

So if you’re all tuckered out from shoveling or you live on the bottom of the world and are hiding from the heat, here are some good reads to relax/hide with. Happy Reading!

First Time Dad
Not sure what to buy a pregnant woman?

Grubbs n Critters
Exactly what happens when Dad stays home with the kids.

Coach Daddy
The ultimate feel good read. For all you coaches out there…

Bumbi’s Mom
The true struggle of parents of toddlers.

Blunt Moms
Thanks annoying people on Facebook.

Harsh Reality
Nine ideas for Valentine’s Day. I dare you…


The Kidnap

chateau-de-sable-ceayrPHOTO PROMPT –©ceayr

Read Chapter 1 (links can be found to chapters 2,3, and 4 from there)

Chapter 4

We lived a life of luxury. I was a SAHM and loved it. Dempsey had never been alone with our toddler before. He worked. A lot.

Brogan ran to the house and the second we saw my husband the kidnapper made sure we drove off. Fast. The gun was constantly pointed at me. Loaded? The asshole shot my cell phone.

We split the driving and two days later we were in Denver where he split. I spent the night locked up in a hotel room. I slept, but just barely.

I drove 26 hours straight to get home. Chateau de Sable was quiet on the outside. Upon entering, however, I wished I had taken Brogan with me.

Read chapter 5. To those who were looking forward to this chapter, I apologize for it being a day late. I’ll blame the kids this time.

To read other stories inspired by this photo written by Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneers please click the blue frog.   

Go Ask Your Father: Speeding, Chicks, Blind & Implosions


First Down?

What a week it’s been. A finished igloo. A collapsed igloo in 6 (42) degree weather and now we have another snow storm targeting us today. We might get 25 cm (10 inches). We might get 40 (16inches). We’ll only know when it’s all done. I guarantee there will some igloo restoration taking place. But for now, the kids are asleep. I’m writing. DW is Facebooking and checking out the trailer for the up coming Grey’s Anatomy. We smell a three day weekend coming.

1) Why do cops go fast?

Presumably, so they can catch your father when he thinks he’s Mario Andretti. Speaking of going fast, true story 1. My mother-in-law was driving my parents truck one day after dropping us off to go kayaking. When she got home she was asked “How fast were you going?” My stepfather-in-law was following her but she was nowhere in sight. “100” she told him. Here in Canadaland, that would be kilometers per hour, only 60 mph. However, what she forgot was that she was driving an American vehicle. Yes, she did 100 mph all the way home. True story 2. A friend was pulled over for speeding and the officer asked why she was going so fast. Her response? “I was just on my way to the hospital to get the lead removed from my foot.” She was let off with a warning and a good laugh.

2) What do baby crows look like?

Well chickie (because DW asked this one), they look like baby crows, of course. We had to google it. They look like black peeps. Or more the typical yellow, fluffy baby chicken. Except black. And like most baby birds, they are also called chicks. And a whole bunch of them together is a murder. I like to say there’s a murder in the backyard. We like to feed them. Leftover peanut butter sandwiches mostly. Sometimes leftover pancake, if it doesn’t have chocolate in it. Sometimes we give them peanuts still in the shell because it’s fun to watch them crack it open. They’re really smart birds. I mean, check out this girl who started getting “gifts” from the crows she fed for years.

3) What do blind people see? Black or White?

Depends on which ref you’re talking about. But either way, bad calls will be made the entire game. Some refs can see light. However, everything is so blurry and fuzzy they can’t tell a soccer ball from a hockey puck. Other’s who are properly, or totally blind (NLP – No Light Perception) you would think see nothing. A black nothingness. Turns this is never true. Damon Rose explains,

How do I even begin to describe it? Let me have a go. Right now I’ve got a dark brown background, with a turquoise luminescence front and centre. Actually it’s just changed to green… now it’s bright blue with flecks of yellow, and there’s some orange threatening to break through and cover the whole lot.


And it’s ever changing…

4) What’s an implosion?

When Crash asked this, I asked him, “What’s an explosion?” in return. After he answered that it’s when something blows up, I let him know that implosion was the opposite. Kind of like what happened to our igloo in the rain, except MUCH faster. Mythbusters are famous for “blowing crap up”. But last week they tried to implode a train. See, when things get really hot, then get sealed off, it creates a vacuum as it cools down and the air inside condenses. -29 point something millibars of mercury is a perfect vacuum. They got the train car down to -27. It didn’t implode. They had to make an “accidental” adjustment to the tank car. The result was impressive


Twice the Versatility

It’s not often one gets awarded for doing something they would be doing anyway – even without the recognition. Much like coaching, there are rewards, there are up and downs, there are people, there’s a reason bigger than ourselves. Wait, maybe that’s teaching. Either way, blogging has become more enjoyable than I ever imagine when I first started. Like running, you get out of it what you put into it. No one to blame but yourself. Or your kids. They’re good for blaming stuff on.

