The journey of a thousand miles…

The journey of a thousand miles does indeed begin with a single step. I’ve witnessed it. This year I’ve vowed to complete that journey. I attempted it last year, but I narrowly missed my goal by 375 miles. This year will be different.

2015-01-28 20.59.181,000 miles. One thousand miles. 1,609.34 kilometers (according to Google). That averages to 83.3 miles per month. That averages to 19.2 miles per week. I can do this I can do this I can do this. That’s my mantra and these shoes will take me there. Last year’s excuse? One word. I got lazy.

Most of my runs happen in the evening after the kids go to bed. I’m usually on the road by 8 pm. I was doing great, I was even ahead of schedule, come summer time. Then school let out and the kids started going to bed later and I deemed 9:00 pm too late to start a run. Then school started back up and my mileage was still there but it wasn’t great. I fell behind. I grew to enjoy getting in pajamas at the same the time the kids did and evening runs bit the dust.

Now I have a new year, new shoes, and an old challenge. I also have a challenger. A friend  3,703 kilometers away has said he’ll run 1,000 Km for my 1,000 miles. You’re on! Here I am on the last day of the month and I’m fourteen miles short of my goal. I can still get my run in this evening but, at best, it’ll only be 8 miles. I’ll have to make up those 6 miles in February. My intention is run far more in February than I did in January. If I get my run in this evening I will have a total of 78 miles this month. If things go according to plan I will have 90+ miles in February. Then March I’ll crest 100. That’s my intention anyway. We all know there is a road paved with good intentions…

I also need to run more hills, more intervals and more tempos. Because I didn’t run for 2 or 3 months I’m slow… nearly 45 seconds per mile slower. I find it tougher to get out when I know I’m slower than I used to be. At the same time, I find myself wanting to be faster (or at least as fast as I used to be) and I can’t do that sitting on the couch in my pajamas.

Running is my me time. When Dad gets his me time it usually helps him be a better DH and dad. So, here’s to a thousand miles.  Care to join me?

P.s. I just thought of something right this very second! I am going to find a destination 1,000 miles away and I’m going to map my progress to said destination. It might motivate.

2 thoughts on “The journey of a thousand miles…

  1. oh my goodnesss…. a thousand miles! best of luck! i’m not a fan of running but I do enjoy doing outdoors-y stuff and going to the gym… so one year I decided to do a “Project 365: running edition” … and it probably sounds easy and simple (because after all, you’re doing 1k!) since it’s basically… okay 1 mile a day. But I realized that if there was a day I didnt want to do a mile… I’d have to do 2 the next day and so forth… I ended up being sooo behind by the end of december that i was running like 5-10 miles a day which I hatedddd (okay, this is only because I dont like to run…) lol.

    …okay end of my rambling. but seriously though, this is exciting and I look forward to hearing about your progress!


    • Did you fulfill your 365? I’m currently 14 miles behind my goal. Hopefully I can make it up. It’s been so frigging cold lately! I’ll be giving random updates on my running. As of yet I don’t have any planned post other than a book review on Wednesday… maybe I’ll start a fitness Friday? Lol… Thanks for the encouragement!


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