The Leibster Award

Shari of Writing is Communication was gracious enough to nominate me for a Liebster Award. I was gracious enough to accept it but not gracious enough to complete it. Until now. April 15 was exactly one month ago so it’s about time I saddle up the horse and ride.

On a side note completely unrelated to the Liebster: it’s currently raining a good spring rain. While there’s no hope of it growing hair on my head, it will grow the seeds in my garden. 

Okay, back to the Liebster. Thanks a million Shari. It’s an honor to be thought of for  an award.


Next up: Answer some questions. 

  1. Do you think that a writer has to be defined by one genre?

Hell yeah! I love Terry Brooks’s fantasy novels. If I were to buy a Terry Brooks book I expect it to be fantasy/sci-fi. It would be like buying a can of corn and opening it up and finding it filled with brussels sprouts. However, as an author I would want to be free to write whatever genre I want. Historical fiction today, thriller tomorrow, and romantic comedy the day after that. In conclusion, I shouldn’t be defined by one genre but my favorite authors should be.

2. What is your favourite writing topic?

I’ll have to go with my blog topic on this one, parenting and kids. Sometimes it’s about what to do. Sometimes it’s an example of what not to do. Most of the time my kids are great, but sometimes they can be assholes. I like to write about both.

3. Do you have a book that you recommend to other readers on a regular occasion? What and why?

For kids I always ask if they’ve read “The Book With No Pictures”. It’s the perfect read aloud book sure to have every laughing so hard the tears will run down your leg. To normal adults I always recommend “The Book Thief” by Markus Suzak. I’ve mentioned it several times on my blog, too.

4. Book version or movie version?

Really? The book is always better, isn’t it? Have you ever watched a movie that was better than the book?

5. If I gave you the word “vellichor” as a writing jump off point where might you jump?

I would jump into a story about a kid who accidentally wanders into the world’s oldest bookstore and finds a portal to a world where they become supreme ruler.

6. What would be your dream setting to write in?

I think I would love to be in a log cabin deep in the rainforest away from civilization. Of course, I’d be by myself because DW’s dream spot is on the beach. I bet there’s somewhere in the world that has a rainforest next door to a beach so we don’t have to divorce.

7. What is your favourite season?


8. Who is your favourite villain? Why?

My kids are 2 of them. They’re always out to get me. I don’t know if she counts as a villain or not, but I’m going to name Dolores Umbridge. God, I hated that woman. She was so well written and so easy to hate. She created some outstanding obstacles for the trioo.

9. Who is your favourite hero? Why?

I’m not sure she’s the hero, but she is the protagonist of her story. Liesle Meminger. She learns to read, hides a Jew, cheats death, and steals books. I think that makes her a hero in my book.

10. What does writing mean to you?

Writing means I get to be creative. I get to try to make people laugh with my weird sense of humor. It also means this stupid little blog gets to connect with people around the world.

11. How would you respond to this quote from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, “If you don’t know where you are going any road h take you there”.

Hell yeah! I would respond with “Not all who wander are lost.” The license plate of our first car was “GET OUT”. Now go explore, see what’s around that next bend, and discover something new.

Now to nominate a few blogger friends from around the world…

1. A Momma’s View
2. Dorky Mom Doodles
3. Snoozing On the Sofa

Feel free to participate, or not. The choice is yours. If you participate, don’t forget to nominate a few or more!

For the three I nominated, here are my 11 questions for you.

  1. What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it?
  2. If you became a travel blogger where would you go first?
  3. Which antagonist is easiest for you to hate?
  4. Do you have a favorite board game?
  5. Which fictional character would like to have a lunch date with?
  6. Assuming you live through the book’s entirety, which book would you not mind finding yourself within?
  7. Spring rain or winter snow?
  8. You’ve been invited to do a TED talk. What are you going to talk about?
  9. What song/artist do you consistently listen to?
  10. What’s one of your favorite quotes?

Now give your nominations some questions to answer and thanks for playing along!



The Liebstering Liebsters…

Liebster: German for dearest, darling, liked or loved above all others.

So you can imagine my surprise when my little space was nominated for this award from across the globe. Here I am just writing some random thoughts for The World to read if they want. Then someone comes along and says “Hey, darling. I love what you write. Have this award.”