In a matter of 3 days I was nominated for this award twice (same award, different badge so I get two badges for the price of one).  A huge thanks to Georgia over at McKinley’s Milestones and Lisa Pomerantzster. Without knowing, they both nominated me for this award within days of each other. High fives all around!

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link up to their blog ☑
  • Nominate at least 15 bloggers of my choice, including links to each one so you, my lovely readers can see what I am talking about! (When thinking about The Versatile Blogger, one must keep in mind writing style, technique, uniqueness of  subject matter and the level of love that exudes from the words on their pages) (See Below)
  • Share seven facts about yourself (See under below)

Since I was nominated twice I hope I don’t have to nominate 30 bloggers! Or give 14 facts about myself. I’ll just do 15 and 7.

I know not all you do this award thing. They’re kinda silly, but the recognition is nice. Or if you’ve already accepted this award. If I nominate you consider it to be a virtual high five or slap on the ass after a touchdown/homerun/goal.

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  15. readers

Now for seven facts about me in case you missed the ABC’s of me:

  1. Sometimes I sleep with socks on
  2. I’m excited for the 25-35 cm (10-14 in) of snow we’re supposed to get tomorrow
  3. I worked 14 years (summers) as an agricultural consultant and loved it.
  4. My three favorite animals are wolves, cheetahs, and green red eyed tree frogs.
  5. I have a tattoo of two of those three in five.
  6. I want a tattoo for my kids, but don’t know what yet (maybe wolf prints?)
  7. I have the best DW ever in the history!

I was going write about our igloo again today. But it makes me sad. Two days of 6C (42F) and rain will destroy any igloo. Though, as a testament to how sturdy ours actually was, only the south facing roof section fell down. Not the whole thing. Perhaps it can be rebuilt. I’ll show ya later. Tomorrow is question answering day (Hint: one of the question wasn’t asked by the kids). And Saturday is Story Saturday – chapter four is officially in the works). And Sunday has become sharing day. Perhaps I’ll give you a bonus read this weekend?

Happy reading! Happy blogging!

We’re outta here. Time to go to playgroup!


STEM Girls


My aunt posted this article, Why Girls Need Stem and Why Stem Needs Girls to her FB. I was intrigued. I knew I was going to write about this so I saved the link in my drafts. A week or so later I was watching TV.

Do you remember that show with Corey and Topanga- Boy meets world? Well, they made a sequel to it. Corey and Topanga grew up, got married and had two kids. One is a teenage girl. Hence, it’s called Girl Meets World.

I found myself watching an episode of it (again) the other night. It was my sign that it was time to write.

In this episode titled Girl Meets STEM (see the theme, now), Riley takes a stand when she notices that it’s just the boys who conduct the science experiments. The central problem of this episode revolves around the fact that the female characters were at the age when most girls start dropping out of STEM classes.


These are the areas where the greatest developments occur. Marie Curie and her
radioactivity research. Sally Ride, the first woman in space. Antonia Coello Novello, the first female Surgeon General of the United States. Kari Byron, a co-host of Mythbusters. Ms. Frizzle.

Okay, so that next to last one doesn’t have the staggering STEM resume the others do. But, she is in the field of science working to make science exciting for teens. And the last one isn’t real. Still, I think girls appreciate the show just as much as the boys do.

The first article reports that about 10-30% of STEM occupations are female. A quick google search reveals very similar numbers for the number of males in the teaching profession between elementary and high school.

Why this odd imbalance? Historically speaking, that’s the way it’s always been. This is the 21st century. It doesn’t have to be like that any more. Women have proven over and over again, they are just as capable as men.

We need to rethink how we treat the girls in these classes when they are still young. Stop gender stereotyping and allow kids to explore, engineer, build, study, think whatever it is they can dream up. I’m certainly not saying take away their dolls – that how they learn to be mothers (just as our boys have Sweet Baby to practice caring for to be good dads). I’m saying give them that which they can discover and reinvent the world. Building blocks. Science kits. Solar powered robots. Lego is for everyone!

Allow them to explore the world and the world will be theirs.

Do with boys, too. They love it just as much.



Sunday Share 13

Originally this was a Saturday Share. But not Saturday’s are for 100 word fiction stories. This is my lucky 13th Weekend Share. I think I found some good ones for you, too.

With yesterday being DW’s birthday and attending a birthday party for one of Bangs little friends, we found ourselves quite busy. So I didn’t get this out in time. I give it to you now. The Sunday Share…. on a Monday! Maybe it’ll help you beat the Monday blues into Monday greens or reds or oranges or whichever is your favorite. Happy reading!

No Page Left Blank
Ever felt like you were just pretending?

