Feeding the Jugheads

Two questions.
1) How much longer until supper?
2) What’s for supper?

Two answers.
1) 4 more hours. You just ate lunch
2) Food.

need supper

With two boys (even if they are only 7 and 3) and a wife and myself to feed, meal times often require some thought. Sometimes. Here are some of our favorite, quick, in a pinch, go to meals.

Hamburger Slop – All you need is a package of burger, mashed potatoes, a can of corn, a couple packs of brown gravy and supper is ready in a half hour.

Chicken and Rice – This is a one dish meal. Piece of cake to make. Piece of cake to clean up. Serve it with your favorite vegetable. It goes with everything.

Baked Chicken Parmesan – A two dish wonder. Basically, cook the chicken in the spaghetti sauce. Serve with garlic bread and you’ll be the hit of the house.

These are just a few simple recipes I like to whip up. My other favorites take longer and involve more prep time. Roasts, slow cooker meals… ooh that reminds me. I want to try those slow cooker frozen meals. The ones you prepare ahead of time in freezer bags or containers. Then it’s just a matter of putting one in the slow cooker to cook all day and then presto, supper’s ready. That requires a lot prep. As in, “I need to have the ingredients written down so I can get them from the grocery store” kind of preparation. But I barely know what we are eating tonight let alone for the next week!

Tonight it’s leftovers. Mmmmmm.


What’s your favorite meal to cook? 


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