My First Month

January is over, though winter is not. I started blogging on and off with blogger via Google. But in January I switched over to WordPress. My first WordPress blog was posted January 5th. It got exactly 1 view. After that I started figuring out how it all worked.

My stats for the month of January, the first month I blogged with WordPress are not outstanding, but they are encouraging (to me at least). In total I had 242 views. That’s 8.6 views a day. The post most visited reached 47 (the one about my son’s heart surgery).

I had a total of 167 vistors.
There were 34 “likes”.
9 comments were made on my posts.
I gathered 10 followers.
I had visits from 9 countries

Like I said, it wasn’t anything outstanding, of course. But it’s something to built upon. To my 10 followers, I thank you. To those who haven’t clicked to follow yet, I encourage you to. You’ll be in for an adventure. Blogging is what I do when I’m not husbanding, daddying, teaching, or running.


3 thoughts on “My First Month

  1. 1) Teaching? When was the last time you taught?! 😛
    2) With all the craziness going on in the world I’m not sure I like the idea that people in 9 countries (and I’m assuming anyone) can see what’s going on in our lives and learn so much about our children.



  2. Congrats on your first month at WordPress. I’ve been here since 2007 in various blogs, though my longest running was started in 2009. The one I use the most started 3 years ago. I haven’t had any thoughts of leaving. I tried Blogger several years ago and found it less versatile. But then, that was several years ago.

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  3. Thanks Jay. I started with blogger just because I have a gmail account already. The blogging was okay, but I felt the networking was lacking. Here, I have already made connections and am really enenjoying the interactions. So many resources and inspirations!


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