Sunday Share 18

Our house is a total mess. But the kids are clean, even if just barely. We survived a the weekend. It was nice enough to take them to the park, so to the park we went. Then had tacos. Whoever made up Taco Tuesday apparently never had tacos on a Sunday. Just as good. I had a Coke. I gave it up for Lent. While I crave it all week long, come Sunday cheat day, I seem to only drink it because I think I want it. I could have just had a bit of it and been okay. But no, I went ahead and drank 2 glasses (one at lunch and one at supper). No more until next Sunday.

I know I’m late with the Sunday Share. So here are some good things to read while you veg out on a Sunday night dreading that tomorrow is Monday. Happy reading!

Glitter in the Ashes
Taking sorry to a whole new level

Dramatic Momologue
A giraffe and a butt

Revisions of Grandeur
When pets become family

Mathemagical Site
A curious pattern

Grubbs n Critters
Sunday humor with Zootopia

Bradley Wood
Help my brother reach $1,000 donated to The Roswell Cancer Institute. This year he rides in honor of Melina Selent who, at the age of 10 months, had retinoblastoma, an eye cancer.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Share 18

    • LOL You’re welcome. I know it’s embarrassing, but it’s funny and parents like funny. We either say “Geez, glad that’s not me” or “See? We’re not the only one’s!” Besides it’s a super cute story πŸ™‚

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