Hey Kids, It’s Okay to be Bored

I’m bored.


This was just minutes after ordering supper at a restaurant. You know what? It’s okay to be bored. It’s high time you learned to entertain your thoughts. It’s high time you learned to converse with other human beings. It’s high time you learned that sometimes in life you will bored.

And it’s okay.

Constantly in motion, constantly stimulated, the kids aren’t sure what happens when everything stops. There’s no app for sitting still. Sometimes you will just have to sit and entertain your thoughts for a while. I know thinking is something unusual for you, but it won’t hurt you. I promise.

With all of the lights and sounds and blips and bloops in today’s world, it’s no wonder that a constant need for stimulation is so heavily sought after by kids. TV. Tablets. Phones. Toys. They all need batteries and they all make sound and light up. How many non-battery toys do kids play with these days? How many adults turn to their phone when they have down time or are looking for something to do? It doesn’t matter that they’re sitting in the company of their friends. The lure is there.

It’s okay to be bored. It’s okay to use that boredom to think of wild and crazy ideas.

    A pretty purple giraffe that drives a dump truck

    An ice cream cone with 57 layers… what are those 57 flavors?

    Hitting a homerun in the bottom of the 9th to win the game

    Doing those stunts we saw the slopestyle snowboarders doing in the Olympics

    What would happen if the shit really did hit the fan?

    Daydream! I, myself, am guilty of it. I wander off to “Lalaland” more frequently than I should. Discuss! Talk to the people you are sitting with and tell them about your thoughts. Were you wondering something? Were you fascinated? Were you awed? Were you laughing hysterically? Were you pissed off? Tell them. There’s no need for an app for real life. It is its own app and it’s amazing. It never glitches. It never buffers. The images are always HD. The sound is surround. There are smells. There are feels. It’s amazing.

    It’s okay to be bored. You don’t have start picking fights with your brother just for something to do. Go make something. A dream catcher. A leprechaun trap. A comic book. Draw a picture. Paint a picture. Paint a rock. Or mold with clay.

    It’s okay to be bored. Go outside. Fresh air and sunshine are amazingly good natural remedies for boredom. Climb a tree. Explore the brook. Go “lion hunting” in the backyard. Ride a bike, a scooter, a skateboard, or rollerblades in-line-skates. Throw a Frizbee. Kick a ball. Throw a ball. Whatever… just go!

    It’s okay to bored. You don’t need constant stimulation. You don’t even have to always be in motion. There is much to be learned from sitting still and silent. Finding your inner self can be quite a journey. I found my inner self one day. Turns out my inner self is still 6. You’re not going to find yours sitting in front of a screen surrounded by a cacophony of sounds and lights.

    It’s quite the conundrum to be writing via the internet on my tablet about getting off the screen and being bored without it. So, I’m turning in now and I’m going to go read a book. (side note: I’m reading The Orphan Child about a woman who steals a Jewish baby off a Nazi train then joins the circus)

    And it’s not going to be boring.


    Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep 65

    silly blog

    Today’s your lucky day, folks. It’s a double post kind of day. I was going to write about our trip last night after the boys were in bed. I just didn’t have it in me, though. I got’er done today, though. And since today is Thursday, ’round here it’s also known as Questionday, there are some questions to ask. Let’s see what their creative minds come up with today.

    Here we go again…

    1.What was your favorite part of our trip?

    Crash: Probably shopping and the Body Museum
    Bang: The Body museum… No! Everything!

    2. What was your favorite part of Body World RX?

    Crash: The hearts and the smoking part
    Bang: The guy split right down in half so we could see his brain

    3. If you could give one gift to every child in the world, what would you give them?

    Crash: A shelter and lots of money
    Bang: Diggers

    4. What do you want to be famous for?

    Crash: Playing video games or collecting Pokemon
    Bang: Painting (I’m already famous for that because I paint a lot)

    5. What does your name mean?

    Crash: Awesomeness
    Bang: Truck

    6. What three words best describe you?

    Crash: Funny, Cool, Good looking
    Bang: Smart, Awesome, Gangsta

    7. Did anything make you laugh today?

    Crash: Yeah, my friend at lunch kept making ridiculous faces
    Bang: Yeah, when me and my brother were wrestling, he took me down and I giggled

    8. Did you help anyone today?

    Crash: I helped my friend because she accidentally knocked over her pencil case and everything exploded onto the floor.
    Bang: No, because no one needed help.

