It’s a big word.

Like responsibity.

We all have responsibilites.

Keeping the kids alive.

So when you fail at your responsibilities you are held accountable. Or me. I’m held accountable, too.

Two weeks ago I set a goal for myself to quit drinking Coke and to start running regularly. Both have happened, but not quite like I imagined. First, I ended up not quitting Coke all together. I cut back to two per week. I was drinking six. It was a combination of six cans and 500mL bottles. That’s A LOT of sugar. So two is much better than six. A step in the right direction.

My other goal of running regularly while hasn’t been a total success, has been a step in the right direction. I ran once the first week (two weeks ago). I ran twice last week. So far I’ve only run once this week. Crash has been accompanying me on his bike. We’re up at 6:30, a bite to eat then we’re out the door by 7. However, this morning, Bang was awake so he jumped in the jogging stroller, Crash jumped on his bike and the three of us took off. My goal time pushing a 50+ pound stroller for 4 miles was 36 minutes. We made it in 35:32.

So I’m holding myself accountable. Crash knows the plan is to get out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. He asked me why we skipped last Friday. How can I teach him responsibility and accountability if I don’t hold myself to the same standard? Lead by example instead of do as I say not as I do.

If you’re looking for me in the morning, I’ll be running the roads. My favorite biker beside me. If he’s awake, my favorite stroller rider in front of me.

27 thoughts on “Accountability

    • Thanks, Sandra. He is reminding me. My alarm buzzed at 6:30 this morning. I didn’t get up because Crash was still sleeping. At 6:35 he gets up, comes into our room and asks, “Did your Fitbit buzz?” Yep, it sure did. So here I am about to walk out the door to go running with Mr. accountability πŸ™‚

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  1. Love that picture. I’m a creature of habit and I too have given up coke recently. I don’t have it in the house and I only allow myself one if I’m out for lunch or dinner. The first few days was hard to break the habit and now I don’t miss it at all. Good Luck!! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks, Stacey! The Coke habit is easy to kick. It’s hard to kick, too. If you can keep it out of the house it’s easy. But as soon as some shows up it’s impossible to resist. We got a bottle of it on Monday because we were expecting friends over for adult drinks. They didn’t come so now I have Coke to drink before it goes bad and gets wasted πŸ˜‰

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  2. Awesome picture and I hear you on the giving up something you really like. I gave up soda a lifetime ago and now the summertime is about the only time you will ever see a cold diet pepsi in my hand and its usually on Fridays. My reward for making it through the week.

    Good luck, you got this!

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    • Thanks Tiffany! I can do it. I just need to rewire my brain. It’s used to getting it at certain times (supper at my mother-law’s, or the kids will grab one for me while we’re out shopping, or after mowing). Once my brain accepts that it’s getting water (or lemonade) it’ll be all good πŸ™‚

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