Good Vibes

In case you needed a feel good story you go…

Bang and I had just finished reading books at bedtime. He was tucked in with his blankie and Penguin (though he wouldn’t stay that way because the bathroom beckoned). Then this conversation took place…

Bang: Love you

Me: Love you, too

Bang: Like your face

Me: Like your face

Bang: You’re the best person ever

Me: You’re the best person, too

Bang: Thank you

Me: You’re welcome.

Bang: Know what that was for?

Me: What was that for?

Bang: For loving me.

This evening, Bang is my favorite.

On a completely unrealated note and the reason I’ve been radio silent for a few days is because I was screened for an interview for a teaching position. Today was that interview. I discovered in the past that I learn best when I’m in motion. I spent several days researching and brushing up on my buzzwords and getting all my notes in order. I spent an hour and half and 14,000 steps on the treadmill talking to myself as if I were talking to my interviewers commiting my notes to memory. I felt confident and confidence goes a long way. I’ll find out this week if I’m the successful applicant.

Tag. You’re it. Your turn to tell me something good. Lets keep the good vibes rolling…

18 thoughts on “Good Vibes

  1. I got invited to Government house yesterday . Our volunteering group won an award. So that’s my good vibe for the week. Today I volunteered at a booth and got to know a volunteer. We email to and fro yet have never met.
    Good luck with the interview. Can’t believe you prepared that much for it 😊

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