Maybe not in those words, exactly.

But I’m equally honored. A Momma’s View had me listed with other blogs that I read, too. Blogs that my blog look up to as if they were an older, wiser sibling. As if my blog were just a toddling toddler. I suppose it’s equivalent to someone dreaming then finding themselves playing next to those who they have pinned on their bedroom wall.

The rules state that I need to thank the person who nominated me. I did, and I thank you again! Then I need to answer some questions, give some facts, nominate some others and give them some questions to answer. So here goes with the questions given to me…


    All the moments of my life have led me to writing this, just as every moment of your life has led you to reading this. If we remove one of those moments, what would happen to the others? Would the butterfly effect change them all? If that’s the case, I’d remove none. I like where I am. If removing one didn’t alter the rest though, I’d remove the day I got my head stuck in a cinder block. 38 years later and I still haven’t lived that one down…


    Just one? I think one is Hermione from the Harry Potter series. No, not because it’s Emma Watson. I liked her before the movies ever came out. Hermione is smart, works hard, and is a loyal friend. More importantly, she knows when she needs to break the rules. J.K. Rowling did a fantastic job writing her character. If it weren’t for her, chances are good Harry wouldn’t have defeated You-Know-Who. My other favorite is Liesel Meminger from The Book Thief. Liesel loves books (as the title infers) and while everyone else in WWII German is stealing food, she is stealing books. She learns to read and then learns the power of words.


    If I got to take all my family with me, we’d move to Hawaii where there is lots of hiking and lots of water. My Dad’s sister lives in Belize so perhaps that would be fun, too. The Caribbean out the front door and Mayan ruins out the back. Again, lots of hiking and lots of water. Notice a theme? I’m part camel, part fish. A camish.


    I love to cook. I think my go to dish is that quick and easy one we call hamburger slop. It’s just burger, a packet of brown gravy, smashed potatoes and a can of corn. My favorite dish to cook though is lasagna soup.


    Wow. That’s a hard one. I think I would change lives with an astronaut. I would love to spend 6 months on the ISS. Mom always called me a space cadet, anyway…


    I would never change my hair style. It’s easy to manage. No bedhead.


    I would tell my younger self to study harder and stay on track.


    Nope. There would be so much I miss. Birthdays and graduations and vacations… Like Van Halen sang, Right Now.


    I pick strength. I don’t want to know what everyone else is thinking.


    DW, for tolerating me. My parents, for making me who I am even though sometimes it probably didn’t seem like it was working. My brother, for all his tours serving our country overseas. All my teachers, too.


    I would want people to know that in groups, I’m quiet and listening. If you’re patient, I’ll jump into the conversation when I’m ready.

Next step: 11 “interesting” facts about myself…

1. I’m an extroverted introvert
2. I have the smartest, most beautifulest wifey ever. Sorry guys.
3. I’m good at sucking up.
4. If I had a super power it would be the ability to talk to animals.
5. I once went sledding off my neighbors garage roof.
6. I have an idea for a children’s book. I just haven’t written it, yet.
7. I co-wrote a children’s book that we haven’t published yet. It has been turned down by a dozen publishers, though.
8. Crash learned to play Hot Cross Buns on his recorder. I want to stab my ear drums and now understand how my parents must have felt when I was learning to play the trumpet when I was his age.
9. I sound like I’m eating sandwiches in my sleep. I smack my lips like I’m chewing. I’ve never heard it so they could be lying, but I doubt it.
10. I grew up an Orioles fan and am still an Orioles fan.
11. I can roll my tongue and I can flip it both directions.

Now to nominate 11 bloggers. I know some of you might not accept rainbows up the arse these nomination awards, so consider this a virtual high five. A proverbial tip of the hat for doing what you do…

Ipuna Black whom I just discovered
Dorky Mom Doodles
Niki’s Thoughts
Welcome to the Nursery
Fatty McCupcakes
Grubbs n Critters
J.A. Allen
A Nene’s Life

Meh… close enough…

Here are your questions should you choose to accept…

  1. How do you re-energize?
  2. What yearly salary would you consider “living comfortably”?
  3. If you met Mother Theresa, what would you ask her?
  4. What ice cream flavor do you think your personality is like?
  5. If your car had a super power, what super power would you like it to have?
  6. Do you have a plan for your blog for the long run? 
  7. Is there a word you avoid using? A word you don’t like?
  8. Do you have a favorite word?
  9. If we communicated by playing musical instruments, what instrument would you communicate with?
  10. Is there a time when something didn’t turn out the way it was supposed to, but in the end you were glad that it didn’t?
  11. What’s the best piece of advice you would give a new blogger?

