Road Trip!

Well, we are soon off on a 6 hour road trip with Crash and Bang to the big city. This should be interesting. It’s a 3 hour trip there and a three hour trip back. All for a dentist appointment. 

We had Crash to the dentist here in town. He was great. However, Crash’s x-ray came back funky. Normally in an x-ray you can clearly see the adult teeth that have yet to come through the gums. Not in Crash’s. In Crash’s x-ray, his adult teeth show up like ghosts. They’re there, but they’re faint. Also, he lost a baby tooth 5 months ago and the adult tooth has yet to come through. So he’s had a gap this entire time.

Hopefully, the dental surgeon we see today will be able to tell us why and what can be done about it. Hopefully, too, his answer won’t cost us an arm and a leg and our second born. Though by the end of the trip we may be willing to trade said second born.

Tune in this evening to find out how the trip went. Ugh. 6 hours with these monkeys. It’s a test run for our drive the States this summer. That will a 20 hour drive.


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