R is for … #atozchallenge


is for realize. I realized this morning that today is not “V” day. It’s “U” day. But I already wrote “U” last Saturday. I didn’t do two letters in a day, yet I’m a letter ahead.

I realized this morning that I skipped the letter R. When I should have been writing about R, I wrote about S. It was that stupid slither game that threw me off.

Not only did I realize I skipped R, but thanks to The Coach Daddy, I also realized the lines and splotches decorating my face each have a story. Laughter.  Like when Bang poked his finger in his mother’s belly button (which she hates). After a slight pause, he smells his finger. Maybe you had to be there, but we were dying with laughter. Naturally, this caused him to do over and over. “It’s making you laugh, mom!”

I realized those lines are from stress. Perhaps my O’s lost their lead. Perhaps they’re staging a late game comeback. Perhaps from a few white knuckle, white out drives. Some are from a certain someone who had open heart surgery when he was 5 days old.

I realized those lines are from stupidity. An invincible adolescent who was too cool for sunscreen. I worked every summer, nearly every day, outside wandering through corn fields, pea fields, potato fields looking for bugs. I loved that job. If I wasn’t in a cornfield I was on the ball field. I was too cool for sunscreen. Even in the 115F heat waves. But I would tan and they’d call me José.

I have also realized I’m happier when I run regularly. I haven’t been. I’ve been finding excuses easier than finding the time. I realize this needs to be remedied.

I just now realized our refrigerator is as much a story teller as I am. It’s adorned with magnets collected from around the US and Canada and a Save the Date for a wedding invite from 3 years ago. It’s decorated with a picture of a creeper and R2-D2, a stop light made in kindergarten and a flower colored on primary practice day (colored by the same child). It’s covered with calendars, sight words for reading, and an EKG print-out. It’s a literal snapshot of our life right now.



Does your fridge tell any stories?

22 thoughts on “R is for … #atozchallenge

  1. My fridge doesn’t tell stories, but other areas of my house does…the mantel, where we keep photos from our favorite vacations…the rectangle of basement space that is now ruled by Lego sets and a toy train layout…the corner of the living room filled with baby toys… 🙂

    I really like that you realized…but also finding a way to tie in other things you realized beyond the skipping of a letter. 🙂

    Oh, and within days of your S post, somehow my kid had heard about Slither! 😛

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  2. My fridge tells the story that Mom is a cleaning Nazi who has broken things down to the tiniest detail for almost every person in the house for every day of the week…OR that Mom is a cluttered fool who *wants* to be a cleaning Nazi.

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    • Our stuff is slightly organized but mostly just jammed in there wherever it fits. We just try put stuff back in the same place so we know where to look for it. I didn’t even think to discuss the stories the inside of the fridge might have 🙂

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  3. Our fridge has a picture of a day when all four cats could cuddle together in the bathroom sink. Two of the four have moved on to the great catnip field in the sky. The other two could fit in the sink – if they took turns.

    Thanks for the shoutout, my brother. I’ve had some trouble keeping up with the alphabet this month myself.


    • It’s been difficult for one reason or another to keep up with what everyone is writing. I’ve got a select few I read regularly because they get shipped (for free!) right to my inbox.


  4. Loved this post.
    It’s so important to take a step back and examine these moments, these belly button fingerings, and busily decorated fridges, to think about what’s important! Your perspective makes for a fun read.
    It’s a good reminder to focus on what’s important.


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  6. My fridge tells stories and shares remainders because as I have aged with two teens, I seem to struggle with retaining any source of info given just an hour ago much less a week ago in regards to this evening or next month. (Get all that?)😉


  7. Hahaaaa! Ok. I really had to laugh at poking the belly and then smells his finger. 😅😅😅
    The fridge story is a grrreaattt idea for a post. Our is with magnets, appointments mainly and emergency numbers. But hardly ever empty!


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