    9. If you could choose a new name for yourself, what name would you pick?

    Crash: Pickachu
    Bang: Logan

    10. What food would make the grossest ice cream flavor?

    Crash: Ham
    Bang: Strawberry, orange, chocolate chips, lemon with vanilla ice cream


    A Tale of Two Drivers or A Journey to The City

    *When you don’t know which title to pick, pick both.

    When we left Tuesday afternoon, Country Driver was behind the wheel. He likes wide open spaces, long drives on clear highways, and sing alongs to whatever song is being bluetoothed from his phone’s playlist. His wife rides along shotgun and happy. The kids ride content in the backseat quietly entertaining themselves.

    All is good. They have the rest of the day (and the next day) to look forward to. There’s going to be a hotel stay, shopping, a museum, and a heart checkup. The skies are as clear as the highway. We’re all excited for our trip to The City.

    Fast forward 3 hours and we are in the heart of The City with 415,000 people. This is 138 times bigger than Country Driver’s town. He got out from behind the wheel shortly before arriving in The City. Country Driver is too courteous to drive in The City. City Driver drives like he owns the place. He does what he needs to do to get where he needs to go. Blinkers be damned.

    Anyway, City Driver took the wrong bridge into The City. Fortunately, his wife and Google Maps were able to navigate him to the hotel. The hotel overlooks a lake named “Chocolate Lake”. Hence, the hotel’s greeter is a chocolate lab named Aero (as in the chocolate bar of the same name).


    Loving Aero kisses

    No trip to a hotel is complete until you have bed jumped and pool swam. Having competed the former upon entry, we changed into our suits and went to take a dip. I want to apologize to the couple who was in the pool when my otters arrived. I tried to keep them from splashing as much as I could. I tried to get them to keep their voices down, too. They are two country boys who are used to swimming in wide open lakes.

    Bonus! There was a hot tub and it was nice to finish the swim with a sit in the hot tub. The boys joined me for a few minutes (I limited their time).

    Then City Driver rounded everyone up, got them changed back into city clothes and we headed out to supper at Montana’s. The atmosphere was neat – wild west country style decor. The boys got to see a moose head and see just how big they are.

    After horking down supper, City Driver got them to the mall where the boys could ride the escalators. Only one store had toys for the boys to look at and they were over priced.  $35 for a $10 stuffy. I imagine! They were happy get a bath bomb, though. We perused Build-A-Bear and came out empty handed. We made it to Toy-R-Us, too. One boy spent his $10 from Nanny. The other didn’t because he’s saving up for a puppy. I’ll let you guess which one couldn’t wait to spend.

    Stores closed at 9, we stayed until 9. Back at the hotel we went to spend the remainder of our change down in the games room. Air hockey. Donkey Kong. The Simpsons. Pinball. Double Dragon. Ghosts and Goblins. A photo booth.

    photo booth

    It was a nice try…

    10:45 pm and the kids were finally in bed sound asleep.

    8 hours and 15 very short minutes later we were all bright eyed and bushy tailed. We hit up the free breakfast buffet, packed up all our stuff and made two trips to the truck to get it all loaded.

    It was finally time for the moment we were all excited for. We were going to the Museum of Natural History where the Body Worlds RX exhibit was on display. First, we checked out what else the museum had; a 70+ year old tortoise, frogs and snakes.  Our favorite was the topographical sand table. With the help of a projector and an X-Box sensor bar, the sand would change color and the topographical lines would change to reflect the height of the hill we built. Furthermore, we could “dig” for water and the water would flow according the topography! We all want one for our house. The other really awesome thing they had was a globe that would change depending on what was being projected on to it. It could be any of the nine eight planets or the moon. It showed ocean temperatures over a year, daily air traffic around the world, shipping traffic, earth quakes, tidal waves and that was just the stuff we hung around to see!


