Sunday Share: Y2W20

I hope all you mothers had a fabulous day. Whether you got breakfast in bed, supper from your significant other, handmade gifts or store bought gifts or gift cards, hope it was all in the name of love.

Today in church when Father asked all the mothers to stand for a blessing, I stood up, too. DW laughed so hard she was crying. She thinks I wasn’t listening, but really I just wanted to show my support for all the moms.

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Sunday Share Week 20: The Mother’s Day Edition

It takes a village to raise a child.

I had my share of mother’s growing up. My own mother who made sacrifices to make sure I got to play sports – baseball, soccer, and in high school, wrestling. Then there we all my friend’s mothers who often times allowed me over for sleepovers and would feed me and make sure my mom knew where I was. Then there were my two mother-in-laws who took me into their family as if I was one of their own.

Then there is DW, the mother of my children. Not only does she keep our kids in line, but she’s taken over keeping me in line, too. Kind of like the passing of the torch.

It takes a village.

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10 Questions I Asked My Kids


I haven’t done this regular post for a few weeks now. I used the excuse of doing the A-Z Challenge to not ask the questions. In reality though, I just didn’t feel like making the connection from the letter of the day to how it fit in. The 10 questions are back! Actually, Bang came looking for me and asked, “Can you ask me questions for your blog?”

Yes. Yes I can.

Can the first question be, “What dreams did you have?”

Yes. Yes it can.

Apparently, he has a dream he wants to share with you…

1. Did you have any dreams last night?

Crash: Nope.
Bang: Yep! We went under the train tunnel and a train came exploding right through and then we RAN past the train tracks and we got on to a piece of wood and watched it go by. It was tipping. The board was tipping and I nearly fell off, but I didn’t fall off. I almost fell off. I think there was a handle there for me to hang on to so I didn’t fall off. And that train was pretty cool.

2. Are you going to get married?

Crash: Yes. To a girl in my class.
Bang: No. Because only girls get married. What does marry mean?
I tell him, “It’s when you love someone and you want to live with them forever”
Oh. I want to marry Crash.

3. Who is God?

Crash: He’s a ghost up in Heaven.
Bang: God is a sheep because he eats lots of stuff and sheeps eat lots of hay. I don’t know what sheeps eat.

4. If Timbit could talk, what would she say?

Crash: Give me more treats! Lets run around! More treats!
Bang: Boo boo head Bang. She would wish she could be super huge.
“How big?” I ask.
“This big!” he says holding his arms fully outstretched.

5. What’s one thing that scares you?

Crash: When someone is hiding and they jump out and scream. That scares me.
Bang: When it’s dark and the doors are closed and the flashing lights are on.
(Translation: He doesn’t like being in the basement and seeing the lights on the wireless router blinking.)

6. Besides tickling, what makes you laugh?

Crash: Funny TV shows like Duggy (on Treehouse)
Bang: Telling jokes.

7. Tell me a joke.

Crash: Knock knock
Who’s there?
Banana who?
You just slipped on a banana!

Bang: Knock knock
Who’s there?
Banana who?
A puppy dog made out of a banana.

8. Are you going to have kids when you grow up? What will you name them?

Crash: Yes. Alex and Ruby.
Bang: Yeah. George and Zandar.

9. What’s your favorite smell?

Crash: Cookies.
Bang: Broccoli and hodogs.

10. What do you know about mom?

Crash: She love you. She want to have Blockus.
Bang: I know that she’s really really fast. She’s a good runner. I love mom the best.


11. What should we get mom for Mother’s Day?

Crash: Make her a card. A surprise party.
Bang: Blockus (a game), a new couch, a love card present, and a cut out blue heart.