Sunday Share: Week 24

Counting tomorrow, we still have three Monday’s of school left. We go the whole way through June. Though teachers and kids are starting their summer wind up. It’s close enough to smell, too far away to touch. Like the cookies in the oven. We don’t have any plans set in stone yet. Except for beaching, camping, hiking, kayaking, bon firing, and baseballing.


Do you have any summer plans?

skipahSkipah’s Realm
On (not in) a pool that is not blue…Perhaps one day it will be again. Also, a good read if you’re in need of a laugh.

sheilaHumor Columnist Blog
When someone doesn’t know the difference between Massachusetts and Alabama, things can get pretty funny. Especially, when that someone works for the highway department…


mommaA Momma’s View
On the loss of life. Sometimes it’s given up, sometimes it’s stolen. Either way, it was too soon.

girl Damn, Girl
1 year later and some blogging tip delivered only like Damn, Girl can do.

superwomanLori Lounge
Recruiting help from the little ones to get things done.




hey DW, we have everyting


9 thoughts on “Sunday Share: Week 24

  1. 😲 all the way through June!? Please tell me you don’t start until September??

    And no major summers now. We were planning to go to the beach for a Lupus event but due to a series of unfortunate events we didn’t… but hey the lake is like 15 minutes away from our house so we still get sand! And my daughter’s birthday the big 4! Otherwise just another season for us ha


  2. Man, I LOVED those blogging tips from Damn, Girl. I love her stuff anyway but I’ve been wondering how to work on my blog and then here she comes, putting out knowledge. 🙂


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