U is for… V is for… (a 2 for 1)

UUni-kitty?Sure, why not. Crash and Bang love the Lego Movie unikittyas much as they love Legos. I asked Crash, “What’s U for?” He knows I’ve been writing about he and his brother using the alphabet. Uni-Kitty was his idea. So I countered with “ugly”. He laughed. He responded with, “Yeah, like you and that stinkin’ troll.” (We just finished reading Harry Potter). We both laughed at that one. He’s getting good with his come-backs! 😀

I think I’m make U for urinate. Because as the parent of two boys, urination for them is sort of a fascination. In the bathroom, their aim is equivalent to that of a blind man with vertigo. However, if you put either one of them in front of tree to urinate upon, they won’t miss a drop. The world is their urinal.

And if they’ve urinated outside once, they will want to do it every time. Even if they are inside and suddenly get the urge. Chances are good you will catch them once (if not 10 times) on the front porch because they came outside to urinate. Could they have gone the bathroom? Of course. Would it have been as much fun. Unlikely. Look on the positive side, at least you won’t have to clean the bathroom if they urinate outside.

VVacations. If you read H and I you would already know we took a sort of mini vacation for a couple days. It was only for 3 days and 2 nights, but it was time away from home. We are hoping to take a bigger, longer vacation this summer to visit Grandparents and family who live a thousand miles away. There are also vacations like going south to Jamaica or a Disney vacation. Or travelling abroad.

I’m not talking about that kind of vacation. I’m talking about the little escapes parents rarely acquire yet vastly appreciate. Vacations that may last 30 seconds or they may last 30 minutes but infinitely valued. A hug between mom and dad while the kids stand staring. All is quite and comfortable. A shower alone. A sweet 15-20 minutes of solitude. A trip to the grocery store sans rugrats? Bliss. Inevitably, someone will ask where they are, why you’re alone, or how you escaped. I always tell them, “I got a vacation.” Free to roam the aisles like a horse out to pasture. No fussing over urchins running or trying to put random items in the cart. No one gets the gimmees. No fighting at the checkouts. It’s a rare event, but ever so enjoyable.

For me, running is a vacation, as well. It’s my me time away from everything and everyone. Sometimes, when the weather gets warmer, Bang will join me while being pushed in his stroller. I still count it as a vacation because he doesn’t talk as much. He gets too busy watching all the log haulers, cement trucks, and trains that I wrote about yesterday. Anyway, it’s not every week we get to take a vacation to some far away wonderland. However, it is every day we can find an escape, whether 30 seconds or an hour, and it just may give that much needed boost to get you to your next vacation. Have a nice trip!


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