Things I Won’t Write About This Year

As a parent, I see so many different methods, rules, suggestions, ways to parent it’s tough to tell who’s right and who’s wrong. It’s hard to tell which method will work and which ones won’t. Well, not until 20 years later and we look back using our perfect hindsight vision and wish would would have done, said, reacted, taught, reared, our kids differently.

Looking ahead is difficult. We don’t know exactly how our kids will react to certain rules, certain consequences, the various methods of time outs and the whole reward/punishment philosophy. Over my 9 + 5 years of parenting I’ve used my own strategies and I’ve used suggestions from others. What I have learned the most are the kind of parents I dislike the most.

Parents who allow unlimited screen time  

They explain that technology is the way of the future why should their child not embrace it. They might as well learn it now and get a head start. They seem to instinctively know how it all works anyway. Besides, when they’re on their phone/tablet/computer/game console they aren’t out running the roads getting into trouble.

Parents who are strict with screen time

These parents are almost obsessive with how much time their child spends in front of a screen playing games. They justify it by arguing that there are more important things to do than play video games. They expect their child to engage in physical play, use imagination, interact with others, and in general – learn.

Babies who are breastfed

They say repeatedly that the benefits of breastfeeding are immeasureable. Antibodies, vitamins, that it provides ample nutrition for proper growth of body and brain. It’s convenient in that the baby can be fed anywhere with no prep work. It’s almost a celebratory event when a mom’s milk comes in.

Babies who are bottle fed

Some moms just aren’t physically able to breastfeed. Perhaps they don’t produce enough milk. Perhaps they see their breasts as something sexual and feel uncomfortable breastfeeding. Perhaps the baby isn’t able to breastfeed. If they can’t latch properly, they can’t eat. If they’re lactose intolerant and power puke after feeding, then they won’t eat. 

Tiger parents, helicopter parents, free range parents, snow plow parents
Some parents push their kids to succeed, even at an extremely early age. Some parent hover over their child to make sure those who influence their child do so in a way that benefits the child. Some parents allow their child the freedom to be and do what they want. Some parents push aside all problems their child might encounter before the child even knew the problem was a possibility. 

I won’t write about any of them. They’re all right. They’re alright. I’ve written it before and I’ll write it again: So long as your child is happy, healthy, and educated, keep on keeping on. Do what is right for you, your child, and your family. Never mind what that other mom is doing to survive her children. We’re just doing the best we can with what we’re given. No one knows how it’ll all turn out in the end.

11 thoughts on “Things I Won’t Write About This Year

  1. I recall my first ” parenting crisis ” with Deebs – he was ~ 5 months old and hadn’t pooped in as many days. Worried, I consulted my day care provider at pick up time. Several other mom’s listened in. One piped up and offered advice “put 1oz of prune juice into his evening bottle, that’ll get things going!” My daycare provider, age 68 at the time smiled at me and said “If you ever need advice, just ask another parent – someone always knows what to do.” 😊 The prune juice worked…

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    • That’s the great thing about this parenting gig… so many have come before us that there really aren’t any “new” problems. Someone, somewhere has encountered it prior. All we need to do is find them and ask them. Glad the prune juice worked! πŸ˜€


  2. I love this! Parental anarchy πŸ˜‚ Makes me feel better about my choices, even the not so good ones. Keep on keeping on! Why yes, yes I will!!! Thanks for lovely post.


  3. You rounded your post up in a perfect way. Everything that is pushed to an excess is not good. There is truly no such thing as a perfect parent (although some people act as if they are…). We are all in this together and fight the same issues. And we all want the same thing. For our kids to be happy and grow up into great human beings.

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  5. Amen! I get so sick of the parenting wars. Just because other people make a different decision doesn’t mean they think others are lesser or stupid or ignorant for making a different choice. Parenting is hard, we are all trying to get through it with live offspring, why can we just agree on that goal and leave everyone else be? XD


    • Precisely. Let’s all just get along. Naturally there are wrong ways to parent, but as long as what we’re doing the best we can and our kids are happy, healthy, and educated then that should be good enough. Thanks for stopping by to read!

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