Q is for…#atozchallenge



Ever lovin’, sanity restorin’, God damn peace and quiet.

Just an hour ago this house was bouncing like a rave. Kid one was running around the house with his little brother’s pull up on his head. Not like a crown, though. He had it pulled down so far it was a mask and he was looking through a leg hole.

Meanwhile, Kid two was either jumping on his bed or doing headstands in his bed. They clearly were not ready for bed. They were all hyped up and ready for a rodeo.

An hour before that they were chasing each other through the house ricocheting off the walls, screaming with either laughter or anger. One would pick and pick and pick, laughing the whole time. Then the other would scream and chase the picker. The picker would run screaming for their life.

electric-cars-for-kids-10An hour before that they were outside. Awe hell no, it still wasn’t quiet. Bang was on his little, motorized four-wheeler screaming. His big brother had the audacity to try to ride it, too. As far as Bang is concerned his big brother is too big to be on it. That doesn’t stop his brother, though. We could hear the frustrated scream inside with the windows and doors and shut tight. The boy’s got pipes.

In the beginning all was quiet. Then we had kids. Would I rather have kept the quiet? Or would I rather keep the kids? I’d be lying if I said I’d rather keep the quiet. I’d also be lying if I said I liked all the noise. Or at least the sibling rivalry noise. The laughter playing together noise is musical. It’s the difference between listening to James Taylor and Metallica.

The roaring thunder has now passed. The storm has quieted. Except for Dozer and Timbit runnin’ their asses off on their wheels, peace reigns again.We’re getting caught up on our shows preparing ourselves for the ruckus that will undoubtedly resume in the morning. I’m as sure of that as I am that someone will pee on the toilet.


Note: For those of you who are curious about the shows, we’re watching The Voice and Blindspot and Grey’s Anatomy.


25 thoughts on “Q is for…#atozchallenge

    • You’re too kind. I’m just a writer. No adjectives necessary. Glad you like the story. The last few were more sombre and serious so I thought it was time to inject a little humor.


  1. As parents, I think the quiet becomes different! When the kids are quiet, that’s when we should worry, normally.
    As teens – quiet just means my house is empty. Lol.

    Awesome post friend. I have a lot of catching up to do!

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    • Excellent point. At the age of my boys quiet is suspicious. At your kids age it just means they’re not home 🙂 Take your time catching up, there’s plenty to read and plenty more coming! (9 more letters left)

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  2. In the middle of noisy time…I want quiet. In the middle of quite time…it’s too quiet. No pleasing me. Saying that, I would almost cry happy tears when the Grandparents offered to take the boys for a sleepover when they were younger. You certainly appreciate the quiet times when they’re available. I saw a quote today (but I can’t remember where) something like – you get the kids to bed and you finally have time for yourself…shame you’re too tired to enjoy it. 🙂 ♥

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    • That’s exactly how it goes. I didn’t even bother cleaning their mess after they were in bed. We haven’t sent both of the boys for a sleepover at the grandparents, yet. The oldest goes and that alone change the dynamics and sound within our house.

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      • The first time is FREAKY but then you really, really enjoy it. Biggest thing is, you’ve got to be happy with who you leave them with. You won’t enjoy the time if you’re stressing about them 🙂


      • There was one day when both my wife and I were home from work but the kids were still in school. That was kinda weird. As of right now the only sleepovers that occur are at their grandparent’s house 3 doors up the road.


    • The only 2 things I think of to do make it quiet are wear earplugs (but those only dampen the noise) or lock yourself in your car. If you sneak out, the kids will stay inside and you won’t hear them. If I had any real solutions I would have told ya. I’m just as clueless 🙂

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