      Mystery Blogger Award

      Thank you A Momma’s View for this award nomination. I’m honored. I’m flattered. I’m a mystery.

      A big shout out goes to the creator of this award, Okoto Enigma, who came up with a really nice way of showing appreciation to other bloggers.

      So let’s tackle it 😉

      The rules:

      • Display award on blog
      • List rules
      • Mention creator of the award & provide link
      • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link
      • Say three things about yourself
      • Nominate 10 to 20 other bloggers
      • Notify nominees by commenting on their blog
      • Answer five questions from your nominee
      • Write five questions for your nominees to answer
      • Share your best post

      Three things about me:

      I’m stronger than I look. I’m faster than I look. I’m almost as smart as I look.

      The bloggers I would like to nominate are:

      Ah Dad

      Coach Daddy

      Grubbs n Critters

      That’s What Anxious Mom Said

      Green Grapes

      Dramatic Momologue

      Who’s My Favorite Today?

      I know that I have not nominated 10 bloggers or more but those are who easily came to mind. Please pay them a visit and check them out. They are sure worth it 

      5 questions for me:

      • What is the dream you most want to achieve?

      Survive my kids and grow old with DW. 

      • If you’ve ever been in love, what was it like? If you’ve had your first kiss, what was it like? If not, what is your favorite dessert?

      Being in love is like eating your favorite food while watching your favorite movie and washing it down with your favorite drink. My first kiss with DW was like that first piece of candy cane white chocolate Lindor truffle at Christmas time. My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie with a bucket of Cool Whip on top.

      • What do you do when no one’s watching? 

      I play the boys’ Nintendo DS (Mario Maker or Mario Kart 7). I sneak chocolate. I might pick my nose and scratch my butt.

      • What is a really embarrassing moment you’ve had?

      I can’t list just one as they’re have been many. I got my head stuck in a cinder block when I was two. Though that’s more embarrassing today than it was 38 years ago. My car started acting funny. I barely got it home and told my dad. He took a look at it and told me I ran out of gas.

      • What book that was assigned to you to read by a teacher did you most enjoy reading?

      Flowers for Algernon. I read it in high school and enjoyed it. I read it again a couple years ago and enjoyed it even more. 

      I actually liked the questions and would love for my nominees to answer the same questions as well.

      My favorite post to write was Life Before and After Kids. My most viewed post is The Value of A Teacher.

      The Mystery Blogger Award


      It may be a “Mystery Blogger Award” but my nominator certainly is no mystery. Thanks, A Momma’s View for the nomination.

      Okoto Enigma writes, “Mystery Blogger Award” is an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts.  Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates.  They are one of the best out there and they deserve every recognition they get.  This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging and they do it with so much love and passion. 

      To think that someone else thinks I’m an amazing blogger with ingenious posts which captivates, inspires, and motivates simply leaves me speechless. As for finding fun and inspiration… that’s easy considering the two, wild subjects who often find themselves at the source of this blog of mine. I can’t imagine what you would be reading about if it weren’t for those two.

      Rules For The Nominees:

      • Display the award logo on your blog.
      • List the Rules.
      • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
      • Mention the creator of the award and provide a link as well.
      • Tell your readers three things about yourself. See below
      • Answer five questions from the nominee. See below below
      • Nominate anywhere from ten to twenty bloggers. I’ll try! It’ll be below below below
      • Notify the bloggers by leaving a comment on their blog. Got it. Below x 4…
      • Ask your nominees any five questions of your choice, including one weird or funny question. okilydokily
      • Share the link to your best post. easy peasy

      3 things about me

      1. I can touch my nose with my tongue
      2. I can juggle 3 objects but not 4
      3. I used to play the tumpet

      5 Questions

      1. Would you jump in front of a bus for a complete stranger?

      Perhaps? Maybe? Depends really. I suppose if I’m being really honest with myself I would, but only if I can get myself out of the way as well. I’m not sure I could take the hit for a complete stranger. I do have my own life, wife, kids, and family, too.

