10 Questions I asked my kids

Once upon a time I asked our two boys 23 questions. Their answers, of course, were great. You can read Bang’s answers here and Crash’s are here.

Now, on Fridays I answer my kids’ questions. To preclude that I figured it was their turn to answer mine. Some answers I could ask every time they change their underwear and I’d get a different answer each time. Which leads me to believe their answers depend on which underwear they have on.

So, without further ado, here are Crash (8) and Bang’s (4) answers to my 10 questions this week. I’m sure at least one will make you laugh and thereby completing our mission.

  1.  What do you want to be when you grow up?
    Crash: Electrician
    Bang: Electrotrician to fix the wires (linesman)
  2. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
    Crash: To clean the basement in less than one second
    Bang: The power to fix the lights
  3. What are the three best things about being you?
    Crash: I play outside a lot, I had heart surgery when I was a baby, I go on adventures
    Bang: I roll in the snow, cleaning snow off the picnic table, coloring and drawing
  4. Can you name one thing that scares you?
    Crash: The dark
    Bang: The dark in the basement (just for reference, the basement is where their toys are and where they play most)
  5. What is the most disgusting thing you can think of?
    Crash: Gravy
    Bang: Poop
  6. What’s something that makes you angry?
    Crash: When I lose in a game
    Bang: My brother flipping me off the plasma car
  7. What are you good at?
    Crash: Minecraft and snowboarding
    Bang: Vacuuming Piper’s mat (Piper is our Quaker Parrot)
  8. What animal would you like to be?
    Crash: Shark
    Bang: Giraffe
  9. What’s the best thing about being a kid?
    Crash: You can fit in treehouses
    Bang: Playing plasma cars and going running in the stroller with dadplasma car
  10. Name two things we should do as a family on the weekend.
    Crash: Watch a movie and go swimming
    Bang: Sort laundry and do chores

    I have a list of questions to ask them that is longer than the list of questions they’ve asked me so far. Expect to see this as a recurring theme each Thursday.



37 thoughts on “10 Questions I asked my kids

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  2. Love this. You can always count on kids to give honest and funny answers. Bang can come to my place and help clean anytime! And we need an electrician right now so Crash can come too!


    • They’re both creative, it’s just that at the ripe old age of 8 he’s bit more practical than his 4 year old brother 🙂 Reading their mind is nearly impossible unless I’m trying to guess if they’ll like a particular food.


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