A Month in Review

The month of May was kind to me. I had six fewer posts than April because April was the A-Z challenge. I had 24 posts in May. My number of views was down a bit, too, 737 in April dropped to 581 in May. However, my number of visitors rose ever so slightly from 182 to 187. My likes dropped from 223 to 203  and the number of comments dropped from 271 to 144.

Other than my home page, my most popular post in May was “Where’s the line“. The top three countries to visit last month were the U.S.A., Canada, and South Korea.

A huge thanks to OM for reblogging that post. My number of followers grew from 77 to 100. My newest followers are Mom Meets Blog, Did You Dress Up For This, and Desirable Love. Thanks for following! Will you be the next? Just click the follow button over there on the right side or the one at the top. No account necessary!

I’m not even going to discuss my 1,000 mile challenge. I didn’t run a single time in Canada. However, I did run 4 miles in Florida. I’m going to have to run far this summer.


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