      2. If a neighbor was a hoarder and lived in unsafe and unhealthy conditions, would you ignore it or take action?  If you did, what would it be?

      I probably wouldn’t. Like Momma said, hording is an addiction, a mental disorder. Would attempt to get them the help they need? Yes. First I would attempt to get them to see that how they’re is unhealthy. If they refused my help I would attempt the help with a professional. Perhaps an addictions expert. Would I attempt to clean their house? Most definitely not. I don’t even like cleaning my own house. I suppose if they refused to accept any help I would eventually just end up moving.

      3. If you could go back in time and change one day in your life, which day would it be and why?

      I’m not going for the butterfly effect here. If I were to go change one day, only that day would change, not all the days after it. However, one decision I would change would be decision not to attend my grandfather’s funeral. I was in university when he passed. Back then, death was still foreign and scary. Really, it still is, but I can face it now. I’m older and wiser now. I should have been there.

      4. What is your favorite word?

      Really. I know, really? It has all the functionality of that F word. (I like that one, too. I just use it much) You can imply “WTF” with a well intoned “really?”. Or it could mean, “OMG” with a different intonation. Or you use it consecutively you can express your love. Because I really really like you. Really?

      5. The weird question:  If you knew you could get away with it, would you rob a bank?

      Are we talking about stealing a buck 50 or millions? For millions, I would. I’d be all over it. Banks are insured. They’ll get their money back. I’d share the wealth, though. Family, friends, charities. I definitely would keep my big mouth shut about it. The money would just mysteriously appear and only I would know of its existence. Of course, it would probably erode my guilty conscience until I snapped.

      My favorite post

      I like what Momma’s View said about not having yet written her best post. I hope I haven’t my best yet. But my best so far? That would be this one, The Value of a Teacher. But I had the most fun writing Life Before and After Kids.

      My nominations

      I know some of you don’t do the awards and nomination thing. Too bad, I’m nominating you anyway because I think you deserve the recognition for writing such spectacular blogs. If you don’t accept, that’s fully okay. Consider this your virtual high five, smack on the ass, fist pound.

      Grubbs n Critters
      Anxious Mom
      Coach Daddy
      Ah Dad
      Not the Average Mama
      Green Grapes
      Mirror and Soul
      Harsh Reality
      Return of the Modern Philosopher
      Niki’s Thoughts

      Your 5 questions

      1. What is your best trait?
      2. What would you do if you won the lottery?
      3. You see a car veer off a bridge. Do you jump in the water to rescue the driver?
      4. What is your blog mostly about?
      5. Ben and Jerry want to make an ice cream flavor in your honor. What do you taste like?

      Thanks again, for nominating me for this award! I’ve never gotten this one before. This gives me an extra day to put together the post about our skating trip and DW getting kicked off the ice.


      Walking on Sunshine

      Thanks to BookishMomma at My Crazy Beautiful Life for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. The recognition is surely uplifting.

      She has asked me a few questions…

      What inspired me to start blogging?
      I’ve pondered this several times. Other than the fact that I enjoy writing, I’m not really sure why I started. I chose to write mostly about parenting, though, because that’s what I know best (other than Star Wars, cooking, running, and frustrating my wife and kids).

      What is your favorite season?
      Hands down, without a doubt, fall is my favorite. Warm days. Cold nights. Thankgivings (I celebrate two here in Canada because I’m American). Pumpkin pie. Back to school. Bouquets of sharpened pencils…

      What has been the best part of your summer?
      The beaches and watching my boys play baseball. They learned so much this summer! The youngest went from not wanting to get his head wet to jumping off the wharf! The oldest went from throwing with the accuracy of a Stormtrooper to pitching!

      What is your favorite book?
      My favorite book is “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. I’m also a big fan of “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and “There Were Monkeys in My Kitchen” by Sheree Fitch.

