Sunday Share 1/2

Thanks to A Momma’s View I now know we are officially half way through the year. We are as far from New Year’s Day ’16 as we are New Year’s Day ’17. Well, we were on Friday, July 1st. Now we’re 2 days closer to ’17.

Anyway, we’re off to our first ball game today. Technically, we’re off to our first TWO ball games. Crash plays a double header tomorrow. This outta be good. Opening day starts with twice as much baseball.

God, I hope he has as much interest in the second game as he does the first. It’s gonna be a long day!

For such a long day, we all need some good stuff to read…

Hillbilly Blogger
This is some good ol’ fashioned winter fun.

Baby Sideburns
Every waking moment is for them (like it or not)

Humor Columnist Blog
Then there’s waiting…

Five Little Doves
Even when we’re trying our hardest things happen otherwise

Opinionated Man/Harsh Reality
Blogging ain’t hard folks

Niki’s Thoughts
A Meet-n-Greet on summer traditions!



13 thoughts on “Sunday Share 1/2

  1. Thanks for the shares! And for the great quote! I hope that you survived your long day of ball with some enthusiasm and energy still left to spare. 🙂


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