C is for… #atozchallenge


is for Crash. Of course. But it’s not what you think. This part is not for the kid who attempts to run our lives. It’s not for Mr. Attitude. Nor is for Mr. Tenderheart.


Nope this morning it’s for this game called “Crash”. Fitting name, actually.


We popped into a Toys R Us one day to find a fun family game to play. This is what we came out with. As you can see from the box it’s a tower game. It resembles Jenga in the sense that you take pieces from the middle and stack it on the top. The difference is that you have to roll a die to determine what color you have have remove. Bang’s favorite color to roll is black.

Black means you do nothing.

That’s everyone’s favorite color to roll. If you don’t have to remove a column then there’s no chance you’ll be the one who topples the tower.

Here’s the gist:
Each white ring as space for 10 columns. To start you build the tower 6 levels high. Then your youngest starts the game by rolling. Remove the color column and add it the top. This continues until all 10 spaces are filled on the top at which point you add another white ring and continue playing. We’ve never fully filled the 5 extra rings there are to add. We’ve built it high enough to add the 5th, but we didn’t get it filled. Here, check it out:


is also for Crash, our 8 year old boy wonder. Because, boy does he make us wonder. He’s the creator of his YouTube channel, Crash’s Corner where he likes to create Lego videos. His curiosity rivals that of a little monkey named George. His questions are relentless, amazing, and show that he really is a thinker. Even if he does think of doing some really dumb stuff. He provides as much comic relief to our life as his little brother. Hiding a Nerf gun behind his back, he comes to me smiling and says, “I’m no handed, Dad.” I knew what he meant but I just had to ask him, “You mean unarmed?” He’s stubborn, full of attitude and hates math and cleaning. But he’s our tenderheart, our snuggler, and hugger. He’s also protective of his little brother. He’s the only who is allowed to pick on his baby brother. He’s creative, curious, and a creator of calamity.


21 thoughts on “C is for… #atozchallenge

    • He has his brother’s help in his video collection. He only has 7 subscribers and I think most are family. It’s a creative outlet for him. Glad you like hearing about because that’s pretty much all that’s discussed around here 🙂


  1. Family game nights are necessary in today’s day and [technical] age to maintain some sort of “you might not think I’m super cool but we’re spending time together whether you like it or not” family time.
    Also, I think the fact that you your kid has a youtube channel is amazing. I might have to look into that for my nine year old… he’d love that shit.
    I’m happy you’re doing the a-z challenge – great post!
    Your fellow A-Zer,


    • Great points, Jen. It’s good to disconnect (electronically) for a little while and be face to face with those who we love best. As for the YouTube channel, he’s been wanting one for a while to make his own Lego build videos. Turns out we’ve added more than just Lego builds to it and his little brother is hilarious in his build descriptions. It’s a good creative outlet for them.

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  2. Yeah, we used to have family board game nights. Need to start on that again. My husband is darn near illiterate on certain technological things (definitely 99% of video games), so it’s good to have an alternative that we all can get involved in.

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    • They’ll love this game, then. My only con is the amount of time it takes to set it up. Not long, mind you, but long enough. There are enough pieces and colors to put 2 of each color on each level (when I or their mom set it up). Left to them to set up and chances are they’d put on color on each level. Would still work, but would create a different kind of challenge. Still a blast when it comes crashing down! I highly recommend it 🙂


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