T is for…


Trucks: pick-up, transport, garbage, recycling, tow, cement, dump, fire, poop waste disposal, monster, etc… Trains. Tractors. Tricycles. Tires. Anything with tires, treads or tracks. Race cars, planes, excavators, bulldozers. If it has wheels our boys love it.

They always have, too. It’s not that we pushed them towards that stuff. They chose it. They have a doll named Sweet Baby they play with on occasion, but it’s the trucks and trains they are attracted to the most. They play with their kitchen set sometimes. However, it’s the shopping cart they prefer. Well, here. Let me show what you might get to play should you stop by for a visit…

Just a hint at the number of things with wheels.

Just a hint at the number of things with wheels.

That green recycling truck is Bang’s favorite. For about a month after he received it, no one was allowed to touch it. Not even if we asked nicely. Even now it’s iffy.

They find the real ones even better, of course. At the bus stop, Bang loves to see the log haulers, transfer trucks and the cements trucks go by on the highway. He can watch excavators and backhoe loaders for hours. He is best friends with the garbage men. Though he doesn’t like to get to close to the trucks because they’re too loud. (Ironically enough, he also doesn’t like silence).

The other “truck game” he likes to play involves a front loader and dump truck. Use the loader to pick up blocks, drive up a ramp and dump the load into the dump truck. We continue this until the dump truck is full. The dump truck dumps it’s load and we start all over. Speaking of which… it’s now time to go play!


8 thoughts on “T is for…

  1. Wow! We had a boy who just was not interested in cars. He had them, and trains, but didn’t play with them. He had dressing up clothes and was always superman, Batman, a cowboy, Spiderman, an explorer, a Spaceman, a knight, a Spy… lots of gadgets in special boxes, guns and swords and armour. in fact I was very worried. But then I stood next to a woman while waiting in a queue, watching him sword fighting the air and mentioned my worry, and she said, ‘my son was allowed guns and my friend’s son was not. My son is an accountant, her son has left and is in the army’… so he had his guns. He is now a very peace-loving adult!


    • Funny you mention that. My brother wrote in kindergarten that he wanted to be a G.I. Joe man when grew up. He ended up spending 10 years in the marines. Interesting how things turn out!


      • It’s like the pandemic for boys! Squirt is crazy over them, too. Actually anything with wheels. I find that intriguing how boys are just drawn to such toys even when there were no introduction given.


    • I find it interesting that boys are naturally drawn to things with wheels – trucks, diggers, etc.. While girls are drawn to the dolls and and such. Even without prompting or introduction they choose “gender biased” toys.


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