      What are 3 things in nature that I find most beautiful?
      Awesome question. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked this one before… I think  waterfalls, fall foliage and wild animals who allow us to watch them from a safe distance are the three most beautiful things in Nature.  Unless DW is in nature, then she’s the most beautifulest thing of all.

      What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

      DQ has a Blizzard that I really like… Mint Oreo. Mint ice cream with chunks of cookie. MmmmmMint_Oreo_Blizzard

      What is your favorite food?
      Lasagna is definitely one of my favorites. It has become my birthday supper. For something easier a PBJ or gilled cheese can’t be beaten. I dress up my grilled cheese by adding ham and turkey (I make it a Monte Cristo).

      Pepsi or Mt. Dew?
      Anyone who reads this blog knows I prefer Coke. Speaking of which I haven’t had one for two days! Go me. I’ll try not to have one today, too.

      If I could live anywhere in the world where would I live?

      I’m loving it where I am now, but I also want to live in Maryland. I’m currently 1100 miles from my parents (I moved, they didn’t).

      If I could meet a past president which would would I choose (dead or alive)?
      I think I’d want to meet Lincoln. He proved his ingenuity and courage and fortitude during the American Civil War. I haven’t a clue what we’d discuss, but it would be amazing to meet him.

      I’m not feeling like I should single any one blogger out for this award. All the blogs I read deserve it. If it’s a slow news day, consider this is your nomination!


      1. The best thing to put on the BBQ?
      2. One book a child of yours wants read over and over…
      3. Play any instruments?
      4. Any pet peeves?
      5. What shows should I tune into this fall?


      1. Thank the blogger for the nomination
      2. Answer the questions
      3. Nominate some other blogger
      4. Write some questions
      5. Notify them somehow.

      Since today is “you-less” for the Taboo Challenge, I know need to go back and reword this! There… changed 9 of them. DW wouldn’t be surprised that I just forgot my own challenge. And speaking of Sunshine, the sun is shining, the yard needs mowing, Fitbit needs to go for a walk… Peace out.


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      Liebstering It!

      I completely missed Friday’s “Go Ask Your Father” post. I got this idea in my head and I ran with it and it had nothing to do with blogging. I had decided I wanted to see how many steps I could get in one day. I set my goal at 40,000. My previous record was 32,000. I documented my trip using my GoPro. I’ll post it at the bottom.

      Thanks to fellow Nova Scotian, Momantics, for nominating me for a Liebster Award. It was her first time receiving the award and undoubtedly it won’t be her last. Check her out! I’m honored to be one of her 5 nominations…

      So here’s how it works!

      1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you. It’s the least you can do! (see above)

      2. Share 11 random facts about yourself. (see directly below)

      3. Answer the 11 questions given to you by the Blogger who nominated you.(see further below)

      4. Nominate 5-11 Bloggers who you love and let them know you’ve nominated them.

      5. Come up with 11 questions to ask the Bloggers you have nominated.

      11 Facts About Myself

      1. I want another tatoo for my kids.
      2. I’ve got a sweet tooth the size of Hershey Park
      3. I love Curious George.
      4. I still don’t know if “Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie.
      5. I’m hoping Grace Vanderwall wins America’s Got Talent.
      6. I want to run the American Ninja Warrior course.
      7. DW is my best friend.
      8. I like helping others.
      9. 9 is my favorite/lucky number. It’s also DW’s. It was also Crash’s number on his baseball team.
      10. I like bending rules.


      Are you a night owl or early to bed?

      Right now I’m a bit of both. I’m up early (if 6 am counts as early) to start packing lunches and getting breakfast and getting everyone ready to head out the door in time for school. I also enjoy the quiet time after the kids go to bed. 11 pm seems to have become my bedtime. Sometimes a bit later.

      EBooks, paperbacks or magazines?

      All of the above. I’m kind of slutty in my reading material. I’ll read anything.

      Are you a social media junkie?

      Nope. Well I don’t think I am. I blog and Facebook and tweet and just recently started making YouTube videos. I don’t really spend any amount on any of it though. Perhaps more than I should, but the house hasn’t fallen down yet, so I’m still okay for now.

      The farthest place you’ve ever traveled?

