The Daily Elf: December 15th

If you recall two days ago, Elfis captured Woody under a glass and held him trapped all day. Woody said he’d have his revenge. He is true to his little elf word.

We woke this morning to see a trap set and Woody waiting patiently under the tree for his prey. He used a candy cande and white chocolate peppermint M&M’s for bait. Elves are suckers for peppermint.

Elfis hung out on the elf that Bang drew and colored and taped to the wall. His holder is meant for cookies Christmas Eve for when the Jolly Elf stops by. From here Elfis could clearly see his intended target. However, this morning, it worked as a perfect perch for Elfis.

*You can just make out Little Snowball at floor level. He’s to hold Santa’s milk.

Elfis’s will power began to break down through the day. When we returned home from school, Woody hadn’t caught him yet. However, Elfis was only feet away from the sweet treats. He was eyeing them long and hard while Woody continued to lay and wait.

After spending all day staring at the delicious treats, Elfis apparently decided that being caught was worth the sacrifice for a candy cane and peppermint M&M’s. I agree, too. I would have been caught LONG before now. Bang was in the kitchen when he heard the bowl come crashing down and he came running. Naturally, DW and I didn’t see them move as we were each playing a game on our phone (DW was crushing candy and I was finding words in my soup).

With just 10 sleeps left, I hope they start playing nicer. I doubt Santa will be impressed that they are setting traps for one another. Or perhaps, being a right jolly old elf himself, he finds it quite amusing.

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The Daily Elf: December 13th

Up to no good again…

This time it was just Elfis being bad. I’m still not sure how he tricked Woody into getting in the glass. Woody is one gullible elf. Or as we like to say in our house… He’s S-M-R-T smart. (bonus points if anyone knows the reference)

They also delivered a nice and naughty list that only they have control over. We don’t even know where the markers are that they use on it. I appreciate Elfis’s honesty as he put himself on the naughty list for his devious trick. I hope he makes it back on the nice list tomorrow. I hope Woody doesn’t try to retalliate.

He probably will…

The Daily Elf: December 12th

Again they were up to no good. This time they were into the toilet paper. Have you seen those bead curtains? The ones you have to part to walk through like you’re Moses up against the Red Sea? Imagine that, except with toilet paper. Classy, eh? They did this to both boys’ doors.

For their mischief they also brought this year’s newest tree ornament, Mario and Luigi, then hung out in the decorative stockings on the bedroom doors for the rest of the day.

Once they were done with the doors the remainder of the butt paper was trailed down the stairs. Poor Bang was in a stupor waking up this morning and it took him minute to figure out what was going on. He walked through the TP without even realizing it was there. Crash tore his down the moment he opened his door.

The Daily Elf: December 10th

Just another day of hanging out in the basement. Elfis sat on a lamp I got from my grandmother. Woody sat upon the 4 foot sword my parents gave to me. They’ve been very well behaved so far. However, we are now just two weeks from Christmas Eve so I sense some mischief coming. I wonder how big of a mess they’ll make?

Then Bang thought they looked really hungry so he brought them each a bowl full of goldfish. It’s the snack that smiles back, just like the elves. Turns out they were indeed hungry as they ate nearly the whole bowl…

The Daily Elf: December 9th

A conversation happened at bedtime, as they normally do. It was our normal nightly ritual of saying good night. Then I tossed in one more line…

Me: Night night, love you.
Bang: Night night, love you.
Me: Ugga mugga, see ya in the morning
Bang: Ugga mugga, see ya in the morning
Me: Like your face
Bang: Like your face
Me: You’re the best person ever
Bang: You’re the best person ever *normally this would be the last line except I added…
Me: Like your butt.
Bang: *giggles* like your butt even though it’s not chubby. And it’s hairy.

Anyway, our elves found the candy cane with fudge crackle ice cream. I knew it was just a matter of time. That stuff is good. Fortunately, they left some for the boys.

The Daily Elf: December 8th

I don’t know about you, but we have an overly creative 6 year old. His imagination runs as wild and free as the tree top monkeys. Lately, he’s been into crafts. His latest obsession is tape. I call him Sir TapesAlot. In Walmart last week I spotted a pack of 4 rolls of Scotch tape and asked “Hey, you want this for Christmas?” His eyes lit up and he very excitedly exclaimed “YES!”.

Guess what he’s getting for Christmas?

Anyway, our walls are decked out and now our kitchen window is, too. He drew and colored a pair of dragons and some “elf seats” to tape to the window for them. I think he did it so he wouldn’t have to go looking for them. It worked…

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The Daily Elf: Dec. 7th

If you saw yesterday’s Daily Elf you’ll realize that by today’s posting our elves got the much needed help from our neighbor’s elves, NoMo and Buddy. When your elves are touched you do what you gotta do to help them.

Today, they were on the mend. They didn’t venture too far. They, quite literally, just hung out today. Our stockings are not hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be there. They’re hung on a bookshelf full of photo albums. Close enough, right?

They still had a bit of mischief in them though. They thought it quite funny to show us a Full Elf Moon…

The Daily Elf: December 6th

What a day the poor elves had. They thought they’d be cute and hang out on the wreath that’s on the front door.

Unfortunately, the wreath hangs on the outside of the door. I suppose in hindsight, we should have used the side door to leave for school.

But we didn’t.

As we were leaving through the Elf Door they let go. Apparently, they weren’t hanging on very tight. The next thing we knew they were laying on the porch in the rain. DW did what I would have done and got their fuzzy butts off the porch and back inside where it’s dry. Unfortunately, the kids who can’t see the mess surrounding them saw DW touch the elves. Anyone who knows the story of the Elf knows they aren’t to be touched or they lose their Christmas magic and can’t get back to the North Pole.

After school we found the elves snuggled up. It was clear they were not feeling good.

Fortunately, our neighbor (the one Bang is going to marry in April) and her siblings have two elves, as well. After school, Bang got busy writing a letter NoMo and Buddy next door. The hope is that they can help Woody and Elfis make it back to Santa this evening. Christmas magic is pretty strong around here, so we’re very hopeful.

The Daily Elf: December 5th

There wasn’t too much trouble today. Elves don’t mind the cold. We have found them in the fridge before. They enjoy drinking the maple syrup. Today it wasn’t syrup.

It was a Coke Cola. The bottle was full when they were found this morning. I’m not entirely sure it was their Coke. It didn’t have their name on it. It was Boss Man’s Coke! I hope they don’t get into too much trouble.