Sunday Share Week 9

Nine weeks into the new year. I guess it’s not new any more. Nine is a lucky number in this house. I was always nine in the sports I played growing up. DW was nine in her sports, too. By sheer luck, Crash was handed his baseball jersey last summer and guess what number was on the back. Nine.

I expect this to be a very lucky week.

Harsh Reality
If you’re looking for a new blog to follow this is where you should be looking…

To motherly instinct or not to motherly instinct…

Phickle Philly
A mysterious disappearance (underwear are involved)

True North Nomad
A long long loooooong drive…

Lutherian Liar Looks at Life
Screwing up the English language

Green Grapes
Learning to love roses

19 thoughts on “Sunday Share Week 9

  1. Thanks for the share!! We switched it up this Sunday and did bath time and dinner super early so that we could have game night before bed. Ended the weekend on a super fun and silly note. I almost forgot it was Sunday night! 😊

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  2. Wow! Thank you ever so, StomperDad! You just made my Monday (sorry I didn’t see your post sooner; I usually read all my faves on Fridays; I was alerted to our inclusion by my new friend J-Dub!) Anyway. You are the BEST! Thank you! xoxoxoxo

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