To Crochet or Not to Crochet…

To crochet indeed.

Boy, I’ve got a yarn for you!

Have you ever been married to someone for 10+ years and you know them so well that you can make their coffee exactly the way they like it? You finish each others sandwiches sentences. You know their hopes and dreams and they’ve become your hopes and dreams. You know their worries and stresses and how to conquer them.

Then one day they return from running errands with a few balls of yarn, a book and some crocheting hooks. Or are they needles like in knitting? You’re left wondering, huh? Or WTH? Since when did you want to learn to crochet? Where did this come from?

I looked up the difference between knitting and crocheting. I still don’t know other than knitting uses two pointy sticks and crocheting uses just one not so pointy hook. My mom is knitter my DW is a crocheter.

Turns out it’s a better hobby than those adult coloring books. Yes, we have a few of those, too. Unlike a coloring book, after a crochet project is finished there is a usable item. Be it a coaster, a wash cloth, a dishcloth or a hat. However, like coloring, it can be a stress reliever. It becomes a project that diverts attention away from the frustrations we encounter in every day life. Bonus? It can be done while you watch Gold Rush (or any show/movie of your choosing).

So DW came home with some yarn and a book on how to crochet. Like trying to learn guitar by reading about it, it wasn’t easy. Actually, it was closer to impossible. Like hearing the guitar note in the book. But she didn’t give up and toss the hooks in the trash. Instead, she took to YouTube. What can’t you learn on YouTube? It was like a personal trainer. She had someone explaining how to get started, how read the pattern, and how to finish it.

wash clothHer first attempt wasn’t perfect. A crooked dishcloth. We kept it. It was her first and it still cleans the dishes. Her second attempt was a double crochet dishcloth. It came out wrong. Did she quit? Nope. She ripped it all apart and started over. The second time was the charm. Boom, we’ve got two dishcloths now.

Then she upped the ante. Her third project? A hat. Crash asked to have the first one. So DW got a measurement and set to work. She wasn’t exactly using “boyish” colors but that didn’t phase Crash any. He just wanted hat made by mom. She worked on that thing non-stop. She was as excited about it coming along as Crash was to see it coming along. She wanted to do a little something extra to it so it wouldn’t be just a plain old hat. So I suggested putting a mohawk on it. I marked on the calendar the good idea I had. They don’t come often, you know!

Lesson: if you want to learn something new the only thing stopping you is yourself.

The hat is finished and they’re both proud as punch about it. It was nice to see her embark upon a new project that she was excited to learn. Even if I had no idea she was interested in learning. Now, if I could just learn guitar as fast as she learned to crochet.


On another note, Crash has been asking to start a YouTube channel. Guess what I did this evening? Started his Youtube channel. He wants to make videos on how build various Lego creations he has constructed. Today’s video is just over a minute long. He started with an extremely easy build. A Minecraft grass block. Have a look here. I think we’ll aim to post a new video weekly, for now. Or whenever we get around to it. Feel to subscribe!


52 thoughts on “To Crochet or Not to Crochet…

  1. Yeah, just go for it, whether it be knitting, crocheting, or other hobbies that you may not realize your partner or friend – or yourself! – wanted to get into, but hey… Yeah, it’s worth trying, for sure. And it’s totally true that you decide anytime when you’re done, or not, and there’s nothing wrong at all with not-getting-it-right-according-to-method….try, try again.

    I did something similar with my oldest, when he said he wanted to go on YouTube…I laid down the guidelines and let him go to it. He covers Thomas the Tank Engine fan videos, learning to play Minecraft, and various Lego things. He has double the subscribers that I do at present. 😛 Not bad for a 12-year-old on the autism spectrum. One of his videos was even featured on someone else’s weekly post recently! 🙂


    • It’s comforting to hear good come from the internet. We constantly hear about the dreaded “trolls”. I have yet to encounter one personally. So I’m hoping this will be a fun little outlet for him. And safe, too.


      • Yeah, I haven’t had any bad experiences with “trolls” in several years…there have been a few hiccups for my son, but it was also a good opportunity to teach him how to appropriately handle such a confrontation.

        For the most part, he has a community that he gets along well with, and they appreciate his input, and it’s all cool. 🙂

        Best of luck to your little guy!


      • Thanks for the idea of using “trolls” as an educational opportunity. For now, everything is run by me. All he’s responsible for is making the videos. Soon enough, I’ll let him be in charge of his channel. 🙂


  2. I taught myself to crochet when I injured my leg skiing at age 15. They were worried about a blood clot so I had to stay home from school for several weeks and keep the leg up. I had a tutor come and help me with my schoolwork that was sent home, but I did it up really quickly and was bored most of the time. So, I went into my Mom’s craft supplies, found some wool, crochet hooks and a pattern book that also explained the basics. When my parents came home from work I had a scarf half done. I now make hats and other photography props for newborns. You should see if Youtube can help you learn the guitar…or take up crochet yourself! Everyone needs a hobby.

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    • I can only imagine your parent’s surprise when they came home to find you half way done a crocheted scarf when just the day before you didn’t even know how to crochet. That’s awesome that you taught yourself! As for me learning the guitar, I’m trying out the App “Yousician”. It’s only the free version so it only gives me limited practice time. But I’m at least practicing 🙂

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  3. My sister taught herself to knit and now it’s a full time job that pays her mortgage. Hats, scarves, gloves, koosies, golf club covers.. you name it.
    Kudos to DW for sticking with it. That hat rocks!!

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  4. I don’t have the patience for either which is why I make cards 🙂 But this is fabulous. Both my mom and grandmother knitted and crocheted and tried to pass the talent my way, but I just.can’t. That hat is amazing!


    • Thanks! I had that song stuck for a little while I was writing this. Hence the crossed out “sandwiches”. And now I will have it on repeat in my brain the rest of the day for just thinking about it.


  5. The hat look fab, crocheting is so clever! (As is knitting for that matter) I’m going to have to take a leaf out the perseverance book and take note of your quote when I start cello lessons next week!

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  6. Creating something from scratch is unbeatable. Every time I finish a project I feel the same pure joy I felt when I made my first chain row with my hook 🙂 It’s magic


    • Thanks for stopping by, Connie! I feel the same way. Holding a finished product is great whether it be crocheted, stitched, written, musical, sculpted, etc… Especially when it’s something you enjoy doing so much!

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  7. Awesome on both counts. Good for your wife for persevering and the Youtube thingamajiggy is brilliant. I might suggest it for my son to try. He’s very creative, but I’m not sure he’s confident enough to do a clip of it. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  8. Mary learned the basic knitting stitches (knit and purl) from her cousin’s wife, and has been knitting and crocheting since we’ve been married (38 years last month). She’s real stubborn, and has learned advanced techniques in both just by refusing to give up on it. She taught herself to crochet. You’re absolutely right: the only person who can stop you is you.


    • I think anyone who can teach themselves something is a superhero. That’s amazing that she not only taught herself but stuck with for 38 years. Good on her for not quitting and/or giving up! My wife is now on her 5th project since just last week.


  9. Okay, that’s a seriously cool hat! I’m stuck on coloring books & you’re right — no end product — but we figure the sanity-saving properties are priceless. 😂


    • You’re right about the sanity saving properties. They are as valuable a diamonds 🙂 I’m going to have to do an update post on the other hats she’s made. The one she just finished for a friend’s 1 year old is absolutely adorable.


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