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Here are some of my favorite places to visit if not on a daily basis then weekly…

I Read Encyclopedias – Jay Dee’s has my kind of sense of humor. Opposite of him (he’s a Canadian living abroad) I’m a non-Canadian living in Canada. I think if we didn’t live 10,773 Km apart, we’d be friends.

No Page Left Blank – Tracey’s a self proclaimed geek. She’s the author of her first self-published book Nowhere To Hide She also has a daughter roughly the age of my son and they love to play together. Her husband is pretty cool, too. AND they have an iRobot!

Coach Daddy Eli knows all. Or at least he does on Fridays with his Questions from his kids. He has a great sense of humor. I know he loves soccer and cheese. Catch his new blogs on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If I ever find myself in Colorado Carolina (either North or South) I’ll be looking him up so we can have a beer together and catch a Rockies game.

A Momma’s View Sandra is a fellow expat – she is a Swiss mom now living in Australia. Her blog covers everything from parenting to being an expat to whatever tugs her heartstrings.

E from Strong Enough to Break writes about her therapy sessions, mental health and her funniest LM (Little Man). He would easily be friends with my Crash as they seem to be so much alike.

Faraday’s Candle – As Calvin and Hobbes said, “It’s wonderful world. Lets go exploring!” so do Faraday’s Candle. The world is full of amazing science and this blog covers it – from space age to brain age.

Pieter of AhDad is a father dad much like myself. He can find humor in nearly every situation. He understands the sentimental feelings just as easily. A funny blog who is always worth the read.

IFLS – I F*-ing Love Science – Factual information providing well researched truths in all branches of the sciences.

Geocaching – Simply put it’s using billion dollar satellites to find tupperware in the woods. You’ll find us under “Treasure Traders”.


12 thoughts on “Blogs & Links

  1. Great company here – I know A Momma’s View and that’s good stuff. it’s an honor to make the list, my friend. (But I’m a transplanted Coloradan living in Carolina now – but still loyal to my Rockies baseball!)

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