Sunday Share Week 11

Good Morning, Sunday! I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep. Good luck catching that lost hour for those of you who turned your clocks ahead. Crash was up at 6:30 (really 5:30 before the clocks the changed). Bang was up at 7 (really 6 before the time change). Fortunately, this is our March Break so we don’t have school all week. Lots of time for them to get caught up. Or be so tired and cranky that I’ll fear for their survival.

Have a great day!

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Sunday Share Week 7

I could schedule this for the morning. It’s only 6 hours from now. Additionally, it’s called “Sunday Share“. Why share it on a Saturday? For those of you spending your Saturday night browsing Facebook and perusing the blogosphere, I’ll leave these here for you now. Perhaps I’ll have a little something extra for you Sunday evening.

Happy Reading!

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Just in case you missed my two posts this week, you can read Time and the latest instalment of Go Ask Your Father. It was a pretty poopy post.



Thank You School

Here in Nova Scotia, our public education system is under an intense amount of stress right now. Teachers are being overworked to the point that they’re losing teaching time in order to fulfill other mandanted requirements. These mandated requirements may or may not be improvements to the system, they’re arguable. 

Crash and Bang are still receiving proper education from their teachers, even with the “work to rule” strike still in place. I’m not here to discuss what they’re learning from their teachers.

I’m here tonight to discuss what they’re learning in school from their friends.

You’ve all seen the latest phenomenon. Bottles of water drank down to the last 1/4 of the bottle. Intentionally. It flips better that way. I’ve got mixed opinions on this little game. I’m cool with it. I’ll even admit I’ve flipped a few bottles myself.  It’s not as easy as the internet makes it seem. The only flipping I do now is flipping him off behind his back when he frustrates me. After listening to someone make it thunk a few times it starts to get annoying. Like a jackhammer-outside-your-bedroom-window-at-6-am-on-a-Saturday kind of annoying. Now he tries to flip everything. Empty kiddie cups. His bedroom garbage can. His clothes hamper (which a larger version of his garbage can). His reusable water bottle. A yogurt container. The ketchup. Fortunately, he hasn’t tried to flip his brother. 


Then there is this thing called “dabbing”. The best I can describe is that it’s a one step dance move. None of this 5,6,7,8 necessary. All that’s needed is the 5. One arm covers your eyes, the other arm goes out and up in the same direction. So now he wants to do everywhere he goes. He dabs in Walmart (though I suppose it’s normal to dab there. It’s normal to do almost everything there). He dabs when a camera points at him. He dabs while ice skating. It resembles Usain Bolt’s signature move. Except less cool. So less cool that it’s damn near boiling. 

Speaking of boiling… that’s hot. Though certainly not in “both ways”. I had to laugh when he came out with that one for the first time. He had just come inside from playing basketball or something and he was a bit sweaty and he tells me, “I’m hot.” He took a dramatic pause before laying on the charm, “In both ways.” 

Huh? You’re hot in both ways? “No, son. My wife (your mom) is hot in both ways after she’s done her walk/run thing that she does. You, sir, are 9.” If he’s hot in both ways, I’m too sexy for my shirt (like Right Said Fred said). I asked him, what are “both ways”? He defined the first way, no sweat. He wasn’t clear on the second way. When I say “wasn’t clear” I mean he hadn’t the foggiest idea. 

So thank you school for giving him such cool friends to teach him these cool things to do to drive his parents batshit crazy. I don’t even want to guess at what the next “cool” thing will be. I know it won’t be as cool as the Electric Slide, big hair, or “Eat my shorts.”

What fads and sayings do you remember from our glory days?

Sunday Share

I don’t know about you but my excitement is as hard to contain as a toddler in Disney World. Just two more weeks until Christmas 2016. One more Sunday! We’re not ready!!


And, like every year, it will come and it will go whether we are ready or not.

We’ll be ready.

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Appropriate since I’m heading to a Christmas party now!



For What I Don’t Have

Happy Canadaland Thanksgiving!

Or Columbus Day if you’re in the States. 

I normally don’t get all religious. Normally, I don’t get religious at all unless I’m in church. However, on occasion a story will come along that just makes sense. I get it. Thanks to Father Conrad for this homily.

It’s a Jesus story, but also a story about giving thanks. For when Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem (for his crucifixion) he met 10 men all asking to be healed of leprosy. If you’re up for a Halloween scare Google images of leprosy. I triple dog dare you. Anyway, Jesus told the 10 men to go see the priest. They did and *POOF* they were healed. One man returned to thank Jesus. Only one was thankful for his healing. 

