The March of Time

    Nothing conveys how fast time actually passes
    like watching your kids grow.
     People who haven’t seen our wildlings for a time always comment on how big/old they are getting. While I haven’t actually noticed or thought about it, they have. Once upon a time Crash was just a baby. That was over 7 years ago! And Bang is now 3!  The door frame has charted their growth for 3 years now. A distinct visualization of growth spurts and the continuous march of time. Once upon a time, Crash went to playgroup on Thursday mornings. Now, he’s in second grade and mastering school and the art of arguing with his parents. Bang, used to be the baby of playgroup. Now he’s the big kid there. Being 3, he’s simply mastering the temper tantrum and the art of throwing it. Soon enough (but not nearly soon enough) he’ll be four and eventually (hopefully) grow out of this phase and into another.  Growth charts on the door frame, report cards from school, shoes too small, pants not long enough, and shirts too tight are constant reminders of the slow march of time.Oh, another constant reminder? The Christmas countdown chain getting smaller every morning. HO HO HO!