Questions I Asked My Kids: Episode 41

I’m toying with the idea of setting up a Facebook page to accompany my blog, All In A Dad’s Work. Actually, I’ve already started setting it up, but haven’t published it, yet. Right now I share all my posts to my personal Facebook page. I’m now considering not publishing there. Have you tried, successfully or not, to run a Facebook page that was a companion to your blog? Right now all communication occurs on WordPress. Rarely does anyone comment about a post from FB. This would separate my blogging “life” from my personal. Though, often times, they’re one in the same.

Now, on to the questions. The boys had a friend over so naturally, we included her in the questioning. Happy Reading!

ND = Neighbor’s Daughter

1. If you creatd a new flavor of gum, what flavor would it be?

Crash: Strawberry milkshake
Bang: Trampoline grass
ND: Strawberry smoothie

2. Which fictional character do you wish would come to our house?

Crash: Squirtle
Bang: Queen Amadala
ND: Pikachu

3. What two animals would it be fun to combine?

Crash: Pig and elephant
Bang: Camel and cow
ND: Spider and giraffe

4. If you got a trophy, what would you get it for doing?

Crash: Nintendo championship trophy for being the best gamer in the world
Bang: First place for racing in my car
ND: For being the best sister

5. What do you think your favorite animal’s favorite sport would be?

Crash: An eagle playing Quidditch
Bang: A giraffe’s favorite would be soccer
ND: A cat playing football

6. If we communicated with musical instruments, which instrument would you use?

Crash: Recorder
ND: Tuba

7. If you went to a super hero pet store, what pet would you get and what would its super power be?

Crash: I would get a chameleon that could turn invisible and have super springy legs
Bang: I would have a dog that could fly
ND: A hamster that could brainwash people

8. You got your picture in the paper for making a discovery at the park. What did you discover?

Crash: A treasure chest with a million diamond gems, dollar bills and other loot and treasure like that
Bang: I discovered a blue and red train
ND: I discovered a lemon shaped like snake

9. If you could make the moon a different shape, what shape would you make it?

Crash: Pidgeon
Bang: Triangle
ND: Heart

10. What would it be fun to be for Halloween if you could really turn into it?

Crash: Eagle
Bang: A ghost
ND: A Hummingbird

22 thoughts on “Questions I Asked My Kids: Episode 41

  1. I think it’s a good idea to set it up separately- assuming if you can spare the time to manage 2 different accounts. I don’t link my blog to my personal fb account as I like the separation and I hv another fb blog account with only 2 friends…lol. I haven’t had the time to set it up properly and all yet! 🤣


    • I think it’s something for professional bloggers. I just blog for fun and really haven’t justified the need for a FB page for people I’m already connecting with through WordPress. Plus the whole time thing. I’ll keep thinking on it…

      Liked by 1 person

      • now you can call yourself a professional blogger, Eric!
        For me the only reason to set it up separately is because I don’t want my colleagues, my bosses and “friends” on FB to know I’m a blogger; just prefer to keep it separate from my professional life.


  2. I’ve been wondering about setting up a ‘blog’ FB page too. But, like you, my posts tend to be about my life, so it’s hard to know where to draw the FB page line, as it were. Interesting that you say most of your comments come from WP. Mine are the opposite (!) But I think it’s because I did not set up a ‘like’ button two years ago when I started my blog (I was nervous about people not ‘liking’ my stuff!). Then I realized that hitting ‘like’ invites comments, so now I get more from WP too. Let me know how you end up, FB-page-wise. And now on to the good part: I absolutely want a ‘hamster who could brainwash people’ xoxoxo

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    • I have the FB page set up, but haven’t utilized it yet. Like you said, my posts are usually personal. But on the other hand, I am publishing on WordPress for the world to read anyway. The FB blog page isn’t connected my personal page so people shouldn’t be able to find my personal page through the blog page. Right now the post is visible to all my FB friends. Sometimes they’re interested in reading, sometimes not. But at least it gives them the opportunity. Whereas on FB blog page they probably wouldn’t see it.

      I want to see the giraffe spider! Her answers cracked us up.

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      • Oh, and it is connected to my personal page, because in order to create a page, you have to have a Facebook profile. But when I post on my blog page, it does not show up as Me posting it, but as stories of our boys. Sometimes I will post it to both personal and blog page b/c that brings me evermore hits. But then I get worried my friends will get sick of hearing about my blog…


  3. Wow, that spider-giraffe thing would TERRIFY me!! Also, an eagle playing Quidditch .. genius!! He wouldn’t need a broom!

    I had a FB page for writing, though I didn’t link my blog to it. I find it difficult to generate traffic to the separate FB page, because who are you going to get to like your page? Your friends and family who already follow your main FB page anyway? I don’t see the point … but I might be doing it wrong (despite being on FB since 2005 … though it’s always been a literally social thing for me, not business or info driven thing). I unpublished my page. Interestingly, I posted a blog post on FB 2 days ago bc I’m doing a giveaway on my blog, but I have almost zero interest on FB! I got a lot of traffic, relatively, but just one new follow and one new comment. Odd.

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    • That’s what I was afraid of by setting up a second account to drive the blog. After looking at my monthy stats, I can get between 50 and 80 views per month from Facebook. That’s only 2 views per day. 2 views out 400 friends. That’s another reason I’ve been wanting to not post to FB, I’m not getting much traffic from my personal page.
      That spider giraffe would be creepy! Especially if the spider was the size of a giraffe instead of vice versa.

      Liked by 1 person

      • You could try it and see how it goes, but … in my opinion most of the people who are your FB friends are so because they have a non-blog reason to be. Not that they won’t take a look at your blog (because obviously, as you say, some do, but not many), but from what I see of how people use FB, it’s not to be directed to longer pieces of exposition. And if you find a whole new crowd of people to follow your FB page who are in turn click to your blog, cool – but then you’re sort of replicating the effort you’re doing on WP. Except you’ll get non bloggers to follow you, which is nice.

        I read something a few years ago now that FB has changed its algorithms related to how pages are ranked versus personal pages, and they aren’t statistically as useful as they used to be. Obviously a lot of people have success with FB pages, but I feel like it’s more business-oriented, authors (somewhat), etc. Just my 2 cents. If you do it – good luck!!!


  4. A red and blue train, LOL!

    I have a Facebook page for the doodle blog to share my posts. I invited family and friends that get my humor to like it. I don’t usually share posts to my private page, because I know I’d get irritated something serious at having to explain that the posts are meant to be humorous to certain humorless people.


  5. Aaaw this is super cute! I love the kid who wants a trophy for being the best sister, and the one who wants to be in the paper for discovering a train. It’s amazing how they come up with these ideas. Congratulations – someone liked this post so much, they added it to the blogcrush linky! #blogcrush


    • Thanks! Crash and Bang are my two sons (9 and 5 years old). Neighbor’s Daughter is 8. She’s quite the character and a pretty awesome little girl (with 2 younger siblings). That was Old House In The Shire who added it to #BlogCrush. Thanks for stopping by! These questions are a weekly feature 😀

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