While 9 men were asking themselves “Why me? Why do I have to be a leper?” the tenth was asking “Why me? Why heal me?” He was the thankful one. 

How many lottery winners ask, “Why me?”

How many ask, “Why me?” when good fortune comes their way? Yet we’re quick to question the bad luck, the bad situtations, the tragedies. Yet we always seem deserving of the good that comes to us. 

The theme, naturally, is to give thanks. In the past we usually tell what we’re thankful for; family, friends, food and house (usually in that order). Today is a little different. There’s a twist, if you will. 

There are so many reasons to give thanks. But what am I thankful I don’t have?

I’m thankful that I don’t have:

  • leprosy
  • to cook the turkey today
  • to be the turkey
  • kids who hate me (usually)
  • to worry about money (usually)
  • troubles that are anything more than trivial
  • to worry about where my next meal is coming from, where I’m going to sleep, who’s going to love me.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’ll write another of these thankful posts at the end of November. I love getting two Thanksgivings.

What are you thankful you don’t have?

Shunday Share

You just gotta love cold, rainy Sundays.

No. No you don’t.

But it is what is. No point in complaining about it, though.

I do love listening to the rain. We listened to it pound the windows last night in bed. We listened to it patter the roof during church. The rain seems to bring all the finches to our feeder like we’re bird whisperers.

Besides the rain, you know what else is coming down? My stats. It’s really weird. All month my stats were stable and good. Then one day they dropped. not just one or two. But 20 or 30. That’s not much unless you only have 50 to begin with. That’s a 40-60% decrease. I’ll blame it on the first day of fall (or spring for my southie friends). Weird.

Nevermind the stats. I read and write and share anyway…

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In China 8 is a lucky number and since I just found out I’m Chinese I have included 8 links.

*Note: I am not Chinese. Just a running joke from my brother-in-law’s father-in-law. A million bonus points to you if you can follow that lineage. 

Two more notes…

I finally uploaded The Disappearing Wood Pile video to YouTube. It took us about 5 days to stack 16 cords of wood. One cord measures 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet. We had 16 of them. I also got up close and personal with some finches and time lapsed myself from the roof mowing the yard.

The second note is that I joined Instagram. You’ll find me @stomperdad over there.


Video coming soon to a YouTube near you…

Sunday Share

I just spent the last 2 days and nights with DW’s brother and sister-in-law and their four adorable kids. Technically, they were here visiting us. The cousins all adore each and love spending time together. They are as funny, as busy, and as frustrating (to their respective parents) as Crash and Bang. It was a great reminder that the parenting struggle is real and we are not nearly as alone as we sometimes feel. The tempers, the tormentors, the sibling rivalry… We may experience it in slightly different forms, but we all experience it and we all handle it the best way we know how. We do what it takes.

They’ve returned home now. Crash and Bang are in bed. I’m going to get comfy on the couch and finally share some posts I enjoyed over the past week while I watch the Olympic track races.

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Lastly, I start a fun YouTube page, SuperDad’s GoPro. We’ve been having some fun playing with the waterproof camera. Take a look and feel free to share and/or subscribe. Have a good week y’all!


Traveling (Days 4, 5, and 6)

Friday, July 24th

With Nana now on the disabled list (spiral fraction of her fibula, in case you missed yesterday’s post), things took a slightly different turn. Normally, we’re a family on the go. We try to do as much stuff as we can with the short time we have together. Now we got some extra visiting time and time to play with cousins.

No trip to the States would be complete without doing a bit of shopping. Especially in the tax free state of Delaware. Friday morning after breakfast we headed out, just DW, Crash, Bang and myself. We hit up Dick’s Sporting Goods first. DW was looking for a specific pair of running shoes. No luck there. But I did find a pair of running shorts and DW got a new kayak paddle to replace one of ours that had broken a few years ago in a hurricane. (She got to use it yesterday. But more on that later). Crash used some of his birthday money to buy a glow in the dark basketball and Bang got a pair of purple (his favorite color) Umbros- the greatest pair of soccer shorts one can buy. We grabbed a quick bite in the food court, which, except for Sabarro, was entirely different than when I was there however many years ago. It now marks the first time Bang tried a new food- deep fried broccoli cheese bites.

Thursday, the 23rd, was supposed to be family picture day. But because Nana broke her ankle, we postponed it to the next day. Five years ago, when we were all together last, we went to a nearby state park and had photos taken. This time we had an extra person, Bang, who wasn’t even born at the last photo shoot. At our last family photo shoot five years ago, DW had just shaved her head to raise money for Relay for Life – a cancer fundraiser. Her hair had been cut and donated then cut as short as the clippers could cut it. This year, Nana was in a boot for her broken ankle. We hid the crutches from the camera. Then it was back home for meatball subs made by my brother and sister-in-law. Mmmm. Delicious.

