Monday Share: Week 28

For those who are counting there are just 167 days left until Christmas. For those who aren’t counting there are still 167 days until Christmas.

Today I’d like to honor the seven 8 blogs who appear in my email that I make sure I read. Skim if I don’t have time to fully read. But I read and comment when I can. Some are on journeys. Some are insightful. Some are just plain funny. It’s a good can of mixed nuts.

Modern Mommy Madness
The hardest one to forgive

Dorky Mom Doodles
Fun bags… need I say more?

Home With Peanut
Toddler Hulking. We’ve all been there. We’ve all handled it in our own way.

A Momma’s View
It’s not the mountain that changes…

Four Princesses and the Cheese
Brought to you by the number 0 and the letter F

Coach Daddy
Teacher? Maestro? Guru? Jedi? Nah, Coach is cool.

Grubbs n Critters
Conquering the next 6 months!

Sounds Like Life To Me
On toilet problems and a song to get you through…

Me. On Twitter. On Instagram. On Facebook. #RockTheHashtag

Next week will be a follow your own adventure kind of Sunday Share.

handstand beach


14 thoughts on “Monday Share: Week 28

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out once again, Eric. Sorry for neglecting your blog. Time is just getting away from me at the moment. As Arnold Schwarzenegger used to say: I’ll be back!


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