Go Ask Your Father: Speeding, Chicks, Blind & Implosions


First Down?

What a week it’s been. A finished igloo. A collapsed igloo in 6 (42) degree weather and now we have another snow storm targeting us today. We might get 25 cm (10 inches). We might get 40 (16inches). We’ll only know when it’s all done. I guarantee there will some igloo restoration taking place. But for now, the kids are asleep. I’m writing. DW is Facebooking and checking out the trailer for the up coming Grey’s Anatomy. We smell a three day weekend coming.

1) Why do cops go fast?

Presumably, so they can catch your father when he thinks he’s Mario Andretti. Speaking of going fast, true story 1. My mother-in-law was driving my parents truck one day after dropping us off to go kayaking. When she got home she was asked “How fast were you going?” My stepfather-in-law was following her but she was nowhere in sight. “100” she told him. Here in Canadaland, that would be kilometers per hour, only 60 mph. However, what she forgot was that she was driving an American vehicle. Yes, she did 100 mph all the way home. True story 2. A friend was pulled over for speeding and the officer asked why she was going so fast. Her response? “I was just on my way to the hospital to get the lead removed from my foot.” She was let off with a warning and a good laugh.

2) What do baby crows look like?

Well chickie (because DW asked this one), they look like baby crows, of course. We had to google it. They look like black peeps. Or more the typical yellow, fluffy baby chicken. Except black. And like most baby birds, they are also called chicks. And a whole bunch of them together is a murder. I like to say there’s a murder in the backyard. We like to feed them. Leftover peanut butter sandwiches mostly. Sometimes leftover pancake, if it doesn’t have chocolate in it. Sometimes we give them peanuts still in the shell because it’s fun to watch them crack it open. They’re really smart birds. I mean, check out this girl who started getting “gifts” from the crows she fed for years.

3) What do blind people see? Black or White?

Depends on which ref you’re talking about. But either way, bad calls will be made the entire game. Some refs can see light. However, everything is so blurry and fuzzy they can’t tell a soccer ball from a hockey puck. Other’s who are properly, or totally blind (NLP – No Light Perception) you would think see nothing. A black nothingness. Turns this is never true. Damon Rose explains,

How do I even begin to describe it? Let me have a go. Right now I’ve got a dark brown background, with a turquoise luminescence front and centre. Actually it’s just changed to green… now it’s bright blue with flecks of yellow, and there’s some orange threatening to break through and cover the whole lot.


And it’s ever changing…

4) What’s an implosion?

When Crash asked this, I asked him, “What’s an explosion?” in return. After he answered that it’s when something blows up, I let him know that implosion was the opposite. Kind of like what happened to our igloo in the rain, except MUCH faster. Mythbusters are famous for “blowing crap up”. But last week they tried to implode a train. See, when things get really hot, then get sealed off, it creates a vacuum as it cools down and the air inside condenses. -29 point something millibars of mercury is a perfect vacuum. They got the train car down to -27. It didn’t implode. They had to make an “accidental” adjustment to the tank car. The result was impressive


22 thoughts on “Go Ask Your Father: Speeding, Chicks, Blind & Implosions

  1. Some really good questions… especially the one about what blind people see… makes me wonder actually… and you could go totally philosophical about it… Love the fact about your mother-in-law! Could have happened to me too… maybe… maybe not… that’s pretty fast!

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