Sandwiches and Surgery

Well, yesterday nearly went according to plan. We got on the road after everyone ate breakfast and got ready. Crash’s appointment wasn’t until 2:45 and since it was a 3 hour drive we didn’t need to leave until 11:30 at the very latest. We left at 10:30 and after a quick stop for gas and to check the oil we were underway.

It was raining and it was going to rain all day. A soaking, cold rain. After our three hour drive though said rain we arrived and were parked at 2:00. We had a quick lunch of sandwiches we thought to pack before hand. Of course, Bang, sitting next to Crash in his car seat didn’t want to eat. “I don’t want to eat next to Crash. He stinks!” came the whine. Ugh. He pulls this stunt at home and I was hoping to avoid it here. Long story short, Bang skipped lunch for now.

Once in the hospital, we realized how crowded it was and how many people were waiting so we pulled out the electronics. We let them play for a long time while DW and I people watched. It was a long wait just to get in to see the surgeon. After an hour, Bang finally ate his sandwich. Then I took him for a walk around the hospital. We went for a ride on the elevator to the 12th floor. We found some windows to look out and, as expected, he was excited by the view. He couldn’t wait to get back the ground floor to tell mom about it. Finally, after two and half hours in the waiting room, we were taken to a room where the doctor would see us.

The surgeon said he could feel the tooth that hasn’t come in yet. He was not too concerned about it. He wants to give it six months to a year to allow it time to finish forming and come in. If it hasn’t come in by then, then we’ll take the necessary steps.

What he was concerned about are his six year molars. They don’t have any solid roots and will eventually become cracked, broken and fall out. He wants to take them out sooner rather than later to allow the 12 year molars to move up (and hopefully hid wisdom teeth will bump those up…if not braces are also a possibility in the future). Sometime within the next couple months Crash will be having surgery to remove four teeth. This should be interesting. Now we are just waiting for the call to tell us his scheduled date.

Not taking his molars out to make room for the 12 year ones… he’s taking them out because they have no solid roots and will need to come out eventually anyway… there’s nothing there to sustain them. He said he’d rather take them out sooner than later to allow the 12 year molars to move up (and hopefully wisdom teeth to bump those up…if not braces are also a possibility in the future…ugh!)

We didn’t get out of the appointment until 5:45. The boys are used to eating by 5:00. Needles to say they were bored, tired, and hungry… a deadly trio. We rushed off to supper at Swiss Chalet, then a stop at the pet store for food for our Piper bird and to Home Depot to spend a gift card (2 bags of potting soil and a dragonfly windchime). We didn’t get on the road for home until 8 pm and it was still a downpour rain. Crash and Bang dozed off for a bit but were wide awake when we pulled in the driveway at 11:00. We went straight up the stairs and right into bed not even bothering to brush teeth. Crash slept in an hour, getting up at 7 and Bang was still asleep when I left for school this morning at 8:10.

We survived.

Though we’ll be good and tired today.


4 thoughts on “Sandwiches and Surgery

  1. Sounds like you have a great dentist, who has given good advice! When my youngest daughter went to the dentist at age 8, they wanted to give her braces and all this expensive BS. I got a second opinion and all they did was take out a molar which left room for the rest of her big teeth to grow in…straight. Extractions are completely covered. Beware the dental witchdoctors!

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    • I think he is. The only option he gave us was to remove the 6 year molars. He said braces might be needed later if the 12 year molars don’t come in straight. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for the next 4 years!

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    • It was a day for sure. It was going great right up until we got to the hospital and Bang wouldn’t eat lunch at then the 2 1/2 hour wait for the doctor. On the plus side we had $25 gift card and our order $25.10!

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