Sunday Share Week 6

Wow. What a response! Thanks to all those who replied to the Sunday Share post I posted on Thursday. Normally on Sundays I share posts from bloggers I follow or blogs I have read and thought you should, too. This time I asked you to share with me so I could share it with others. I usually share five. Today you get 14! It’s kind of like a meet and greet, except you don’t have to do anything but mingle. Go check out some of these posts and I guarantee you’ll find some new follows. We all win!

Happy Reading!

Moms Ranting
How to take a hiatus from social media

Invisible Illness
On lucid dreams…

Curious Hart
On the structure of text…

Humor Columnist Blog
A blond and a catfish…

A Momma’s View
Stop eroding yourself…

Grubbs n Critters
Join this recipe showdown!

The Only Sup
What would happen if…

Thunder When It Rains

Nocturnal Mom Talks
The best of friendships…

Four Acorns
Kids who experience nature…

Super Mommy of Twins
Being beautiful…

Confessions of a Reborn Girl
The power of positive thinking…

Not the Average Mama
The power of essential oil…

Ethan n Evelyn
Blogging hosts picking their favorite posts…


Sunday Share, the First Week of 2017

We’re a week into the newest year so I’ll stop wishing everyone a happy new year. It’s getting old. I hope the first week of the new year has been kind to everyone. We just lots of snow, in case you hadn’t heard yet. 4 inches on Friday. 8 more inches last night. Now I’ve got my “lodge socks” on and and chillin’ out with dee-dubya (pronounced “DW”) and a few good reads.

What am I reading? Light Between Oceans and these blogs…

Sane Teachers
Teacher watching…

Truthful Parenthood
A few parenting laughs…

The Opinionated Dad
When the kid is quiet…

Harsh Reality
On Blogging….

Mom’s Ranting
More gems than one kid needs…


When we get good “snowman snow” I’m building a few inspired by Calvin.


Sunday Share A Snuggle

Crash was up at his usual 6 am. Except we turned clocks back last night so he was really up at 5 am.

Bang was up at 7. Except the clocks said 6. We like to get started early around here.

Hope all y’all got your extra hour of sleep. I think I lost an hour.

Family Footprints
Should trick-or-treating be age restricted?

Green Grapes
The greatest support of all…

Mirror and Soul
On being a SAHD…

Skinny and Single
Valid reasons not to vaccinate…

A Momma’s View
I totally understand because I am one, too…

Coach Daddy
Forgetting the essentials but winning anyway…

Kayaking with a Crab and A Whale
Okay… so it’s a YouTube video, not a blog. It’s still pretty neat…



Shunday Share

You just gotta love cold, rainy Sundays.

No. No you don’t.

But it is what is. No point in complaining about it, though.

I do love listening to the rain. We listened to it pound the windows last night in bed. We listened to it patter the roof during church. The rain seems to bring all the finches to our feeder like we’re bird whisperers.

Besides the rain, you know what else is coming down? My stats. It’s really weird. All month my stats were stable and good. Then one day they dropped. not just one or two. But 20 or 30. That’s not much unless you only have 50 to begin with. That’s a 40-60% decrease. I’ll blame it on the first day of fall (or spring for my southie friends). Weird.

Nevermind the stats. I read and write and share anyway…

Opinionated Man
Learning to blog

Coach Daddy
Love his new header and directions on how to get where you’re going

Deb Was Here
The measures one little girl took to get out of going to school

A Momma’s View
We’re all fantastically fierce. Let’s just get along…

Ah Dad
On toddlers and teen and they’re one in the sameness

Making Time for Me
Seeing adults in little people

That’s What Anxious Mom Said
Charlotte. Safe again?

Green Grapes
When your planes reroutes from Italy to Holland

In China 8 is a lucky number and since I just found out I’m Chinese I have included 8 links.

*Note: I am not Chinese. Just a running joke from my brother-in-law’s father-in-law. A million bonus points to you if you can follow that lineage. 

Two more notes…

I finally uploaded The Disappearing Wood Pile video to YouTube. It took us about 5 days to stack 16 cords of wood. One cord measures 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet. We had 16 of them. I also got up close and personal with some finches and time lapsed myself from the roof mowing the yard.

The second note is that I joined Instagram. You’ll find me @stomperdad over there.


Video coming soon to a YouTube near you…

Sunday Share 7/24

Taboo Word Challenge
Shameless plug here. I’m hosting an easy blogging challenge and a chance for you to meet and get met by great bloggers. It starts September 1st. Thanks to the five who have joined already!

Kippers and Curtains
I was looking for this post a couple weeks ago. I found it! Enjoy the colors!

Faraday’s Candle
This stuff is amazing with what it can do with water!

