Do It the Way You Do It

I thought of writing about the true meaning of Christmas, but you already know that it is far better to give than it is to receive.

I thought of writing about how to make your kids understand that meaning, but I’m struggling to get my own kids to comprehend it.

I thought of writing about the traditions we have, but our traditions are changing. Plus, I’m as sure as the snow on the ground that you have your own traditions. For my south-of-the-equator friends, I’m as sure as the sand on the beach that your traditions are different than ours.

I thought of writing about how much I despise the commercialism of Christmas. Advertising starts at Halloween. We don’t need more and more and more and more…. But I’m sure you are tired of it all, too.

I thought of writing about Christmases past, but we all have our pasts. Good. Bad. Or otherwise. So really, I thought of writing about staying in the present (pun intended), but we’re all mindful of how present we need to be. With all that still needs to be done, it is difficult to do.

I though of writing about how tired we are with so much more do. Piled high atop of everything Christmas, there are still lunches to pack. There is laundry to wash, fold, and hopefully put away. We still need to eat breakfast and go to work. We still need to cook supper and clean up both meals and bathe the brats and read with them and get them into bed and start all over in the morning.

There are Christmas parties and Christmas concerts to attend.

I’m not writing about any of it because it’s all been written about before. It’s been written much more eloquently than I ever could, even with a thesaurus. Instead, I just want to gently remind you (and myself) to close your eyes, take a deep breath, then go do Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate (or don’t celebrate) this time of the year. Whether you binge watch all the new Christmas movies or the classics, real tree or fake or no tree at all, with lots of family or just a little, at 5 in morning or 5 in the evening, with kids or a spouse or a partner or parents or all by yourself…

Do it the way you do it. It’ll be here and gone faster than we think. If we spend too much time dwelling on the way we want the world to be we will lose sight of those things I was going write about in the first place.

Anyway you do it, hop on over Twitter and Instagram and follow me. I don’t know where we’re going, but we’re having fun getting there!

Lucy At Home

30 thoughts on “Do It the Way You Do It

  1. Christmas to us is usually a BBQ as it’s so hot. It is usual to have 37-38C for Christmas Day.
    We usually head off to the beach after Christmas Eve party so that we beat the traffic. Others celebrate Christmas lunch with their family thus the roads are chockers on Christmas Day.
    We have Boxing Day 26/12 off over here and well this year it’s an extra long weekend with Monday and Tuesday off for everyone.
    Which means I’d better plan for Christmas as the shops are not opened on Christmas Day so no food.

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  2. Amen to this! In this mad world where we record memories instead of relishing them and we over-compare with others on social media and the like, I like your call to be an individual and you reminded me that I am blessed because I love and am loved. Thank you! #BlogCrushLinky

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    • Thanks for you kind words, and you’re welcome for the reminder. It can be easy to get caught up in what everyone else is sharing on social media and want the same things for ourselves. We need to remember we’re not them and it’s okay do things our own way. Thanks for visiting!


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    • I think the perfectionists have this image in their head of the way things are “supposed to look” or the way things are “supposed to be” and any differentiation throws them off and stresses them.


  5. Love this. We having Christmas lunch at our place this year which means the rest of the extended family about 15 people will be spending the day with us. Instead of having a full on traditional Christmas, we have decided to go more low key. No fuss or lavish extras just a normal lunch where everyone can connect and enjoy themselves. Thanks for sharing.#Blogcrush


    • Thank you, I’m glad it resonated. I wasn’t sure to write with it feeling like everything been written already. Enjoy your time with family. Sometimes it’s good to mix things up. I find the simpler things are the more there is. It gives us more of a chance to focus on what matters rather than the way they should be. Thanks for stoppping by! Love the #BlogCrush

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  6. We live a long way away from family so we always spend a lot of time travelling around the country visiting. But this year, we decided to have Christmas at home, just the 4 of us – hubby and I were fed up of fitting in with everyone else’s version of Christmas and just wanted to make some traditions of our own and do Christmas our own way. It was wonderful! #blogcrush

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    • Hope you had a great holiday and made some new traditions of your own. It is difficult fitting in to other people’s way of doing things. Even more so around such a big holiday. Thanks for stopping by. Love the #BlogCrush


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