This Summer’s Schedule

I love summer.

I love winter, too. But summer is way hotter.

Unfortunately, it’s not conducive to blogging. The kids are home all day. They either need entertaining or forced encouraged to clean something. They magically get along when they’re told to clean. It’s like a miracle.

Then there’s traveling. We don’t go far. Basically, around the block. Though we did make it to the beach yesterday.







Of course, we got home a bit late and after a day of sun, sand, surf, and supper, blogging didn’t make the to do list.

Then there’s the later than usual bedtime every night because “It’s still light out!” and “My friends get to stay up until dark!” By the time they’re finally asleep all I have left is to watch as many Game of Thrones episodes we can fit in.

Which is usually one.

There’s also baseball. It’s going to take up more time than a Lord of the Rings extended version trilogy marathon. Actually, that’s about the same length as just one game. This year, however, I have stepped into the role of Coach for Crash’s team. Yes, I’m a Coach Daddy. Except for baseball. I’ve coached soccer and wrestling and golf. This is my first stint at baseball. So far, so good. We haven’t lost! We won one and tied one. We have three games next week. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. So we’ll be spending a good portion of our summer on the field of dreams.

The boys have been begging to go camping. I love camping and used to camp frequently. I’ve never taken along two rambunctious kids. I would love to teach them what I know about camping and the wilderness and the night sky without light pollution and about cheese filled crust pizza (but not while camping). There are a few day trips we’d like to take and trip to visit DW’s brother and sister-in-law. The boys love playing with their cousins.

I’ll be TweetingInstagramming and Facebook our adventures so feel free to follow along. What will you be doing this summer?

Sorry, South-of-the-Equatorians, what will you be doing this winter?

21 thoughts on “This Summer’s Schedule

  1. We do have snow up in the highlands. The snow is wet snow so quite wet and heavy. We tend to stay in for Winter but there are things on like the theatre My Fair Lady is showing and Winter night market etc. Our art gallery have the Winter Master collection. This year it’s Van Gogh. Then there’s the footy if you like football. Plenty to do if one wants to.
    We’ll have to head out when we’ve got our exchange student with us to show her some of Melbourne.


  2. You’ve got a busy busy summer schedule! It’ll keep the boys nicely occupied. And you. 😊

    You’ll just have to make the boys clean all the time while at it! I bet they enjoy the cleaning and would love to clean more. 😆


  3. I used to get correspondence courses to take during summer. Mornings were spent filling out the questionnaires and diagrams. Once, when I got an intricate geometry problem right in the correspondence course, I must have memorized it, because I got the same problem for the winter final in school. Blew my math teacher’s mind. So I say, give ’em math. Can’t hurt. (Wait, it does hurt. Just remembering.)


  4. It’s funny — I usually think when summer rolls around that I’ll catch up a bit on the blogging, but I guess my brain forgets the part where I’ll be doing the kid stuff nonstop!

    Sounds like a busy summer ahead. Good luck with baseball! LM has one month of vacation left until school starts. We plan to hit up the beach one more time, do another summer camp, their classes, and hopefully Carowinds. We saw two movies last week — the new Spiderman and Pirates of the Caribbean, which was fun.

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    • Exactly. I think I’ll have all day to get everything done and I end playing referee all day or we go places. Or it’s too hot. Pirates of Caribbean looked good. I’d like to see that one. A friend has invited us to their pool. WHOOO HOOO!!! 😀

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  5. Sounds like a crazy busy schedule but more importantly memories in the making. As my son is only 14-months old, our schedule isn’t this busy yet but part of me can’t wait.


  6. Yikes, busy! But busy is happy, usually. Lots of memory making, right? Keep taking photos!
    I too am missing the downtime I had – just twice a week for about 2h while one was in school and the other was napping. It is hard for me to get blogging done, too. This upcoming weekend is our third traveling weekend in a row, so I’m already exhausted. I plan on visiting the in-laws pool a lot to cool down!!! And jumping on our trampoline, sweating at the park, getting dripped on by our popsicles … you know the drill!


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