Is it Zee or Zed?

ZHere in Canada, it’s zed. However, being the American I am, I’ve taught the kids to say zee.

It’s the final letter in the challenge. I made it through the April challenge without missing a single letter. Granted, I did miss two days which I made up for the following day. But I did it. The last month has been dedicated to Crash and Bang and life with these two creatures. In a sense, and it’s said nearly as often as “OMG“. This place is a zoo!  That’s right, today I’m writing about the zoo our house is at times. I know this makes DW and I the zoo keepers. But, just as we feed the animals, we also play with them. 
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Y is for…


Only one letter to go! We’re at the end of April, already? Geez. Doesn’t feel that long ago I signed up for this challenge and now it’s about over. Like the saying goes, time’s fun when you’re having flies.

Y. What’s it’s for? Today it’s for yard. We live in town, yet we have a nice big backyard to play in. And play in it we do! Year round (ooh, another Y word!) Continue reading


XCrash has been nicknamed Crash for a reason. However, only once has his name sake required an X-Ray from one of his crashes. A couple months before his second birthday we were visiting my parents. What was at one time my bedroom, another time it was my brother’s room was, at the time of our visit, a weight room. Curious Crash went in unsupervised because we were busy packing up to head back home. All was quiet until he screamed…
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W in 10 Easy Steps.

WW is for water. Kids love water. Especially bath time. Below you will find how to bath kids in just 10 easy steps.

When I titled this “How to Bathe Otters” what I really meant was Shamu. I would get less wet. Actually, what I really meant was “How to Bathe Two Otters Kids∗ at the Same Time”.
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U is for… V is for… (a 2 for 1)

UUni-kitty?Sure, why not. Crash and Bang love the Lego Movie unikittyas much as they love Legos. I asked Crash, “What’s U for?” He knows I’ve been writing about he and his brother using the alphabet. Uni-Kitty was his idea. So I countered with “ugly”. He laughed. He responded with, “Yeah, like you and that stinkin’ troll.” (We just finished reading Harry Potter). We both laughed at that one. He’s getting good with his come-backs! 😀

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T is for…


Trucks: pick-up, transport, garbage, recycling, tow, cement, dump, fire, poop waste disposal, monster, etc… Trains. Tractors. Tricycles. Tires. Anything with tires, treads or tracks. Race cars, planes, excavators, bulldozers. If it has wheels our boys love it.

They always have, too. It’s not that we pushed them towards that stuff. They chose it. They have a doll named Sweet Baby they play with on occasion, but it’s the trucks and trains they are attracted to the most. They play with their kitchen set sometimes. However, it’s the shopping cart they prefer. Well, here. Let me show what you might get to play should you stop by for a visit…

Just a hint at the number of things with wheels.

Just a hint at the number of things with wheels.

That green recycling truck is Bang’s favorite. For about a month after he received it, no one was allowed to touch it. Not even if we asked nicely. Even now it’s iffy.

They find the real ones even better, of course. At the bus stop, Bang loves to see the log haulers, transfer trucks and the cements trucks go by on the highway. He can watch excavators and backhoe loaders for hours. He is best friends with the garbage men. Though he doesn’t like to get to close to the trucks because they’re too loud. (Ironically enough, he also doesn’t like silence).

The other “truck game” he likes to play involves a front loader and dump truck. Use the loader to pick up blocks, drive up a ramp and dump the load into the dump truck. We continue this until the dump truck is full. The dump truck dumps it’s load and we start all over. Speaking of which… it’s now time to go play!

Through the Telescope


PHOTO PROMPT – © Douglas M. MacIlroy

“Sir, you might want to see this.”

The senior astronomer at the FMT (Field of Many Telescopes) peered through the eyepiece. “Huh. Can you get into focus?”

“I’ve tried, sir. This is as good as it gets. That’s not a meteor headed for Earth is it?”

“Can’t be. It’s moving too erratically.”

Then the fly buzzed off leaving the two men dumbfounded.

This is a story in 100 words or fewer (this one happens to be exactly 100) for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle-Wisoff-Fields based on the photo above. Click the blue frog to read more stories inspired by this photo!

S is for…


Family photo. Well, technically, it’s a family of stuffies, not people. Like Linus’s blanket, our stuffies are more than just inanimate animals. It’s a regular zoo… Where else will a rabbit, a panda bear, a monkey and penguin be BFFs? I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again; should anything happen to our house, after making sure everyone is safe I’ll be saving these four stuffies (and the external hard drive).  Continue reading

R is for…

RI think we’ll all agree on this one. Or at least we better. Otherwise we just might not be friends any more. Of course, R is for running. I’m at mile 241 of a 1,000 mile challenge. But that’s not what R is for today. I asked Crash was R is for. His first word was rascal. Yes, definitely. They are rascals for sure. Perhaps I should introduce them to the “Little Rascals”? But they really don’t need the extra encouragement. Today, I’m acting the proper teacher parent. Continue reading