    Finally, we visited the Body World RX exhibit. We had to get there before Bang exploded. He was super excited to go. Should you ever get the chance to see this exhibit (there 9 and they travel the world) I highly recommend it. It’s such a learning experience. It shows how our bones work, how our muscles work. It shows our organs and veins and capillaries. It shows our 25 feet of intestines. It shows heart disease and lung disease. It showed our reproductive organs. Neither DW or I realized that a uterus was so small! And it showed it all in pristine detail. We were blown away by it. Unfortunately, our exhibit didn’t include the infant section where would have been able to see fetuses in various stages of development in the uterus. Bang was disappointed as he was really looking forward to that part.

    From here, City Driver took the family to the hospital. It was time for a check up. For those who are newer readers, you can read about Crash’s open heart surgery when he was just five days old. First on the to do list was an EEG of Crash’s heart.


    Our Robot Baby


    2 years ago, Crash was only up to Dr. Wong’s shoulder. 2 more years and he’ll be as tall as him!

    After that it was off to get an echo-cardiogram (ultrasound) done. Once that was done and Dr. Wong had a chance to look over the images he came to fill us in on his findings. There is a normal narrowing of his pulmonary, which is expected from this type of surgery. He said if there was any stress on the pulmonary it would cause Crash’s heart work harder in the right ventricle. He didn’t see that happening so he’s confident Crash is doing well. He doesn’t need to see him for another 2 years…

    What a relief.

    City Driver, ready to be done driving, got the family out of the city and back on the highway toward home where Country Driver gladly took over while the boys watched Cars 3 and DW crocheted. Anxious to be out of the truck and not wanting to fall asleep, Bang threw a couple fits that made us want to throw him from the truck. Fortunately, by 8:30 the boys were back in their own beds, the lights were out, and it was night night time after an exciting day and half journey to The City.

    Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep64

    US Gun debates are running wild around the world. Education reform is stirring up some strong emotions here in Nova Scotia. Change is needed in both places and I feel like those with the most power to make those changes happen aren’t listening to the ones who know what changes need to be made.

    But that stuff is too heavy for a Jeudi. That’s French for Thursday. I substituted in a French Immersion class yesterday and today and the little ones had a blast trying to teach me some pronunciations. Guess it’s time I start taking some French courses!

    Pouvez-vous parler français?

    1. What do you like daydreaming about?

    Crash: Minecraft and Pokemon Battles with real Pokemon
    Bang: I feel like I’m still sleeping… even when I’m in school.

    2. If you could do anything right now, what would you do?

    Crash: Stay up late and play video games… Geometry Dash!
    Bang: Play electronics all night… Geometry Dash!


    3. If you opened a store, what would you sell?

    Crash: Candy, Pokemon, Minecraft Figures, Books about Pokemon and Minecraft, and super snuggly, ultracomfy stuffies
    Bang: Things from Sobey’s (grocery store) like bread, cookies, and milk

    4. If you could grow anything in the yard, what would it be?

    Crash: A big orange or apple tree
    Bang: I would grow more electronics!

    5. What sounds do you like?

    Crash: Farting, my favorite songs
    Bang: Wawa (imagine Charlie Brown’s teacher) and creepy noises

    6. What sounds do you not like?

    Crash: When I’m laying in bed at night and I hear thump thump thump
    Bang: I hate the word “this”

    7. If you could ask a wild animal any question, what would you ask?

    Crash: I would ask an eagle if I could be best friends with him
    Bang: I would ask a wolf, “Can I ride you?”

    8. What animal would make a great racecar driver?

    Crash: Cheetah because they’re fast and used to the speed
    Bang: A giraffe because he would stick through the roof and be able to see all the cars


    9. What makes our family so awesome?

    Crash: That I’m in it and that we have an amazingly cute Quaker Parrot
    Bang: Nothing, our family isn’t awesome because you yell at us

    10. If you could make up a new holiday, what would it be?

    Crash: There’s already a Minecraft Day so I’ll make a Pokemon Day
    Bang: Booty Time and on June 10th you go outside and take all your clothes off


    Naturally Nurtured to…Greatness? A Guest Post by Allison

    img 5Today I bring you a guest. She is a woman who wears many hats; mom, special educator, social worker. Her skills include (but are not limited to) wiping poop out of a small tushie twice in the span of ten minutes and NOT eating all the homemade mac ‘n’ cheese. She writes the blog “Tale of Two Mommies“. It’s her therapeutic outlet where she hopes to preserve the laughs and memories of child raising which possibly might also help others. Let’s give Allison an awesome All In A Dad’s Work welcome…

    I often consider the pulls of nature and nurture…mostly because I receive a certain thrill from contrary responses to the most mundane of topics. It’s a funny thing because I loathe debating, but there exists an even more passionate dislike of arguing. The mere whisper of confrontation leaves the same sour taste as the residual vapors that refuse to depart hours after opening our diaper bin.


