Sunday Share: Week 23

My Orioles are 22.5 games behind 1st place so I’m not even going to bother wasting space talking about them here. Just know that I’m a die hard fan and will root for them win or lose. Even when they’re better at losing. They’ve lost more games than the first place team has won. I’m spiteful enough to not even name the first place team. Or the second place.

It was a good Sunday here in the Wood house. Crash mowed our neighbor’s yard. Then he mowed our yard. Color me impressed. Meanwhile, his brother couldn’t be bother to put his laundry away. Oh well. 1 for 2 is still better than the Orioles.

Riddle from the Middle
Something money can’t buy…

ah dad
Ah Dad
A dad’s letter for his son’s 18th birthday


Midlife Margaritas
When parenting and tweeting go hand in hand


Green Grapes
Walking for epilepsy with the Doose Warrior, Brave King James


Life kids glass of red
Life, Kids, and a Glass of Red
Life hacks on handling the stress season…


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9 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 23

  1. I love your blog. It’s a lot of fun and insightful and just real. Thanks. I have shared a bunch of things on parenting that you might like on my blog. These are my favorite:

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    • Thank you Esther. I’m flattered 🙂 I enjoyed the “Pick up or Put Down” post. What to do and how much help to provide has no right or wrong answer. It’s always what we feel is best for our kids. Thanks for stopping by!


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