It’s Bird Season!

bal_1200x630How could I not post this today? It’s officially bird season. My birds, the Baltimore Orioles, are currently winning 5-1 going into the 9th inning. There have been a few changes from last season, but I’m still excited to them back on the field. I’m also elated to watch a few long ball homers! If you follow me via twitter, now is when my tweets will start picking up in frequency. Granted it be mostly about the O’s, but still… Now if we could just get rid of this dang snow it’d feel more like spring!



8 thoughts on “It’s Bird Season!

  1. I hope we can still be friends. I grew up in northern NJ, and I have been a Yankees fan since I could crawl. (I have one tattoo, and it’s their emblem if that tells you anything.) We had a rough start today, but I think as fans we can all rejoice that opening day has arrived! Oh, and we can both root against the Red Sox… 😉

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    • I suppose we can set aside our differences. So long as we have a common enemy! We had a good start (W 6-2). But like you said, regardless, it was opening day, let’s rejoice!


  2. It might please you to know that I have a baseball signed by Cal sitting on my desk. His son had signed to play for the Gamecocks and we happened across call watching one of the winter practices.

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      • Cool! He seemed really nice. My husband had LM ask for the autograph (like a 5 year old had a clue). Those winter practiced were fun since a lot of former college players, some currently in the mlb, would come and do the fan thing, wouldn’t hardly be anyone there either.

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      • LOL I would have done the same… I would have had one our kids ask for the autograph, too 🙂 I loved going to baseball games in the summer. We’d buy tickets for the cheap seats then move down lower to empty seats closer to the field. And on lucky days my dad would get tickets from his company for the first row so we sit right behind the dugout (that’s when we got the ball from Cal Sr. after my brother got beaned… lucky?)


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