Saturday, July 25th

Saturday morning was pretty low key. It wasn’t until after lunch we got on the move. My dad had made a bet that he could fit inside the dog’s kennel. The bet was if he fit we had to buy him ice cream and if he couldn’t fit, he’d buy it. He didn’t fit. Or at least he didn’t force it for fear of needing the fire department to come get him out. The video my brother took of dad trying did make to Facebook. So, after lunch we went to get ice cream courtesy of Pop Pop. Afterward, we all went swimming in the pool of friends of my parents, also my former soccer and wrestling coach in high school. While there, my other high school soccer coach showed up. He said that now he’s retired, don’t be surprised if he and his wife randomly show up at our door. We extended the invite, of course. We only live 1,100 miles away! It was great to go for a dip, the kids loved it and I got to play catch up with some people I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Sunday, July 26th

While Saturday was fairly low key, Sunday was not. There was a big family bash planned at my aunt’s house. There was also rumor of a slip-n-slide. However, before that, we met IMG_2330another aunt at church for Sunday mass. Crash picked up on a couple big differences between mass here compared to home – we sung more here than at home and the communion wafers were crunchier. Then, it was home to change and off to my aunt and uncle’s house for the afternoon. First was the crab feast (or hamburgers and hotdogs if you didn’t like crabs).

Since it was the first time we had this much family together in quite a while we went ahead and celebrated every holiday at once. The crabs we just ate were for the 4th of July celebration. There was also crab chowder for Christmas. This was followed by an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.

IMG_2367 IMG_2373

Finally, the slip-n-slide was prepared with water and 4 bottles of baby oil. The kids changed into bathing suits and away we went. Myself included. IMG_2387Then my aunt decided she would try it, too. Why not? It looked like so much fun! Unfortunately, when she stepped onto the slip-n-slide she turned it into a slip-n-fall. She intended to go headfirst, but her feet slipped out from under her and she landed on her tailbone and in a lot of pain. The ambulance came to get her, which really made Bang’s day- getting to see an ambulance up close. The next morning we found out she had a compressed fracture of her L3 vertebrae. Fortunately, there were no floating bone fragments she wouldn’t be needing surgery. Remember, my mom already had a broken ankle. Now this!


There are 5 people in this picture!

Once we got home that evening one of my oldest friends came over with his wife and two kids. I’ve been friends with him for about 32 years now – since 1st grade. It was great playing catch up with them and seeing their two boys who are each a year younger than Crash and Bang. On their way out they surprised us with the news that they are expecting baby number 3 in February!

Sorry for the long posts. I do want to you all about trip to see family and friends without boring you with too many details. We really didn’t travel much once we got there. No fancy sights to see. No big outings. Just some fun times with those we love most 🙂 Thanks for reading!

Eight, 8, VIII (and 238)

happy-birthdayEight years ago our first born came into the world. It wasn’t exactly a grand entrance. It was a forty hour labor and he was born at 3:27 in the morning. I wrote about it my “With An Open Heart” post about his heart surgery when he was five days old.

Flash forward eight years and you would never know he went through what he went through. He only needs to see his cardiologist once every two years. Whenever he goes to a new doctor they’re amazed when they listen to his heart. “He’s got quite a heart murmur,” they tell us as if we didn’t know. His heartbeat sounds more like the swishing of a washing machine than the clear boom boom we’re used to hearing.

He’s also full of business. He enjoys arguing. Really enjoys sometimes. Especially if it’s bedtime and it’s still light outside. Anyway, he growing physically (an inch in the last 3 months) and mentally (he’s reading above grade level). Though he is smart, I swear he is, he still does dumb stuff. I’m fairly confident “the do stupid stuff” gene is on the Y chromosome.

So now he’s going into third grade (or as they say here in Canada, grade three). He’ll be in a new part of his school (or at least new to him) which is just down the hall from the pre-school room his brother will be in.

Today will be celebrated by cleaning up Legos. Or, Crash will be cleaning up Legos while his mother and I clean the rest of the house. We’ll be visiting our park and splash pad later for Family Fun activities. Then we’ll be home to decorate and have a pizza party with a bunch of Crash’s friends. This will be followed by ice cream cake and presents.

Here’s to another 584 billion mile journey around the sun. Here’s to whatever 8 brings us. Here’s another to protecting our sanity.

Oh and …