Sunday Share: Week 26

We’ve crossed the summer equinox here in the North. The days are long. Though here in Canadaland, they aren’t quite warm yet. Some days are, mind you. It just depends on how you define “warm”. It was 18 C today. For us, that’s warm. If you live in Lebanon, you’ll need your winter coat. My O’s still suck, but I wouldn’t be a true fan if I only rooted in the good times. And I made mozzarella pepperoni stuffed chicken this evening that was totally delicious. You should check out my instagram to see it. You can follow me there, too.

superishdad SUPERishDAD tells about a meal before and after having a child. If you’re a parent you’ll totally relate. If you’re not a parent, enjoy your ignorance.


presentThe Lupie Momma writes about the etiquette I wonder about twice a year- that gift bag for the kid who came to your kid’s birthday party.


busWatching our kids grow through the school can be rewarding. Even more so when your kid has ADHD. We do what we have to do to help them have a successful year.


treeSnoozing on the Sofa tells a gripping tale of Paul Bunyan, George Washington, and a good woman…



wonderoakJess at Wonderoak illustrates how she is learning to parent while parenting. Sometimes you just don’t need to rush. Sometimes waiting is all that’s required to survive, especially with a strong willed child.




Sunday Share: Week 24

Counting tomorrow, we still have three Monday’s of school left. We go the whole way through June. Though teachers and kids are starting their summer wind up. It’s close enough to smell, too far away to touch. Like the cookies in the oven. We don’t have any plans set in stone yet. Except for beaching, camping, hiking, kayaking, bon firing, and baseballing.


Do you have any summer plans?

skipahSkipah’s Realm
On (not in) a pool that is not blue…Perhaps one day it will be again. Also, a good read if you’re in need of a laugh.

sheilaHumor Columnist Blog
When someone doesn’t know the difference between Massachusetts and Alabama, things can get pretty funny. Especially, when that someone works for the highway department…


mommaA Momma’s View
On the loss of life. Sometimes it’s given up, sometimes it’s stolen. Either way, it was too soon.

girl Damn, Girl
1 year later and some blogging tip delivered only like Damn, Girl can do.

superwomanLori Lounge
Recruiting help from the little ones to get things done.




hey DW, we have everyting

Sunday Share: Week 23

My Orioles are 22.5 games behind 1st place so I’m not even going to bother wasting space talking about them here. Just know that I’m a die hard fan and will root for them win or lose. Even when they’re better at losing. They’ve lost more games than the first place team has won. I’m spiteful enough to not even name the first place team. Or the second place.

It was a good Sunday here in the Wood house. Crash mowed our neighbor’s yard. Then he mowed our yard. Color me impressed. Meanwhile, his brother couldn’t be bother to put his laundry away. Oh well. 1 for 2 is still better than the Orioles.

Riddle from the Middle
Something money can’t buy…

ah dad
Ah Dad
A dad’s letter for his son’s 18th birthday


Midlife Margaritas
When parenting and tweeting go hand in hand


Green Grapes
Walking for epilepsy with the Doose Warrior, Brave King James


Life kids glass of red
Life, Kids, and a Glass of Red
Life hacks on handling the stress season…


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Sunday Share: Week 22

I love my Sunday Shares. It’s a chance for me let you know what I’m reading. It also allows me give shout outs to those who I think deserve a virtual high five. I try to have a mix of veteran bloggers and some new to the scene. That’s what the blogosphere is all about, community. We all get bigger by building each other up. So if there is someone you’d like give a lift to, leave me a link down in the comments so we can go check them out.

We can’t give them perfection. We can give them something better.

Man vs Mommy
On getting more than just requisite help from school…

Dream Big, Dream Often
On the news and giving it up…

Rosie Culture
A response to her younger self to a letter to her older self…

Blended Hope
A number to call to “report” some parenting happening…

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Nothing gets kids to talk quite like bedtime…

Sunday Share: Y2W20

I hope all you mothers had a fabulous day. Whether you got breakfast in bed, supper from your significant other, handmade gifts or store bought gifts or gift cards, hope it was all in the name of love.

Today in church when Father asked all the mothers to stand for a blessing, I stood up, too. DW laughed so hard she was crying. She thinks I wasn’t listening, but really I just wanted to show my support for all the moms.

Dorky Mom Doodles
What can you reach while driving?