    Yeah… totally up for political discussions or chatting about religious beliefs…

    Privately…or not so privately I hold my ground that there are far fewer things that are inherently earmarked as male or female. That said, at this point I’ve met a good deal of fellow mothers who attest to their children gravitating toward the stereotypical gendered toys and clothing despite concerted effort to ensure an open mind. Perhaps there is something to frilly princess dresses that missed me during my childhood.


    Princess Aurora obviously keeps a chocolate stash too… What else would inspire such sparkly dancing?

    I waited eagerly from the babyhoods of my son and daughter to learn their preferences and general interests…what role my personality and parenting style rubbed onto them.

    Little Man will be four in a couple of months, and Warrior Queen will be two in about the same span. They have personality abound, and I wouldn’t have it any other way…most of the time. If I’m honest, “asshole” is not far from my lips at least a few moments throughout a given day.


    giphy.com clearly has two screaming kids and endless hazards to step on throughout the homestead.

    I suppose that’s the price of staying home, but in that same breath, I’m beginning to wonder if all this time I’ve spent with my children has shaped them in ways that might not otherwise exist. It isn’t a good or bad thing; just a query.

    My kids are their own people in ways I didn’t expect, yet they are quite similar to each other. And, as I see them navigate their days, I’m acutely aware of the personality whispers that are mine.

    In terms of their interests, I fully expected my daughter to love dolls and dress-up like my friends’ daughters. I predicted she would nurture her animals or engage in whatever girly things that I’ve never understood. I assumed something similar from my son, but those car and truck instincts missed him. To this day he owns a large assortment from gifts that he never touches…unless it’s to park them in the “garages” he constructs out of colorful cardboard bricks. But, in such a case they are merely unimportant props to his main passion of constructing random household things like pipes or an air conditioner (a side note: the objects never resemble his intention).


    Mark my words, Wonderful Engineering will be hiring my son at some point.

    Warrior Queen has a comparable path…she is completely indifferent to anything girly and delicate. I watched another two-year-old girl comfort three stuffed animals to sleep, and all I could think of was my daring fierce girl in her exploring interests. Scaling legitimately enormous inflatable slide structures for the thrill of the “Whee!” down to the bottom. Even Mr. Man, while not an anxious child, isn’t quite so fearless.


    Everything concerning Warrior Queen is an adrenaline junkie thrill seek…Bring it on, Gentlemen, Warrior Queen will force you to appreciate the true meaning of expendable.

    Relatives abound buy my daughter dolls, and all are beginning to reveal a thin settling of dust…which has nothing to do with my lackluster housekeeping skills. It’s always such a shame because my daughter looks so enviously at my son’s gifted vehicles. For some reason family refuses to purchase them for her.

    My kids are quite similar…and quite different, and I wonder if that’s how these sibling things work. I’ve never had one. I receive the stink-eye for the types of activities we most often do as our daily threesome. My children generally don’t play with toys as much as they enjoy gross motor activities and discovery. It’s a challenge to schedule meet-ups that would give me the chance to have adult contact; my kids like to roam. To this day the most successful and easy activity is a mall, which is funny because I’ve never been much of a mallrat. We go in the morning until the early afternoon. My children delight in the hours they spend running around and chatting with whomever will stand still long enough to notice them. Well, Little Man is the chatty one; Warrior Queen stares. I’m fairly social as well; my feisty sprite watches me, but mostly she’s captivated by her brother. She’s an observer much like her favorite person in the world.

    But, here’s what strikes me as odd; my default is observing as well…taking everything in and crawling inside the comfy recesses of my mind. I can spend hours thinking and creating stories; I’ve been like that my whole life. Until this point I assumed it was because as a child I was so painfully awkward in social settings that my personal worlds were far more interesting and wonderful. Little Man doesn’t possess such awkwardness…or at least he hasn’t developed the insecurity that sometimes comes with age.


