F is for…


Usually we’re so careful with our first borns. Their baby book is immaculate, documenting all their firsts, all their milestones and first memories.

First smile. First bath. First night in a crib. First time sitting up. First solid food. First crawl. First time standing. First steps. First trips, visits, first plane ride, first time in a forward facing car seat. First night in a bed. First tooth. First lost tooth. First day of school. First sports game. First recital. First time peeing in the potty. First time pooping in the potty. First sleepover. First girl/boy friend.  First date. First car. And suddenly they are grown adults with their own kids writing blogs about things you already know.

But what about lasts? We don’t recognize lasts so easily. Their last big kid tooth. Their last bubble bath because they only take showers now. Their last time riding with training wheels. The last time they sit on our lap. Their last day of school. The last time they want a kiss goodbye before leaving for school. These are the things that often don’t make into their baby book. These are the lasts we don’t immediately recognize until we think of them months and years later and wonder where the time went.

Nothing shows the passage of time like watching your kids grow. It doesn’t seem so long ago we brought home our first born. After his 16 day stay in the NICU and us being brand new parents, worried out of our minds. Now he’s a bustling 7 3/4 year old, in school, having friends over, having sleepovers, and full of attitude because mom and dad won’t stop nagging. In seven more years he’ll be entering high school and seven years after that he’ll be driving and in University (if that’s where he wants to go) and technically, an adult.

So, for now, I’ll go reminisce and leave you with the first time Crash held his baby brother, Bang.

Crash hold Bang


14 thoughts on “F is for…

  1. Thank you. I wasn’t sure if it had the feel or tone I was aiming for. I was hesitant in posting it. I was considering scrapping it and starting over. Thanks for the comment and glad you liked it. Sounds like I got what I was aiming for 🙂

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  2. My precious 2 pound 3 ounce premie is now a 26 year old career woman. So true that time flies so fast. We don’t record the lasts because we don’t know they are the last time…or maybe we just don’t want to deal with it.


      • That probably is something to keep in mind when dealing with people we might not see for a while. But for some things that are oft repeated it would start losing meaning to continually treat it as if it was the last time to do something. Last time you change a dirty diaper? Last time you ground your teenager (oops your kids aren’t that old yet)? But your point is well taken and it is the topic of reminiscing.


  3. Lovely post! Such a difficult part of being a parent (one of those things the books don’t prepare you for), the emotions involved in watching/accepting your child grow up and and become more independent by the day. Such a bittersweet process.

    I know with Little Man, we always talked about how we couldn’t wait for him to do XYZ (walk, play t-ball, ride a bike), but I wish we had enjoyed the moment more when he was more dependent on us, rather than looking ahead.


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    • Aww Thanks! We have been away the last couple days so I haven’t had the chance to read and comment on other’s posts. We are due home tomorrow so I’ll be sure to check out everyone’s latest letters that I missed. I’m lucky was able get my own posted! Thanks for the pingback. Means a lot 😀


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