S is for… #atozchallenge


is for Slither. Like a snake. I wouldn’t be a good dad if I didn’t play games with the kids. I wrote about Crash, the game.

This time I’m talking about electronics. Kids love the electronics. It’s like crack. Once they get a taste they want more and more and more. That’s why we are #WorstParentsEver when we try to limit their time. Though, truthfully, we’re only guessing at much time they need. A half hour? An hour or two? Does it matter?


S is for Slither, the newest game we’ve discovered. It’s become a family thing now. Even the four year can play it. Just go to slither.io


It’s an online game (there’s no conversation). It’s free. There’s no signing up. You just go to the site and start playing. The gist is that you control a snake that follows your cursor. Along your travels you collect dots of light. The more dots you collect the larger your snake grows. But be careful. You will die if you run into another snake (controlled by other players). Your snake then turns into dots of light that others gobble up on their journey to being the largest snake in the game. It’s a two way street though. When other snakes die they turn to bits of light for you gobble up and you grow bigger.

There’s an app for it, too. I find the app easier to play, in case you were considering. Go have a look. Just don’t blame if you start losing hours of your day.



19 thoughts on “S is for… #atozchallenge

    • Ice cream for breakfast is fun once or twice and contrary to popular belief, it’s not fun every morning. You’re totally right, too. What we think is best and what they think is best aren’t even on the same planet.

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      • It also depends on what they “need” to get from an activity or item… For example, they had a bad day at school, and killing mobs on Minecraft will make them feel better… And they feel it will take approximately 6 hours of killing mobs to accomplish this. You know darned well one hour will definitely help.

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    • There’s actually nothing gross about it. When the snake run into each other they turn dots of light which other snakes slither over to collect. It’s simplicity makes it fun 🙂


    • Yep. We’re on S. T for tomorrow :p This is one of those games that can be addictive for a little while. Before you know it you’ve been playing for 45 minutes and the kids are going to bed late 🙂

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