      I’ve been down to Costa Rica to backpack around for two weeks. It was amazing. I’ve also been north/west to Calgary, Alberta to visit one of DW’s cousins.

      Fall or Summer?

      Fall, totally.

      Do you still hand wash dishes or do you use a dishwasher?

      Both. We have a dishwasher but we only use it for dishes (gee go figure). The pots and pans still get washed by hand.


      I’ve got two. A wolf on my leg and green tree frog on back, right shoulder. The wolf represents family the frog is for DW because a green tree frog stuffie was the first present I gave DW the first time I met her in real life (We met online)

      Coffee or tea?

      Coke! (tea is fine, though)

      Marriage before kids or is that old school?

      Old school, myself. If others aren’t old school, I’m okay with that.

      Cold pizza for breakfast or am I the only weirdo?

      Pizza is great for breakfast. Just nuke it first. I don’t like cold pizza or cold pasta.

      How do you like your eggs?

      In my belly. Fried, over easy, over hard. Scrambled. Hard boiled is okay, but I’d rather them fried then put on a toasted everything bagel with a slice of cheddar and some bacon.

      My Questions
      Would you go skydiving?
      Would you consider “roughing it” sleeping in a tent or going without cell phone service?
      What your dream car to drive?
      Traveling to which country would put you farthest outside of your comfort zone?
      If I were to come visit your town, what should I visit first?

      My Nominations
      Keen Life Blog
      A Rum Kind of Mum
      Homemakers United
      Riddle from the Middle

      Black Cat, Blue Sea Award

      If you check out the blog  A Momma’s View you’ll find it’s part mom blog, part homeschooling blog, part, ex-pat blog, part fun facts blog, and entirely a great place to go for a great read. She was nominated for this Black Cat, Blue Sea Award by Simon from the blog “Planet Simon”. She passed the award on to just five bloggers. I am honored to be one of them. When I first start blogging, I never dreamed there would be awards and nominations and that I would be receiving them. I’m just a guy who likes to write.


      To the rules…

      • Thank the blogger who nominated you. See above
      • Nominate up to seven other bloggers. See way below
      • Answer three questions. Okie dokie
      • Ask three questions to your nominees. Will do

      The 3 Questions I was asked… 

      If you could change one thing from the past what would it be?

      There are a number of things I’d like to change. One thing is the relationship I have/had with my brother. I wish we had be been closer, done more together. Now that he’s in South Korea with his family and I’m in Canada with mine it’s even tougher to keep in touch and stay close. Fortunately, there’s Facebook to keep us up to date on what’s going on. Still… it’s not quite the same as being next door.

      What would the title to a movie about your life be?

      Forest Gump, maybe. But that title’s already taken. The Teachings of a Wayward Boy.

      What was the best gift you’ve ever received?

      Can children be a gift? As frustrating as mine can be, they are the best gift. Best physical gift? Would have to be the most recent two, though they are both electronic: the tablet I’m currently blogging on and the GoPro I’ve been having fun creating videos for YouTube (always looking for more subscribers 😀 )

      My nominations…

      Anxious Mom
      Not The Average Mama
      My Crazy Beautiful Life

      My 3 Questions…

      1. What’s your favorite Disney movie and why?
      2. What are some of the names you wanted to name your kid(s) that your significant other said no to.
      3. Which band would you want to have create the soundtrack to your life?


      Going Liebster

      Thanks to Tiffany over at Sounds Like Life to Me for nominating me for the Liebster Award. High fives all around!

      According to Eli,

      It’s a little known fact that the Liebster originated in 1901, the brainchild of one American philosopher Anna Brackett, inspired by a lost text from the Book of Matthew, recently found buried in a time capsule found in Haverhill, N.H., during the Chowder Festival.

      Sounds about right to me. Though, like Yoda, no one knows its true origins.

      So the rules of acceptance are to share 11 mysterious things you may or may not already know about me. Followed by 11 more questions asked by my friend Tiffany. Followed by my own nominations in which I provide 11 of my own questions.

