Being a Dad

I’d like to keep writing these posts about being a dad. But sometimes I need a vacation. Like today’s “vacation” with T. It was just a 30 second hug in the kitchen while the kids weren’t paying attention. Neither were we. During this special 30 seconds we could hear Crash hollering “NO!” to Bang . Bang then did his best Pterodactyl screech. Then silence. Then something something shattered. Vacation time was over. Fortunately, it was just a tiny Yankee Candle jar Bang likes to take the top off of and smell. It’s totally beyond us why he threw it. My only guess was out of frustration. My only guess as to why he was frustrated is because he couldn’t get the top off.

Anyway, about being a dad. I’m noticing myself becoming lazier and I can’t pinpoint why. I used to look forward to making up silly games. Games that either had no rules or rules that we made up as we went along, i.e. roll the rubix cube move your smurf 8 random spaces across the floor land on the spot that someone says you have to hop on one foot. I used to play with their toys as much they did. But, for a reason I’ve yet to uncover, I’m expecting them to entertain themselves for longer and longer periods of time. I believe kids should be able to entertain themselves. However, they also need their due attention.

So this is my admonition to myself. Pay attention. You know how fast they are growing, the growth chart on the door frame has shown you. They’re learning fast – Crash is reading chapter books and Bang is already learning to spell! They’re not getting any younger.