My Reading Buddies

Most of the time I feel like we’re in over our heads with this whole parenting gig. What the hell did we get ourselves into? None of this was in the brochure.

Can’t I get a refund?

Can’t I get an exchange?

In-store credit perhaps?

The noise! Oh the noise. Why do they insist on playing so loud. I swear their voices must be heard by a few other countries. If anyone is wondering what the constant sound of thunder is, it’s coming from our house. If they’re not playing loudly, they’re pissing each other off loudly. Usually for fun. Except it’s only fun for one of them. The other one just screams and screams.

Then there’s the dirt. Don’t even get me started on the dirt. And laundry. And messes.

Through all the noise, the dirt, and the messes there comes a time when something remarkable happens. A time when it gets quiet even though they’re still awake. A time when the messes don’t really matter even though they’re still there. There comes a time when they prove they really do love each other.

Crash disappeared to the basement for awhile the other day. No biggie. I thought he was playing Lego or Wii. Or on the computer because I forgot to sign out. That boys can smell when a computer is logged on three flights of stairs away. That’s where I found him, but he wasn’t watching Minecraft videos. He was writing a book for his brother. I thought my heart was going to burst with pride.

Mind you, it was only 4 pages long, but it was a book to teach to his brother! That’s like finding out Putin is sending food supplies to Crimea.

Bang learned it in no time. Of course, he simply memorized it. However, he has learned the beginning sounds for words. He knows the sound each letter makes at the beginning of words. When he comes to a word he doesn’t know he will start with that beginning sound. From there, he just takes a shot in the dark as to what the word might be.

Through the noise and the dirt and the mess there comes a time when we know we may not be getting everything right. Usually it feels like we’re getting nothing right. In th

ese quiet revelations I realize we’ve nailed this parenting gig. We have fostered the love of reading and books and words and questions.

Yesterday I wrote about our trip to Uisge Ban Falls. In that post I told that we had more traveling to do after our hike. That trip was to the mall. The boys spotted the book store and asked to go.  How in the hell could I say no? I could spend hours there. I have spent hours there. DW left us to go get some perfume. She knew we’d be there looking at books longer than it would take her pick out a new smelly. The boys went straight for the kids section. Then I was told ALL children’s books were 20% off. She might as well have told me DW just bought herself a Princess Leia costume (you know which one). Okay, maybe I wasn’t that excited, but you know what I mean.

The three of us bought two books each. When you have a whole bookstore to choose from, how do you pick just one? I was lucky to make it out with just two.


Bet you can’t guess who bought which books… Which to read first…

Now that you’ve made it this far, here is a 30 second video of a 5 year old learning to read.

(I silenced their names)

Sunday Share 31

Mmm… ginger chai tea. It’s my current favorite. Like most of life, though, it needs a bit of sugar to sweeten it up. I’ve tried drinking it without, but it’s just not the same. A warm cup of delicious tea does wonders for a sore throat and stuffy head. I’ll be in bed soon. But I needed to leave you with last week’s good reads for today’s Sunday Share before I visit Lily White. I’ve got this good book I’m reading that I’ll have to tell you about some day. The girl just discovered there’s more to life than meets the eye. I can’t wait find out how she reacts.

Happy Reading!

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Whew! With 2 hours to spare, there is this week’s Sunday Share. I’ll still be late to my own funeral. Punctual is not my middle name.


Into the Woods



PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Read chapter 13 or start from the beginning

Chapter 14

“Thank you, Ione. I owe you.”

My watch says that was 5 hours ago. She’ll be another hour. The black sedan was still parked at St. Joseph’s where those boys took my car. He must have orders to only follow. But I couldn’t be sure.

Those “boys” were a God send. Good guys who’s idea of a good time involves mayhem. “If you need a place to hide, we’ve got a place” they told me. With Ione coming for Brogan, I nervously accepted.

An hour later I was in an abandoned bark mill. Sitting against the cold bricks, I knew I needed to make one more phone call.

Just as soon as I’m in cell phone range.

Read the next chapter

This is a continuation of an experiment. I think this story is about to make a u-turn! Each week there is a 100 word short story photo prompt challenge posed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My challenge to myself is to connect these photos into one seamless story. Click the blue frog to read other stories inspired by this photo.