      11 things about me

      1. I used to hate mayonnaise and apple pie. Now I don’t mind a little mayo and I love apple pie.
      2. I’m an extroverted introvert.
      3. I enjoy cooking and my cooking enjoys music.
      4. My kids don’t think I’m all that funny.
      5. I’m not a gym teacher, but all the gym teachers think I am.
      6. I’m an Orioles fan living in Blue Jay territory. I’ve lost one son to the Jays.
      7. Nothing is quite as much fun as a giant box, empty wrapping paper tube and bubble wrap. Having the trifecta would be more fun than one person could have alone.
      8. When I drink Gatorade after a run I drink blue Gatorade.
      9. I’ve been playing the guitar for 15 years but still can’t play a whole song.
      10. I dig holes just so I can fill them in again.
      11. I wrote a whole post on stuff about me.

      Now on to the question portion…

      1. Furthest place you have visited? The furthest north and west I’ve been is Calgary. The furthest south is Costa Rica.
      2. What are some of your best memories? Wedding day and the birth of my two boys. Growing up I loved 4th of July trips to Harpers Ferry with my mom, dad, and brother and playing sport in high school. 
      3. Dumbest thing you have ever done? Put my head in a cinder block. Went to a concert but left the tickets on the fridge. Tried to fly to Nova Scotia without my birth certificate (before the days of having to have a passport) Sledded off the neighbor’s garage roof. Rode my bike to the park and walked home. I could go on and on…
      4. What has been your best job?  I loved working as Agricultural Scout. I got to be outside all summer. But I LOVE teaching.
      5. Name your favorite movie soundtrack. Last of the Mohicans.

      6. Tell us just ONE of your biggest pet peeves. Littering
      7. If you could go back in time, would you? That would depend on how far. Maybe?
      8. Do you sing in the car like no one is watching when that one song comes on? I do. I sing like no one is watching when it’s just the kids listen. One yells at me to stop.
      9. Last time you sent a handwritten thank you note? Does the note I wrote about today in school count? I wrote to tell the teacher how the day went and thanked her for her detailed lesson plan. If it doesn’t count, then it’s been a hundred years give or take.
      10. What is your favorite thing to do first thing in morning? Eat. And check email.
      11. What inspires you? Nike commercials. DW and the kids are really good at inspiring me to do stuff.  Like cook supper.

      Now to nominate some others. As always this is strictly a shout out because I enjoy your blog. HIGH FIVE, BRO! If you don’t want to partake, that’s cool. I’ll still enjoy your blog.

      Admissions of A Working Mother
      SuperMom Mentality
      Anxious Mom

      If you feel so inclined, here are my eleven questions for you.

      1. Who is your favorite actor/actress.
      2. How many hours of sleep do you get each night?
      3. What’s something that your kids do to drive you crazy, but doesn’t make you angry?
      4. Have you ever embarrassed yourself?
      5. What’s your favorite meal to cook?
      6. Which flavor of ice cream is most like your personality? Why?
      7. What’s one of your kid’s shows that you don’t mind watching over and over?
      8. If you take a week long vacation without kids to anywhere in your own country, where would you go?
      9. Have you ever been pulled over by a police officer? Why?
      10. You’re life now has a soundtrack. What’s its title?
      11. Are you more hunter or gatherer?

      If I didn’t name you personally but you want to participate, fill yer boots! Like Cards Against Humanity, all are welcome to play along.

      Thanks again to Tiffany! Hop on over to see her. Her oldest is graduating high school!


      Monday’s Music & Words Award #Music #MWA

      Thanks Tiffany of “Sounds Like Life to Me” for this unique award nomination. This award is slightly different from the others I’ve accepted. This one has to do with music. Don’t worry, you won’t hear me sing, or play the violin. I can’t do either. I’m too tone deaf. However, I can strum a few chords on the guitar. Plus, this award gives me something to write about other than what I want to save for the A-Z Challenge that starts on Friday.


      As with most awards, there are rules to follow. I’ll attempt to abide by them.

