E is for…

EEnergy. Boundless. Renewable. Exhausting. Maybe E is for energy for the kids and exhausted for their parents.

Around here our day starts at 6:30 am because that’s what time they’re allowed up. Crash likes to get up at 5:30, but he’s sent back to bed. He tip toes into our room and whispers “Can I wake up now?” Dude, you are awake but you should be asleep. Go back to bed. Sometimes he’ll go back to bed and “try” to sleep. Most times he goes back to bed to read.

Bang on the other hand will wake at 5ish. But I can get away with putting his covers back on him and he goes back to sleep for another hour or two.

They both hit the ground running.

From playing with his favorite trucks – bulldozer, dump truck, garbage truck, excavator, and cement mixer to tickle fests. When Bang wants attention he’ll, what I can only describe as alligator roll, on me or his mother and say “run and tickle.” When Crash wants attention he just hollers “Dad! Come see!” It’s constant go, go, go around here.

Then there’s the energy that’s put into rivalry. Be right back. Need to go whoop these kids in a game of Candy Land. Back now. I won. Somehow, Crash hasn’t figured out the three year old mentality. If I want it, it’s mine. If I see it, it’s mine. If I think about it, it’s mine. If I have it, it’s mine. If you have it, it’s mine. If it’s broke, it’s yours. So they butt head frequently. And we walk the fine line between sharing and waiting your turn.

Now they’re playing trucks. Or rather, Bang wants to play trucks. Crash wants to play Headbands. So they’re yelling at each other about what they’re going to play. Be right back, need to go play referee. Back now. Crash is wearing a Headbands headband while playing trucks. Crisis averted.

Energy. If there was a way to bottle it someone could be filthy rich. Caffeine free. No jitters. Just pure, unaltered, no added flavors or sugars or dyes, energy. Imagine all that could be accomplished if we could go go go like kids. I can’t wait for this snow to be gone and I get the kids out hiking and to the park. Even the backyard would be pleasant.

Be right back. I need to go play trucks. Back now. I got to be the dump truck. We discovered it can dump 10 blocks but 12 is too heavy. Bang was the bulldozer.

It will be like this all day long. I’m sure you know the feeling. You know what? I’m just going to end it here. Time to play dinkies. I’ll never get this finished today….

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6 thoughts on “E is for…

  1. Reading your post, I feel like I’m the one abt to hit the ground running pronto as they wld be up in a gew hours!

    That bit it’s yours, it’s mine part…so damn true. I’ve resorted to throwing things away if they really cant share…it’s working and we’ll be poorer soon enough :p although I hv to get over the big wail first “it’s miiinnnne! Wahhhh!”

    Liked by 1 person

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