Sunday Share Week 11

Good Morning, Sunday! I hope everyone had a good night’s sleep. Good luck catching that lost hour for those of you who turned your clocks ahead. Crash was up at 6:30 (really 5:30 before the clocks the changed). Bang was up at 7 (really 6 before the time change). Fortunately, this is our March Break so we don’t have school all week. Lots of time for them to get caught up. Or be so tired and cranky that I’ll fear for their survival.

Have a great day!

The Other World: Book One
A book I beta read and youΒ need to read (or at least see the cover of)

Dorky Mom Doodles
Lost in translation…

Coach Daddy
Boys and Baseball: A guest post

Faradays Candle
Music’s effect on brains

Apricots and Admiration
Instilling and bringing back confidence…

A letter to our children should we feel we fail them…

SuperDad’s GoPro
See the boys and I ice skating and having fun with the camera…



15 thoughts on “Sunday Share Week 11

    • I try to keep the list small.I could add many more. Thanks for checking them out. You might recognize the Dorky Mom. She also hosts That’s what Anxious Mom Says which I’ve shared here before. She has some funny stories. You’re welcome for the shout out!


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    • I feel kinda bad because it’s not a direct link your blog, but a link to another blog where you guest wrote. I’ll hit ya up next week and link directly to your blog. I love it! πŸ˜€


    • This is the first year the boys have gone skating on a regular basis. We had fun this winter with it! I don’t suppose there is much skating in Georgia πŸ™‚ I bet there’s a hockey rink somewhere down there!

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