    He’s cute, but I feel fairly certain this is what people see when they look down suddenly realizing he’s standing there not saying anything.

    He loves talking to everyone and anyone, but he loves his stories and thoughts more. I see him retreat into the same habits I’ve possessed for so long. It thrills and delights him to create stories about pipes or whatever else I can’t follow when he feels compelled to share. He’s lived in his stories since he was nine-months. Nothing so elaborate at the time, but I distinctly remember his focus on toy placements…positioning in various movements with intense concentration. He could be occupied like that for as long as forty-five minutes at times.

    I disregarded such habits of Little Man as something distinctly him…until Warrior Queen began forming her wonderful quirks that melt me. She also lives in her mind from time to time…taking things in with deliberate concentration. It’s hard to know where such a practice will take her, but it’s the same shadow of action as her brother…as me.

    I can’t say what any of this means or what impact such a disposition will wash over their lives. But, I can’t help but wonder my role in these fundamental habits in them even at such a young age. My children are their own unique people, but the overarching commonalities give me pause. I wonder what they see in me, and I wonder if how they see me will be vast from how I see myself.


    Since the birth of my son, my diversity of hats is far reaching and overlapping. Obviously my role as wife, mother, and daughter are pivotal, but I can claim other, equally important identities that form my existence and ambitions. I’m a special educator by trade. More specifically, I’ve worked in various capacities with at-risk, delinquent, and incarcerated adolescents and adults. I am a licensed social worker, and try to incorporate these values to improve the world around me even if I do not strictly work in the field. 

    I record my mommying life in a blog (http://taleoftwomommies.wordpress.com), as well as create short stories and essays when inspiration strikes. I also organize a parent’s social group, as well as maintain a Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/strollerderbysupportforparents) and Twitter account (@MultipleMommies). 

    Finally, I volunteer for an agency providing rehabilitative programming for the Department of Corrections, as well as work on my own to develop programs on behalf of the DOC. When I am able, I teach creative writing in a prison setting with the hope that some day I can return to literacy instruction.

    Go Ask Your Father: Mirrors, Teddy Bears, Brain Messages, and House Water

    Sweet Baby Jesus… Thank God it’s Friday! Did anyone else feel like this week was longer the 2016 presidential election? I swear the Universe had some kind of  time malfunction. Her clock was running a bit behind. Time does move slower the faster you go so maybe we went farther. Anyway, here in Canadaland this is a long weekend. Monday is Family Day. What do you think would be a good family day family activity to do with the family? (Did I say family, enough times?)

    1. What color are mirrors?

    Mirror, mirror on the way, who is the fairest of them all? Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris, the Canadian gold medal winners for mixed couples curling, are pretty cute. I don’t have a talking mirror, though. So the only way I know who the “fairest of them all is” is when DW is standing in front of it. What color is a mirror, anyway? Any color that is put in front of it. I had to look up how mirrors are made to find this one. Turns out they’re silver. Technically, they start as a window, a clear piece of glass. Then they spray it with demineralized water to clean it. It’s sprayed with liquefied tin. Silver is spray atop the tin because silver won’t stick to glass. As the liquid silver sets it hardens and takes on the reflective properties needed for a perfect selfie. A layer of copper is sprayed on to protect the silver and it’s all baked at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The backside of it is painted and it’s all set for the fairest of them all.

    2. Why are they called Teddy Bears?

    The story I told Crash at bedtime when he asked went something like this. An American president a long time ago, named Theodore Roosevelt went by the nickname of Teddy. For a reason unbeknownst to me, created a stuffed animal that was a bear. People called it a Teddy bear. I was close. Right church, wrong pew. Theo did not create the stuffed animal. Instead its origins are from a bear hunt he attended. After 3 days he had not spotted a bear. So the hunt guides tracked down a bear, tied it to a tree and showed it to the President. Theo, seeing that it was wounded and tied to a tree couldn’t shoot it, deemed it inhumane. However, he did have killed to end its suffering. Political cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, drew a cartoon illustrating the President’s refusal to shoot the bear. That bear appeared in later cartoons by the cartoonist. Then Morris Michtom, a candy shop owner in Brooklyn, NY saw the cartoon and, with permission to call them Teddy’s Bears, put two stuffed bears his wife had made, in the front window of his shop. They became so popular he started mass producing them.