How flexible is your tongue? I’m going to get Crash to read this on camera. Should be good for a few laughs!

Iron Mommi
Just another day? I think not…

Coach Daddy
Finding common ground in a crazy mixed up world


Sunday Share 29

Well hello there! Glad you could stop by for a few minutes on your way to wherever you were headed to next. Kick off your shoes. Hang your coat in the closet. Stay a while. Have some tea. Or coffee. Or a Coke.

We’ve had a wheelbarrow of rain and dump trucks of sunshine. With this combination you can pretty much hear the grass growing. I’m mowing twice a week to keep up with it!


This is how fast my backyard grows…

I leave you these great reads to read while I’m out mowing. Happy reading!

Baby Sideburns
Playground discipline…

Hershey’s World
The countless constellations…

Humor Columnist Blog
This one is for the few blogger friends who are moving…

Square Head Teachers
Teaching in a classroom with ADHD kids

Finding Rachel’s Way
Get’er done

Crash’s Corner
See if you can find his first Troll comment. Haters gonna hate, but more on that later this week…

Sunday Share 26

Hello Sunday.  What a good day you are. Except that you have Monday eerily hanging around at an awkward distance. Though you did bring Saturday to the party, so I’ll have to give you that.

Hope this Sunday found you happy, healthy and full of just enough energy to get the crap done you didn’t have time for during the week. Happy reading! I’m gonna go get the 3,239 steps I need to get my 10,000… Ugh, Crash beat me this weekend!

The Daddy Blitz
Relax parents… it’s all good.

Coach Daddy
The inspiration for my own “Go Ask Your Father”

A Momma’s View
Meant to be by chance

The Invisible Moth
The many faces of bravery

A Song Diary
Hearing The Light


Sunday Share 16


This week was the week of 400. No, we’re not Spartans. But we are Sparta strong! Nah… This post is my 400th. Hard to believe I’ve written that much since The Beginning. Not sure if it’s gotten any better, but I am doing more of it. If more equals better, I’m on the right track. Y’all keep coming back so I’ll keep giving you a reason.

This week also brought my 300th WP follower! Thank you Jessie Jeanine! She is a survivor who has dedicated her time to being a “voice for the victims”. Please check out her blog. You won’t be disappointed.

You won’t be disappointed by these visits either…

You the Daddy
The bonuses of the baby bump

Making Time For Me
Giving up and 40 letters

Who’s My Favorite Today?
2 #1s and a #2

Ah Dad
Capt’n No Beard goes fishin’

Coach Daddy
The boy answers…

Lastly, if you have visited my brother’s cancer Fundraiser page yet. Please do so. You’ll find an inspirational story about 10 month old Melina who battled retinoblastoma.

Also, lastly, if you aren’t yet a contributor to my Pinterest board “Board of Blogs” go over there, click follow and I’ll invite you to contribute. You can pin your own stuff and posts others have written that you feel others should read, too.


Me and my 300

Sunday Share 14

If you live in Maritime Canadaland, I hope you’ve recovered from that storm. It left over 53,000 without power. Some of whom still haven’t gotten it back yet. It was a very heavy snow. “Heart attack snow” DW calls it. It was so wet and heavy to shovel. It took DW an hour to shovel the two porches, sidewalk and clear off the truck. It took another hour for the two of us to shovel the driveway.

So if you’re all tuckered out from shoveling or you live on the bottom of the world and are hiding from the heat, here are some good reads to relax/hide with. Happy Reading!

First Time Dad
Not sure what to buy a pregnant woman?

Grubbs n Critters
Exactly what happens when Dad stays home with the kids.

Coach Daddy
The ultimate feel good read. For all you coaches out there…

Bumbi’s Mom
The true struggle of parents of toddlers.

Blunt Moms
Thanks annoying people on Facebook.

Harsh Reality
Nine ideas for Valentine’s Day. I dare you…

Sunday Share 13

Originally this was a Saturday Share. But not Saturday’s are for 100 word fiction stories. This is my lucky 13th Weekend Share. I think I found some good ones for you, too.

With yesterday being DW’s birthday and attending a birthday party for one of Bangs little friends, we found ourselves quite busy. So I didn’t get this out in time. I give it to you now. The Sunday Share…. on a Monday! Maybe it’ll help you beat the Monday blues into Monday greens or reds or oranges or whichever is your favorite. Happy reading!

No Page Left Blank
Ever felt like you were just pretending?

LisaPomerantzster: Are We There Yet?
Let’s play!

Hugh’s Views and News
You just might be gay.

Revisions of Grandeur
Things kids say are always good for some laughs.

Ah Dad
A Chinese water torture and his Wife’s Jedi powers.