PHOTO PROMPT © Melanie Greenwood


Chapter 1

I was furious and there was no way I was letting him out of this now.

“You’re right. You make more in a week than I will in a lifetime. You may have more power in this city than one man deserves. But I now know which closet you hide your demons. Unless you want me calling NBC and The New York Times, then you will send me home to Nova Scotia in your personal jet.”

“You can’t!” he nearly shouted. I could see panic in his eyes. He knew I would.

“I’m taking the baby with me.” Technically he is a toddler, but we’re not splitting hairs.

Three days later, the two of us were in Nova Scotia.

Read Chapter two.

This will be a new experiment for me. Each week there is a 100 word short story photo prompt challenge posed by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. My challenge to myself is to connect these photos into one seamless story.

This first story leaves much to mystery. Not even I know where this is going because I don’t know what photos will be posted for the challenge. Should be fun!

Click the blue frog to see other stories created from this photo. Happy reading!

A Two Sentence Story?

Ever heard of a story written in two sentences? I participate in a 100 word story challenge. Though, last week I bent the rules just a smidgen. Instead of writing one story, I wrote two that were related. So technically I used 200 words. But it was two stories. That counts, right? Read it here if you want. It’s loosely based on some other fairy tale about a shoe.

Anyway, I saw C.S. Wilde was hosting a two sentence story and I thought, hmmm could I? So I took that above story and attempted to tell it in two sentences. Almost worked, but I changed it slightly. Not realizing it was a contest, she gave me an Honorable Warriors award! Thanks C.S.! Feel free to check out the link and look for Stomperdad’s story. Check out the other stories, too. You’ll be amazed at how much can be conveyed in just two sentences.

Dear Facebook

FB iconDear Facebook friends,

All y’all are awesome. I know for the last 11 months it seems like all you’re seeing from my status updates are blog posts. How frickin’ boring, right? All though, I wonder how many see yet another post from me and think “He’s hogging my news feed with all his posts” and scroll right by it. I know this isn’t true for all of you. I have received many comments in conversation about what I write. So, I know some of you are reading this stuff. Thank you! I certainly do appreciate it. Especially, when those comments come from unexpected sources.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve taken to blogging. I can’t exactly answer that other than by telling you I’m not exactly sure either. I enjoy writing, obviously. I enjoy getting an idea to write about then finding out where it takes me. Kind of like running. I start running and I see what happens*. Where will my run take me and what will happen along the way? Much like a day in the life with kids, anything is possible.

*Speaking of running, I need to get my lazy ass back out there. This is the best season for it!

Anyway, deep down, I’d like to one day become a published author of either children’s books or perhaps young adult novels. Perhaps even old adult novels. I’m still testing the waters. I don’t really have any idea yet. Right now though, I’m just trying to survive my kids. But I thought I’d work on my writing through blogging for two reasons.

Reason A is that by writing every day, theoretically it should improve. Much like running consistently should make me a better runner. Of course, I could become a better runner faster by running intervals (alternating fast/slow paces), by making sure I run up and down lots of hills and by eating properly. The equivalent to this in the world of writing would be to challenge myself to write frequently, write on various topics, to various audiences. While the majority of my writing is about the perpetual motions of Crash and Bang, I do write some short stories and write about different aspects of life.

Reason B also has to do with becoming published. I’m building a following. Between Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, I have a total of 659 followers. With a little work, a little luck, and whole bunch of words, I can build a readership of people who will want to read the book(s) I write.

Did I say two reasons? What you heard is not what I meant. I meant three. Reason C is that it has become my way of sharing our stories. Whether they are full of comedy or frustration, I like to share. Perhaps someone else will think, “Damn, it could be a whole lot worse.” Or “Glad I’m not the only one!” While mom and dad are probably thinking “Glad to see he’s got children just like himself!” (The “Mom Curse” anyone? That’ll be for another post.)wp

Anyway, as for my WP friends reading this, don’t worry about finding me on Facebook. I’m not there much and I won’t “friend” you unless I know you in real life. I know you on WP and WP is my new FB, anyway.