Monday Share: Week 28

For those who are counting there are just 167 days left until Christmas. For those who aren’t counting there are still 167 days until Christmas.

Today I’d like to honor the seven 8 blogs who appear in my email that I make sure I read. Skim if I don’t have time to fully read. But I read and comment when I can. Some are on journeys. Some are insightful. Some are just plain funny. It’s a good can of mixed nuts.

Modern Mommy Madness
The hardest one to forgive

Dorky Mom Doodles
Fun bags… need I say more?

Home With Peanut
Toddler Hulking. We’ve all been there. We’ve all handled it in our own way.

A Momma’s View
It’s not the mountain that changes…

Four Princesses and the Cheese
Brought to you by the number 0 and the letter F

Coach Daddy
Teacher? Maestro? Guru? Jedi? Nah, Coach is cool.

Grubbs n Critters
Conquering the next 6 months!

Sounds Like Life To Me
On toilet problems and a song to get you through…

Me. On Twitter. On Instagram. On Facebook. #RockTheHashtag

Next week will be a follow your own adventure kind of Sunday Share.

handstand beach

Sunday Share: Monday Edition: Week 18, The Z’s

The A to Z Challenge has come to an end until next year when we decide to take on this task yet again. It was fun, as always. This year I didn’t miss a single letter. Though, a few posts just barely made it in under the wire. I’ll let you know how the month went tomorrow. Tonight, I’d like to share one more time, some others who also finished up the challenge spectacularly.

coach daddy Coach Daddy
Z is for Zen and your chances…

dorky Dorky Mom Doodles
Z is for Zzz and the bedtime battle

momma A Momma’s View
Z is for a Zesty ending…

zigzag Little Heart Speaks
Z is for leading a Zigzag life…

ziggy What Is Hoped For
Z is for a vulture named Ziggy not voiced by the Beatles…

stomperdad All In A Dad’s Work
Z is for The End (not Zebra)…


Infinity Dreams and Loyal Dragons

Awards are interesting. If only they would provide some extra cash flow… But it does mean someone was thinking of my blog and feels it’s deserving of such admiration. Big thanks to my blogging friend over at A Momma’s View for nominating me. You should check out her post from yesterday. I swear it has something about nudity. On a beach! In Australia!


As with most awards, there are rules? Will I follow them? Will I bend them? Or will I just break ’em like dried puhsketti?

Here are the rules for the award:

  • Thank and follow the blog that nominated you. Yep.
  • Tell us 11 facts about yourself. See Below
  • Answer questions that were set for you to answer. See Below Below
  • Nominate 11 bloggers and set question for them. I’ll Try

11 facts about myself. I’ll try to get too personal and cross that TMI line.

  1. I’m bald but only because I shave my head thanks to a spot of alopecia on the back of my head. Perhaps one day it’ll cover all of my head and I won’t have to shave it any more!
  2. I would rather play a sport than watch a sport.
  3. My favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate chip, or mint oreo or anything that is mint and chocolate.
  4. I speak two languages. English and igpay atinlay.
  5. I think Cards Against Humanity is hilarious.
  6. I sleep fully dressed (t-shirt and pajama pants)
  7. I love cooking. Most nights.
  8. I can fall down the stairs and I can fall up the stairs.
  9. I am a Star Wars fan(atic). I would love to take the fam to see The Force Awakens.
  10. I tan very easily.
  11. 11 facts is a lot.

Now to one of my most favorite parts: Answering the questions:

  1. Your greatest strength?
    The distance I can run without stopping, my patience, and my cooking.
  2. Your greatest weakness?
    Birthdays. I suck at birthdays.
  3. Your favorite season of the year and why?
    Fall. I love the warm days and cold nights.
  4. What item would you want to save from your burning home if you could only save one?
    I would save the four stuffies pictured in my header and the external hard drive.
  5. If you and Bear Grylls would be stranded on a deserted island, with what would you be able to impress him?
    That I could out-survive him? Unlikely, but I would be willing to do whatever it takes to survive.
  6. If you’d have a bucket list, what would I find on top of the list?
    Run the Boston Marathon?
  7. What is the one destination you would love to travel to?
    Pyramids in Egypt or Maryland. Or Australia.
  8. What mystical creature would you like to have as a pet and why?
    A dragon like Valcor or an Owl like Hedwig.
  9. What other language than yours would you like to be fluent in?
    French or Gaelic.
  10. If you could ask one question to a very special person, what and who would it be?
    I would ask DW for a foot massage.
  11. What kind of ice cream flavor would you like to invent?
    Mint Chocolate chunk with candy cane pieces.


Finding Rachel’s Way
Of Life She Writes
Peek Into My Life
Kismaslife (When she returns)

I’m going to cheat and just say “use the above questions to answer” should you choose to accept the award.

There are many others. However, they don’t do this award thing, but they know who they are! Right, Ah Dad, Coach Daddy, Strong Enough to Break, and Elen? Should you decide you want an award, it’s all yours!

Lastly, thanks to Ann over at Grubbs-n-Critters for the nominating me for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award. It’s rules were pretty much the same as the Infinity Award. So this is two-fer one.


I do love dragons. Though I’m not quite the fair, red-headed maiden depicted here.


I’ll be back to my normal writing (whatever normal is) tomorrow…

Saturday Share

I like sharing. Especially things I like that I think you’ll like, too. Here are some posts I enjoyed this week. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

Strong Enough to Break
 She indirectly writes about the power of words. Glad to know Daniel grew out of that phase to become a respectful human being.

No Page Left Blank
Tracey loves the horror of Halloween. Do you read scary books? Perhaps you’ve read Nowhere to Hide?

I Read Encyclopedias
Jay Dee is on the road to learning numerous language. How many can you speak?

Harsh Reality
Jason is one of the most selfless bloggers I’ve ever (virtually) met. Looking for the next great blog to read? Chances are good you’ll find it somewhere in his blog. Plus his blog is great, too!

Life Kids and A Glass of Red
Emma has a great project if you’re looking for a cheap, easy way to entertain your kids outside. Bonus? There’s no possibility of your walls getting drawn on. Win Win!

Ah Dad
Idiot frat boys. Geriatric white males. Homeless people. He took a stroll down Bourbon Street.

Jack-o'-lantern carved in the shape of Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and lit with tea lights


I’m just a small time blogger with just a handful of regular readers, but it means so much to be thought of to be nominated for an award. I know these awards don’t really mean I won any contest, prize money, or all inclusive trips to an exotic island in the Caribbean. But it does mean someone thinks enough of what I contribute to the blogging world to nominate me for an award. That, and it gives me something to write about when I’m fishing for ideas.

Clarion Alley 2012

Created by renowned artist  Rob Goldstein, it was passed on to me by Sandra over at A Momma’s View. If you get a moment, check out some of the stuff she writes. You won’t be disappointed.

“The “Respect” Award is my personal award for fellow bloggers who consistently reach out to other bloggers, offer support, are kind, struggle to understand differences in people, and who treat themselves and other people with kindness and respect.

You don’t have to do anything for this award.

You can choose to copy the Award Picture and give the award to the people who have earned your respect or you can do nothing.

This is my way of saying thank you. You have earned my respect.”

I like this award for the sheer fact that I don’t have to break any rules nominating people.

First I’d like to nominate a few:
HarshReality (though, I know he’s already been nominated)

But to be honest, each an everyone who is reading this right now deserves my respect as well. Thank you so much for visiting on such a regular base and liking and commenting so often (yes you! I know I did not list you but you are here again, reading this and definitely deserve this special award as well!)

So this is an honest THANK YOU to all of you!!!