Where Are Your Pants
The Grandpa who built more than just a doll house…

Marriage tip and nachos…

Threes A Herd
First loves, Prince Charmings, and the truth…

Eli, The Coach Daddy 
A hat, some golf, and tacos…

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A to Z Conclusion

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
M jumped over the moon
The dog laughed to see such a sport
and X ran away with the spoon.

(that’s my explanation as to why there is no M or X)

So in conclusion, I only missed two letters, M and X while Z was a day late. I enjoyed the challenge as it gave me a goal. I work better when I know what I’m working toward. Also, it gives my creative juices a bit more chutzpah. We could all use an extra dose of creative chutzpah sometimes. In case you missed any of them, here they are in all their glory.

A is for… Ascend
B is for… Breath
C is for… Chaos
D is for… Doing
E is for… Everything
F is for… Go Ask Your Father…
G is for… Good
H is for… Raising kids properly
I is for… Indecisive
J is for… Jokes
K is for… Kwestions
L is for… Learning
M ran away with the spoon
N is for… Normal
O is for… Ornery
P is for… Pee and Poop
Q is for… Questions
R and S are for… Go Ask Your Father…
T is for… Time (and other things)
U is for… Undivided and Unconditional
V is for… Vamonos
W is for… What?
X laughed to see such a sport
Y is for… Youth
Z is for… The End

Sunday Share: Y2W18


It’s Sunday. It’s raining. I’m trying to make the boys clean, but I’d have better luck trying to teach Chinese Calculus to a barrel of monkeys. It’s their own mess, too.

The peppers are coming along nicely in the living room. As is the maple tree. We have carrots, cucumber, beans, peas, and lettuce seeds anxiously waiting to be planted in the garden. We just need to get past the last frost which is somewhere between now and May 21st. I’ll probably plant them next week and keep them covered.

Until then, here’s something to read…

Passing Down the Love
Backyard games for kids or adults who want to be kids again…

Dorky Mom Doodles
10 Hilarious status updates…

A Momma’s View
W is for what she really needed…

Old House In the Shires
Teens and their stupid parents…

Where Are Your Pants
Things she’ll never be heard saying…


Sunday Share: Y2W17


Had I been thinking I would have made S for Sunday. Thinking isn’t one of my strong suits.

Another week has come to an end. Another week is about to begin. Now I’m gonna high five you as you run to me. Then I’ll give ya hearty butt slap on your way by. You got this week… Let’s do it.

Monster In Your Closet
Learning to love everyone

Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life
On good bad guys…

Sounds Like Life to Me
Things to stop doing this year…

Second Wind Leisure
On sunrises and sunsets…

Mom of Two Little Girls
On not minding other’s business


The Sunday Share: Y2W16

MApparently, M is for mystery. I looked all over town yesterday for it and couldn’t find it at all. My get up and go got up and went taking my motivation to write with it. Oh well. I found it this evening. It was in the bag of chips and bowl of salsa that I just devoured.

Here comes a new week. Lets make the most of it!

The Salty Mamas
Ugh… okay, let’s play it one more time..

Mom of Two Little Girls
The 90’s teenager’s playlist…

Three’s a Herd
A letter to teens with dumb parents…

Return of the Modern Philosopher
A 3 day weekend and a plea to the Ruler of the Eternal Underworld

I Didn’t Have My Glasses On
Where are you Spring Eternal?

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As soon as the snow melts the temperature isn’t freezing, I will…

Sunday Share: Y2W15

I skipped The Share last Sunday in lieu of the A-Z Challenge. Sorry ’bout that. I had a successful week to start the challenge, though. I didn’t miss a single letter. I didn’t use a wrong letter, either. In light of a successful week of challenging, I thought I’d share some posts I read during the challenge that I think you should read, too.

I’ve got nothing else to do, anyway. It’s snowing and it’s going to snow for 8 inches. Snow day predictor says there’s a 99% chance school will be cancelled tomorrow. If it is, I’ll go for a run at 6 am instead of packing lunches.

Stop laughing, DW. I’m serious. Mostly.

The Consulting Writer
A is for age being an asset…

Coach Daddy
B is boys without jobs…

J-Dubs Grin and Bear It
C is for confessions caused by children…

Dorky Mom Doodles
D is for playing Doctor with a toddler

A Mommma’s View
E is for Eploring through your kids’ eyes…