    3. How does our brain send messages to the rest of our body?

    Email? Text? Binary code? Shouting “HEY!” Really, I have no idea. Other than the brain using synapses and neurons and sending signals through our nervous system to the body part that needs to move (like my fingers across the keyboard). Your brain, spinal chord, and a tremendous length of nerves throughout your body all work together to give you that “human experience”. There are 2 kinds of nerves, sensory and motor. The sensory nerves send messages to the brain in regards to our senses, touch, temperature, pain, etc… Motor nerves send signals from the brain to our muscles either voluntarily or reflexively. If you’re wondering how it works on the molecular level, you’ll have to ask your friendly, neighborhood neurologist because I don’t understand neurons and synapses and stuff.

    4. How does water get from the water tower into our house?

    Magic. Just open the tap and out comes fresh, clean water we can drink (though we filter it anyway). We have several water towers around town.  Water is collected from the lake, cleaned, filtered and pumped though the water pipes that are networked through town by pumping stations. The pumping stations provide the pressure required to push the water through the pipes so that it comes out of the sink, the tub, the toilet, or the hose when want it to. There’s something for you to think about when you’re standing in front of your silver mirror, telling your brain to move your arm while holding your toothbrush while water flows from the faucet.


    all mirrors start as a window anyway…


    Questions I Asked My Kids: Ep63

    Have you ever longed for bedtime? Not for yourself, but for your kids. PLEASE! Can it be bedtime now? I know they have only been home from school for 17 seconds, but can I send them to bed anyway? Getting in the truck to come home from school Crash hit Bang on the head with the truck door (accidentally) when he was trying to get in his brother’s side of the truck instead of his own. At home, I send them outside to play since it was sunny and warm. Crash took my GoPro with him to video himself skateboarding. Bang runs into him with his bike and breaks the frame that holds the camera. They come inside because apparently it’s no fun outside without a camera. So they try to play inside but all we hear is “Watch me.” “Watch this.” “Watch watch watch.” We watch some, but they certainly don’t need an audience for everything they do.

    It’s 9:34pm. Guess where they finally are? You can probably tell from all the silence around here…

    As always, feel free to ask your heathens these questions. Just be sure to tag me so I can read their answers.

    1. What are you good at now?

    Crash: Playing Beyblade, snuggling stuffies, and being annoying
    Bang: Running

    2. What will you be good at when you grow up?

    Crash: Taking pictures like a photographer
    Bang: Serving pizza, which means I’m being a chef


    3. How old do you wish you could be?

    Crash: 25
    Bang: Nobody can live this long but I want to be a million

    4. What 3 things would you take to a deserted island?

    Crash: Video games, infinite food, and everything required to survive in the wild
    Bang: Some food to eat, a ginormous jug of water, and some dessert – ice cream

    5. The world just turned into Legos. What do you build first?

    Crash: I don’t know, but I would build lots!
    Bang: I would build a giant Lego person

    6. Did you have a dream last night?

    Crash: I had this one crazy dream that me, my friends had Pokemon and they weren’t just cards, they were real Pokemon. We battled for a long time and it boys vs. girls and one of the girl’s Pokemon scratched me and I used Sing and her Pokemon fell asleep. And this is craziest part… My teacher and brother show up to make another team! My team won, though.
    Bang: Nope, I stayed awake all night. I just laid there with my eyes open like I do every single night.

    7. What 2 animals would be funny to combine?

    Crash: Dinosaur and a pig
    Bang: A moose and an elephant and it’s called a mooselephant

    8. What is your favorite word?

    Crash: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    Bang: I like to say dab


    9. What is love?

    Crash: It’s family and stuff, like girlfriends and boyfriends and husbands and wives
    Bang: I love mom because I fell in love with her but I don’t know what it means to fall in love

    10. What’s your favorite game to play in gym class?

    Crash: Soccerbaseball
    Bang: Hockey and soccer baseball (aka kickball)


    Some Parenting Funnies from the Internets

    Parenting is hilarious. Or at least it has the potential to be. God knows what might come out of our children’s mouth. God knows what kind of mischief they will get into next. It’s a roulette wheel of possibilities. It’s a crap shoot (HAHA) of potential opportunities.

