The Last Day

Tonight is a school night.

Last night was the last non-school night.

So I read a bit extra to Crash. We’re reading Harry Potter. We’re nearly done the fourth book, now. Just a few chapters left. We’re going to watch the movie once we finish the book. The book doesn’t scare him. He thinks the movie will, though.

That makes tonight a school night. We’ve been getting the kids into a regular routine at bedtime again. We started last week. You know, making sure they’re clean, eat their bedtime snack (which they invariably try to turn into meal), brush teeth and in bed to read and sleep at a decent hour. Here it’s lights out between 7:30 and 8.

Crash is awesome at waking on time to get ready for school. He’s so good he doesn’t need an alarm or to be woken by us. He’s awake between 6 and 6:30. On school days. On weekends. On holidays. Even if he stay up until midnight (like last New Year’s Eve).

Bang, on the other hand, is a different story. He likes his sleep. Some mornings I’ve tried to wake him and he rolls over and tries to go back sleep. Little bugger. He also likes to take his time in the morning. He’s not one to jump out of bed and run downstairs to eat at 7am. He’s one to run downstairs to go play for a bit at 8am.

Today is the last day of summer vacation. We made it to the beach several times. We didn’t get out camping though. Perhaps we can fit that in this fall. I’d love to make it to Cape Breton’s Highland National Park… it’s stunningly beautiful in the fall.

Today is the last day of summer vacation. We made it out kayaking a few times. We can keep going through the fall, too. We just won’t be stopping for a swim any more.

It’s the last day of summer which means the trampoline will be coming down in a month. We store it away for the winter in attempt to make it last longer. Wet, heavy snow on a trampoline doesn’t do good things to it. Mowing should be slowing down, too. Which is a bummer because that’s how I get all my steps in for the day.

Today is the last day of summer vacation which mean Crash will start having homework. He hasn’t had homework in… well never. I know Finland says they never give homework and Finland has the best education system. But I think a bit of homework is necessary. What are your opinions on homework? Necessary evil? Or are there better things to do with their time?

It’s the last day of summer vacation which means tomorrow will be the first day of the school year! Our last child’s first day of school…. I’m nervous excited.


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24 thoughts on “The Last Day

  1. Homework is completely unnecessary until middle school (unless it’s a special project that requires more time/supplies than are available in the classroom on a daily basis). Kids don’t learn more by doing homework, because they resent doing it, and their attitude reflects in their test prep, studying, worksheet filling in, etc. (Research has shown this in at least 30 out of 50 states, and several different European countries.)

    When they reach middle/high school, it’s different, because they need to be getting ready for college/the real world, and part of that is learning to manage time, arrange for deadlines, be able to look things up on your own, etc.

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    • If it’s good to teach them the to be ready for the real world in middle school, why not start them early with a bit of homework (15 minutes worth) when they’re younger? (just playing devil’s advocate, here.. not trying to be argumentative). And I would a bit of homework would help keep what they learned in class a bit fresher for the next day… I know there so many more factors at play though. Kids don’t want to do homework. Parents don’t like the battle it causes. Time is already limited at home after school. I’m curious about the studies though!


      • There were several studies done in my state after Common Core’s first year, and it found that all around test scores were down, grades were down, and kids’ apathy about going to school had grown. There’s a teacher in Dallas, TX (4th grade, I think) who said she refused to assign homework for her class anymore, because she hadn’t seen any evidence it was doing them any good.

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      • And I think a lot of teaching responsibilities can be done at home, with chores or some other sort of obligation. Yeah, being disciplined with education is important, since we are so blessed to live in a culture that values education for all children. But since I have a major issue with a lot of the stuff being “taught” right now, I’d rather see the kids spend more time on strict academics, and less time on electives and “non-necessary” courses during the school day. And then have more time after official school hours for extracurriculars.

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  2. Hmmmm….I’m not for homework; having come from a very academic system of homework and more homework. At least not for kids under 12. After that, some homework is good for a little discipline. I flipped when Spud had homework every day when we were in Bangkok and she was barely 4 years old. Let them play! 😀

    Don’t you wish for real Hogwarts school? Spud and Squirt both love watching Harry Potter. But the last 2 – HP and the Deathly Hallows scared them. They’d still watched, though! Gotta get them those books!

    Did not even realise you did not use the taboo word.

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    • I do wish Hogwarts was real. I’d be heading straight for platform 9 3/4! Though, maybe Hogwarts is real. We’re just muggles who can’t see/access it. As for homework, I’m totally against 4 year olds having it. But I think 7 years and up can handle it. Not much mind you, because play time and family time is important, too. But just a few minutes of math and some reading to do at bedtime. Keeps things fresh. Just my personal opinion, though. I’m sure the studies will shoot me down 🙂

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  3. Good luck to them tomorrow!

    I read about an elementary school with super low test scores (in Mass. I believe) that banned homework. And replaced it by extending the school day two hours. Lord Jesus. I think a little homework is okay, primarily to keep parents involved in what the kids are learning (which should not take an hour per night!). But adding in tons of homework on little bodies who only get 40 minutes combined of lunch and recess per day seems like a good way to burn them out and make them not ready to learn much at all.

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    • No thanks to the longer school day! I think homework is a great way to keep parents apprised of what’s going on in the classroom. Of course, there are other way to let them know. No need to burn them out though… just a few minutes, I believe, is efficient.

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  4. I believe that homework is a good thing for a child, though it gets more difficult in high school, and add to that my daily clarinet practice, I was busy from the time I got home, until well into the evening. My mom was pretty strict about going to bed early on school nights, but I managed to sneak some ‘after-lights-out’ reading time, as I was always reading something fiction.

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    • That was me and sports in high school. I was in a sport all year long – soccer then wrestling then baseball. Practices would be right after school then I’d go home for supper and get my homework done. I’d read whenever I get the chance… on the bus, at bedtime, in the car…

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    • LOL You make an excellent argument. In winter, the boys will get home around 3 and by 5 it’s pitch dark. They need all the time they can get. But that still leaves another 3 hours. I think 15 minutes of homework won’t kill ’em. It’ll hurt a bit, but it won’t kill ’em. 😀

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