LisaPomerantzster: Are We There Yet?
Let’s play!

Hugh’s Views and News
You just might be gay.

Revisions of Grandeur
Things kids say are always good for some laughs.

Ah Dad
A Chinese water torture and his Wife’s Jedi powers.

Behind this Great Guy



Hi DW. Happy Birthday!

Once upon a time I called myself Superdad. But I wouldn’t be so super, I might be mediocre at best, if it weren’t for someone else. I have my moments of greatness. Not often, mind you. When they happen, there’s a reason. I wouldn’t be Superdad without her.


While today might not officially be a holiday- local, national, international, or intergalactic, we’ll be celebrating as if it were. Stew. Singing. Cake on fire. Presents.I’ve written about her before so you have a few hints at how incredible she is.
But do you know how amazing she really is?

If she were a B52, she’d be the BOMB.
If she were a racecar, she’d be a Ferrari.
If she were a dude, the Queen would tap her shoulder with a sword and we’d call her “Sir”.

161 moons ago (that’s many moons ago) I met her at an airport. Not by chance, mind you, I flew her to that airport so I could see her in person. She lived in Nova Scotia, I had just moved to Virginia. 13 years, one big move, and two kids later, I’m still the lucky one.

She’s thoughtful, caring, kind, generous, smart, beautiful, and a plethora of other wondrous adjectives. She’s an amazing mother, wife, daughter, niece, and aunt.

Thanks, hon, for making this guy feel like a king, smarter than I really am, and for laughing at with me. We’ve been on one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but it’s only made us stronger. Love you milluns and billuns, babe!


Now What?


PHOTO PROMPT © Jan W. Fields

Read Chapters 1 & 2

Chapter 3

It smells a bit musty so I attempt to open a window. It sticks. I plant my feet and haul with both hands and it reluctantly opens. The cold, refreshing air bites at me, but it brings the rooms back to life. Dust covers everything like a grey sheet. Cobwebs cower in the corners.

Which is how I found Brogan when I finally made it back home.

We had had a day of shopping. If only I had known we would be held at gun point that day…

The asshole had the courtesy to let me drop Brogan off at home with Dempsy before forcing me to drive to Denver.

I shake the memory from head as I hear Brogan finger the keys on my old piano. They make smile…

Read chapter four.

This is a new experiment for me. Each week there is a 100 word short story photo prompt challenge posed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My challenge to myself is to connect these photos into one seamless story. Click the blue frog to read other stories inspired by this photo.

Q & A Friday: Smoke, Cold, Fireworks, and Independence



I’m getting the hang of this jotting down questions thing. I’m answering four so I can leave one on my list for next time. They asked more than 5, of course. Unfortunately, my memory could only retain five. I have a photographic memory. There’s just no SD card. I need to practice writing them down when they ask.

1. If there’s smoke, how low do you need to crawl?

That depends on how much fire there is. Smoke, like fire, likes to go to high places. Not the same way as Snoop Dogg. That’s a different high. The smoke will fill up the ceiling area first, so the lower you crawl the cleaner the air will be.  God forbid, but should our house ever catch fire crawl on the floor like a zombie. Shout as loud as you can so I know where you are.


2. How cold can it get?

I once had an ex who was pretty cold. And that time my brother finished off the ice cream without sharing was pretty dang cold, too. I’m pretty sure this isn’t was Crash was asking about though. Last winter it got down to -21 C with a windchill of -34. The coldest natural temperature on Earth happened down in Antarctica. A bone chilling -89 C (-128F). According to Live Science the lowest temperature ever created by humans is just 500-billionths of a degree above absolute zero -minus 459.67 degrees Fahrenheit, or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius. That’s colder than any ex could be.

3. Do they have fireworks on the 4th of July here?

They do have a Fourth of July here, just like every town, city, and country in the world has the Fourth of July. However, the fireworks on the Fourth of July you are thinking of happen in the country of your birth, the U.S. of A. Their independence started when people left England and went to this “new land”. But they still had to follow England’s laws. They wanted to make their own laws so they declared themselves independent. 240 years ago, 1776, they decided they were their own country. England didn’t like that so they fought about it until 1783. Now we shoot fireworks, not the English, to celebrate independence. Here in Canada, though, that magic happens on July 1st. But not because we’re independent. Back in 1867 (149 years) the British North America Act made Canada a country. Canada is still a commonwealth of England but we shoot off fireworks anyway. Or it could be that’s because that’s the day your mom and I got married.

4. What’s Independence Day?

That’s the day you learn to dress yourself, feed yourself, get your own drink, and use the bathroom without supervision, and possibly, the day you move out. But if you mean countries like the USA, it’s when they said they were their own country instead of being a part of the country they came from. Turns out Wikipedia has a list of every country’s Independence Day.