    So, because it’s late, because my kids are in bed (one is still hacking and coughing), I’m here to lighten the mood, lift a few spirits, and remind you that you’re not alone in the struggle.

    Bang was watching the men’s luge. They were zipping down the ice at 130 kph. He said he wants to do that. This is the same child who was scared of waterslides last summer.

    Tonight, while Facetiming my parents I had one kid licking the iPad and the other putting his feet on my head.


    images (1)

    images (1)




    Did your kid make you laugh today?

    Lucy At Home

    Go Ask Your Father: Battery Life, Erosion, Frostbite, and Lotion on Dogs

    Has anyone had a Fitbit challenge with a friend where the winner is the one with fewest steps? Lounging on the couch all morning watching the Olympics I had just 744 steps by lunchtime. I would have had less had I not had to make breakfast for and play games with Bang. Now that I’ve put some laundry away and put some in the wash, I’m up to 2,789. That’s okay, though. I had 16,000 yesterday. I’ll be teaching gym all next week so I should have no trouble making up for this one slack day. We all deserve a slack day now then, right? I’ll justify my slackness by telling everyone I deserve it. I think there is a lot I deserve, but I’ll set for a slack day.

    Why do batteries die in the cold?

    It sucks to be a battery. They’re either working or they’re dead. There’s more to life than just working all the time. We need to play. Sometimes we need batteries to play the things we want to play. They come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. I just learned that there is actually a thing as AAAA batteries. There are also button batteries, lithium-ion batteries. There are 9 volt and 6 volt and car batteries. There’s even that battery Elon Musk had built in South Australia that can power 30,000 homes for an hour. I can’t even imagine how many A’s come after that one. Anyway, I had my GoPro out doing a timelapse in -10C. The battery was fully charged when I left home, but soon after recording started it started telling me the battery was low. Soon after that it died. This happens because when battery terminals are connect there is a chemical reaction that gets the electrons flowing (science 101: electricity is the flow of electrons). Cold temperatures cause the chemical reactions to happen more slowly. The battery will then run down until it can’t keep up with the demand and it dies a slow, quiet death. When you warm it back up it will resume working normally.

    What is erosion?

    It’s what the kids do to my nerves every day. They erode them until there’s a landslide and I start motivationally speaking to the selective listener. Erosion is the slow, wearing away of a landform. Water has been eroding land and rock since it got it. Rivers wear away at its banks. You may be familiar with a meandering river. When a river cuts into its bank, the water nearest the bank moves faster and thereby takes more material with it. The bend in the river gets bigger and bigger until the water is able break through and meet itself on the opposite side. The grand canyon was the ultimate meanderer. Rain has been eroding more than farmers patience for millennia. Glaciers of millions of years ago (about the time my parents were in college) eroded lands across the world. Wind has eroded sand dunes and buttes. I like big buttes, I can not lie.

    What do you do if you get frostbite?

    The boys go out in the Canadian winter and 10 minutes later they’re complaining of frostbite. Dudes, toughen up, walk it off, then go play some more! Kids these days aren’t as tough as we were. Just like I’m not as tough as my parents were. They had to walk to school in 3 feet of snow, up hill both ways! Seriously, though, should you find yourself a survivor of a plane crash high in the Alps and feel the effects of frostbite set in, here are a few tips. Protect the area from further damage. Tuck your frostbitten area into your armpits. Good luck doing that if it’s your feet. DO NOT rub the frostbitten area or put snow on it. When you finally get out of the cold, immediately remove wet clothes. Gently warm the frostbite spot. The key word being gently. Don’t hold it up to a fire, heat lamp or heat pads. These can cause burns. Instead use warm water (not hot). If there’s any chance that the effected area will freeze again, DON’T THAW IT! When you get rescued, get your ass to doctor. You’ll probably need some pain medicine. If you had to eat a friend to survive, go see a therapist.

    Do dogs need lotion?

    DW laughed and laughed when Bang asked this one. He had been acting like a puppy while she slathered him with post bath Johnson & Johnson. Long story short, yes, dogs could get lotion. They can get dry skin, too. They can also get poison ivy and get Calamine lotion to relieve the itch. However, if the dry skin isn’t bothering the pooch, it shouldn’t bother you, either. If dry skin is bothering your 6 year old son pretending to be a puppy, put lotion on him.