It’s That Time of Year

We’ve all wished each other Happy New Year by now. Crash and Bang made until mid-night, though just barely. We were at a friend’s house partying so they had lots of kids to play with and we had lots of adults to talk to.

Anyway, it’s time to look back. How well did 2015 treat me? My first WordPress post turns 1 in 4 days. I haven’t decided if I’ll do the whole blogiversary thing since this one will contain more links than the fence between the US and Mexico.

Here’s my month and year in review.

December brought 1,432 views, 203 more than November. This brought my total for the year to 9,259. Almost made the 10K mark. There were 490 visitors – 106 more than last month for a total of 3,510 visitors! Thanks y’all for stopping by! I published 48 posts in December thanks to The Daily Elf posts. This was 8 more posts than November for a grand tally of 316 posts.

The “like” button was clicked 707 times in December compared to only 442 times in November. The year brought 2,827 likes. There were 14 more comments in December – 415 for a total of 2,370 comments since last January.

Besides my home page with 218 views last month, it was Passing the Test in the lead with 60 views. My best day for the year was on March 3rd – The Value of A Teacher with 279 views. That post now has 500. The next most popular was With an Open Heart about Crash’s open heart surgery when he was five days old. Landing in the bronze medal spot is Life Before/After Kids which was really fun to write.

The top three countries to visit in December were the US, Canada, and Luxembourg. The top 5 for the year were from US, Canada, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Australia.

I started the year with 0 (yep, zero. None. Zilch. Nada.) followers. I’ve gained 253 WordPress followers. The Invisible Moth, Riddle from the Middle, and True North Nomad are my latest three to click the follow button. Will you be the next? (Hint: you don’t need a wordpress account AND you’re email is kept confidential).

My longest streak this year without missing a day from the 26th of November to December 20th for a total of 25 days with most posts on Fridays.

My top five commenters this year?
I’m Strong Enough to Break
Elen Grey
A Momma’s View
Terri Webster Schrandt

Lastly, a huge thanks to Eli, the Coach Daddy for being my first blogger guest. You can read that post here if you missed it. If you would like to guest, all you gotta do is ask. DW was my first official guest, though with her post Breaking the Silence.

18 thoughts on “It’s That Time of Year

  1. This is just to make sure that I maintain my #1 spot. Bwahahhhaahaahhh!
    You’ve got a great blog Eric and both my husband and I have enjoyed your writing. Stories on kids and parenting are something we can relate to. Your stats are looking good and can only get better. Here’s to the rest of 2016!


  2. Good way to think of things…the numbers aren’t everything…the connections and the content and the lessons they represent matter so much. Thanks for the pingback. πŸ™‚ I started out this time last year, too, without a single WordPress follower (or friend or ally, however one may choose to think of it)…and that changed very quickly. People I’ve never seen or met or heard in person feel I’m reaching them and they enjoy what I have to say here… That’s what it’s all about, right?


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