      1. Link back to the person who nominated you – Done

      2. Answer these questions with words AND music: See below

      3. Pass the award to 5 bloggers who inspire you with posts about music. See below below

      4. Tag your post with #MWA, for Music&Words Award so that we can all find you down the line. Done

      5. Quote these 5 steps and the award icon in your post. You can display the icon on your sidebar as well. Done


      Do I listen to music to put me in a certain mood or do I listen to music based on the mood I’m already in? The latter. Fortunately, there are so many kinds of music that I always find something I want to listen to. Whether it’s the Celtic fiddle in Mull River Shuffle or the driving guitar and drums of the Stanfields or the old stuff like Zeppelin and Dylan and Tull or even classical. Yes, Beethoven and Mozart and Handel or Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman.


      The first one I can remember dates back to 4th grade. My parents either bought me a trumpet or borrowed one (I can’t remember that part). I took some lessons, practiced on my own and joined the elementary school band. Normally kids weren’t allowed to join until 5th grade so I got in a year early. I played until 7th grade.

      However, my first music memory of music not created by me was my first concert. Lynyrd Skynyrd circa ’93 with my parents. I loved it. My second concert happened a few years later (’04 perhaps) when DW and I went with my parents to see Great Big Sea. I didn’t get to many concerts.


      Good lord. I have no idea what I bought. That was a long time ago. I remember buying an “AC/DC Live” cassette that got wrecked and I had to buy it again.


      The most recent was one I got because Crash said he liked it. Shaggy ft. Pitbull “Only Love”. I also got the new Walk off the Earth album, Zedd’s “Beautiful Now”, X Ambassador’s “Renegades”, and Andy Grammer’s “Good to Be Alive” all thanks to an iTunes gift card.


      Unfortunately, it’s not a guilty pleasure. It’s not even a pleasure. It’s a song Crash and Bang like thanks to the YouTube. They’ve been listening to song parodies. The exception is that the songs are all about Minecraft. The latest fave is “Friends with a Creeper” (instead of Eminem and Rihanna’s “Friends with a Monster”. There’s a whole playlist on our cell phone of such songs.

      Otherwise it was probably something from the ’90s like Verve, No Doubt, Nirvana, or Barenaked Ladies.

      Lastly, those I know who can inspire us more with music and words are:

      Erika Kind who has her “Song of the Day” when I either find something we have in common or discover a new to me artist.

      I Could Be Batman who I believe is a Weezer fan (not Hanson)


      Epic Awesome

      Epic Awesomeness! How epically awesome is it for Ann to be so very kind to nominate me for an epically awesome award?

      The rules for this award are actually pretty simple. Like me. Simply awesome! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

        1. I know you are Awesome, tell us why.
        2. You are my friends and tell us about others.
        3. Be creative. It’s alright if you can’t be.
        4. I give no questions to be fully answered but let yourself go here. Thank you.


      1. I am awesome. I played the trumpet in my school band for 4 years, so I know how to toot my horn.  I can toot. But that’s not my claim to fame. I don’t really have a claim to fame. I do have 263 WordPress followers. Thank you to all of you. Obviously, without you, this award would not be possible. To all of the students I teach, who call out “Hi, Mr. Wood!” when I’m out and about. To all those who refer to DW as “Mr. Wood’s wife” even though she’s the one who has lived here her whole life. Of course I’m awesome. Kids love me. I play with them in gym class. I sing with them in music class. I teach them in the classroom.

        But more importantly, I’m a dad. Is there anything more awesome than that? There is actually. One day (in like 20 years)(which is the same distance forward as my high school graduation is backward) I’ll be Pop Pop. If I’m lucky I’ll be a Pop Pop Grumpy frog. I’ll tell that story on April 24th. But for now, I’m Dad. Superdad, sometimes. I sure as hell ain’t no Mary Poppins. More like Skeeter Bronson from Bedtime Stories.

        Thank you Ann @ Grubbs n Critters for nominating for this awesome award.

      2. Who else do I find awesome? Plenty. Some of them accept the awards and the others don’t. That’s okay. This is my high five to them.

      True North Nomad
      It’s Good To Be Crazy Sometimes
      Who’s My Favorite Today?
      Secret Diary of a Computer Science Student
      His Girl Friday
      Sounds Like Life To Me

      Again. Thanks for thinking I’m awesome.

      And with a little touch up, it becomes…

      Epic Awesomeness

      That’s better.

      There’s Epic Awesomeness. Then there’s Eric Awesomeness. The next level of ordinary.